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Travel & Learn: Theatre


The aim of Travel & Learn experiences is that takes something back for himself/herself significant to the culture or traditions (other than materialistic souvenirs) of the place they visit. 

These are designed in a way that the traveler learns something relevant to the place, whether traditional handicrafts or martial arts, or maybe photography workshop and so on.



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Away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and our daily schedules, like-minded individuals get to travel to an off-beat campsite near Shimla and immerse in their common interest for theatre and arts.

The travelers get to learn from the theatre artists from famous circuits across Delhi. Session outlines: Characterization, Ideation, Monologue, Mimes, Comedy and many more.

Enjoy the bonfire and barbecue,

Explore the campsite and nearby areas in your free time.

Enjoy the bonfire and barbecue under the starry nights while sipping a delightful cup of chai.

Note that this experience is in association with various NGOs with a mission to reduce the increasing number of migrations from villages to cities and to showcase the rural culture.



The experience takes place in Laluri Khal and nearby villages, Uttarakhand, which are off-beat and majorly untouched by of tourists.

These villages have a serene environment, less population and extremely welcoming hosts. You'll find yourself exploring, wandering and enjoying the nature and silence. Hopefully, you'll learn a lot about the Garhwali culture, delicacies and traditions.

Note that we've tied up with various NGOs with the mission to stop migration from villages by creating a source of income and showcase the rural culture.


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1 week


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4 days +


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Note that Faces of India: Life in a Pahadi Village starts from the beginning of 1st and 3rd weekend of every month.

Note that this experience is 100% customizable and you can personalize it for yourself or your group.





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