Travel Caravan:

Land of Maharajas



Travel Caravans: Land of Maharajas is an experience curated to provide a safe traveling experience amidst the coronavirus pandemic by introducing motorhomes to stay safe from the virus.

Through this travel experience, we aim to provide the best of each city while staying in personal Caravans or tents to avoid outside contact and maintaining Social distancing.



Experience Itinerary

Caravans are the perfect vehicles to travel in style while being surrounded by your loved ones. It is really a car on steroids where you can travel, sleep, make food, and live comfortably. With Caravans, you'll not even have to get out in the open to explore a new city.

The journey starts at New Delhi where you will be picked up by the Caravan, who will take you to your first destination of Sariska. It will be a 4-hour drive full of adventure. Camping and activities at Sariska can be arranged.

All the traveling will be done in safe and sanitized Caravans and you can cook your meals on your own for which raw material can be provided at each city in some of the .

We'll drive to two more cities along our journey, Pushkar and Neemrana to explore the unique locations there.

Each Caravan will be completely sanitized before the trips and masks and sanitizers will be provided for safe traveling.



The experience takes place in Sariska, Pushkar, and Neemrana starting from New Delhi.

We've kept 2 locations since the exploration in each city will be minimal due to social distancing norms. The traveling is all in comfortable Caravans while chilling back,

The participants joining in for a longer duration can add more locations and reach out to us for a personalized travel plan.


Duration & Cost

Program Fees

INR 1,65,000

4 days for a Caravan of 12

4 days for a Caravan of 4

INR 65,000


Home pickup & departure

Transportation in Caravans


Safety gear

24/7 Support

Orientation & Feedbacks


Note that the dates are flexible according to the traveler's needs.


Flight Tickets

Taxes and Miscellaneous Expense

Vaccinations & Health Insurance

Entry Fees

For any questions about the itinerary, duration, fees and inclusions or bookings, get in touch!

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Frequently asked questions

Why should I travel with The Tarzan Way?

Culturally immersive: Our vision is to provide culturally immersive experience to travellers.
India is one of the most a culturally diverse nations out there spread over 29 states with 22
languages, over 700 dialects and 9 religions, visiting this country without exploring this diversity
is no less than a crime.
We have crafted our Social Travel Experiences in a manner to ensure that all the participants get
to explore the diverse culture through various immersive activities, trips and sessions.
Community-driven: The goal of our Social Travel Experiences is to provide meaningful
volunteer work to our volunteers. We do so by working with impactful NGOs and making sure
the job roles allotted to the participants are as goal driven as possible. All the workplaces are
routinely checked by our local team to ensure meaningful volunteering work is taking place.
Affordability: The Tarzan Way being run by young travellers like you, we have made sure that
our prices are as affordable as possible to make your travel plans a reality. You will not get more
affordable and transparent than ours anywhere else. We are able to make this possible because
being a travel company based in India, we have amazing partners all across the country ensuring
the cheapest and best possible prices.
Local Support: With a dedicated local team available 24*7, we make sure you have someone to
rely on at all times. The Experience Captain assigned to you is like your friends, guide and
guardian, making sure you have the best possible experience.
Safety: Having hosted 900+ travellers, we know how to ensure total safety for you. Stringent
rules have been set up for all hosts, workplace or partner participating in our travel experience.
Regular checks by our local team ensure that the quality and safety factor is always maintained.
International Community: With travellers joining our travel experiences from all across the
globe, get ready to become part of a huge community of like-minded travellers from diverse
countries. Friendships built during such experiences often last a lifetime.
Independence: While we try to make our experiences as immersive and activity based as
possible, we want you to have complete independence with regards to where to go and what to
do. Ample amount of free time has been allotted to make sure you can do what you love.

What exactly are these 'travel experiences'?

Travel Experiences are unique excursions, trips, activities and so on, based on the experiential aspect of travel to provide a local and culturally immersive feel of the area they’re visiting. They’re formed after extensive research by our team along with our network of travel-bloggers.

From the most off-beat villages and adrenaline boosting and unique activities.

We’ve tried to keep most of our experiences 100% flexible and as budgeted as possible for everyone to join us.

Why should I go for this experience?

It is our firm belief that “Travel is not just about a vacation, it is about experiencing different

If you are someone who believes in travelling with a purpose, Social Travel experiences are a perfect travel experience for you wherein you are able to make an impact in the communities you visit through meaningful volunteer work while at the same time understanding the diverse culture of the places you visit. Not only does this make you more aware of the cross-cultural differences existing but you become capable of overcoming these differences and understanding that all humans are made equal.
The learning and growth opportunities during such programs are immense, helping you grow
both professionally and personally. Not only do volunteers grow their skill base, work experience
and international contacts through volunteering abroad, employers often look favourably upon
those who are willing to go outside of their comfort zone and give up their time to assist others.

Is there a specific requirement or criteria to join this experience?

Note that only participants with ages 18 or above can take a part in this travel experience. The participants with ages less than 18 need to be accompanied with an adult or require a signed letter of consent from the nearest family member. Each traveler has to have a negative COVID-19 test before starting their journey as per the government guidelines. An e-pass will be provided by TTW team. Each traveler will have to wear masks at all times when out.

What about the meals and accommodation?

Traveling in Caravans give you full freedom to choose what you would want to eat and how would you like to go about it. Most Caravans have a kitchen for you to prepare your own food for which the raw material can be provided at extra cost. Some Caravans also have a microwave for cooking purposes. For the Caravans without kitchens, you can eat out at partnered restaurants that are TTW verified and ensure all the safety measures. We can also find places from where you can order during your travel excursions

How would you ensure safety during this experience?

All our experiences are assigned an Experience Captain and depending on the kind of experience, the Experience Captain remains in touch with the participants throughout the experience.

a. Travel in Caravans (Recreational Vehicles or RVs) - Where a person can take an experiential travel program with RV as the transportation, with luxurious, yet affordable sleeping arrangements, kitchen, cooking arrangements all inside. We're implementing proper safety standards along with sanitization, hygiene, provision of gloves, masks and other necessary measures. b. Slot Bookings - We're in touch with all our suppliers to only book slots on an hourly basis.Through these two strategies, we're planning to promote social distancing while traveling. c. Unique Destinations - We already have collaborations with local communities across unique and unknown destinations, which are completely green zones so we'll be leveraging that. d. Touchless Experience - We're building a software for our suppliers in order to include touchless facilities, i.e. Check-in at hotels, ordering food, other necessities and so on. e. Safety gear- All the staff have been trained to combat the coronavirus fear. Each person that you'll meet will wear masks and will carry a sanitizer with them. You'll be provided with masks and sanitizers too and each contact point will have a sanitization booth.

In addition to that, you can reach out to The Tarzan Way’s helplines 24/7 in case of any emergency.

Why is this experience recommended of international travelers? Does this imply that Indian travelers can’t join in for the same?

The ideal duration for this program is 6 weeks and it covers an entire region of the country, so it is generally preferred by international travelers or the travelers from a different region in India.

This recommendation does not suggest that Indian travelers can’t join the travel experience. In fact, participants from different regions prefer this program to explore the culture of the region covered in this experience.

Will I be alone or will I be with a group?

Most of our travel experiences are in small groups consisting of 7-9 people, since we keep a cap of 15 people since we feel that in smaller groups travelers tend to connect more with each other and have a more comfortable and less chaotic overall journey.

I really want to join but I’m having problem with dates/locations-covered/cost?

No worries! If you are facing any issue regarding the dates, locations, cost or even activities, you can get click here or the “personalize” button to craft a similar travel experience for yourself. All you need to do is fill a small questionnaire, include Social Travel: North India’s name in the form accordingly and there you go! Your experience will be prepared within the next 24 hours.

Can I bring my group along with me?

Yes, of course. For groups to apply, you can click on the personalize option below or you can directly contact us here and mention that you want to join Social Travel: North India with your group and we’ll get back to you within 6 hours.

How do I know that The Tarzan Way is a legitimate organization?

Company verification details -
We are a registered start-up supported by the Indian government for bringing something new
and unique in our industry and directly helping in the growth of our nation. Our start-up
recognition number is DIPP27070.
Putting our formal recognition aside, we have hosted international travellers from all over the
world (possibly from your city as well!) and our volunteers love connecting with young travellers ready to begin their journey to India. Just ask your Experience Captain and he’ll get you in touch with our past participants.
To know more about our company, you can always check our social media handles:
We are also promoted by world-renowned companies like GoAbroad and GoOverseas and even
listed on some of the top universities like UCLA.
When joining us for a travel experience, you can be sure you are in safe and responsible hands.

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