• Simanta Barman

10 Travel Books to Change the Way You Wander Around the World

“To travel is to live” – an oft-quoted statement revered by travelers around the world. But how many of us delve into the depth of the statement? Do we live to travel or travel to live? The answers may vary but one thing is sure that we all learn a good lot while traveling, be it the mantra of simpler living, adapting to a new culture and food habits, or getting attuned to a new language and lifestyle experience. We do learn and grow like that.

Travelers around the world resolve to step into a world outside and to meet with new experiences from all spheres of life. This openness conjures up gratitude and perseverance in them. However, the path is not so smooth. There are so many hurdles on the way for travelers of all kinds – be it safety concerns, laws and regulations, and other subsequent factors. But, in spite of all these, they do venture out, take risks, and sustain with the greater flow of life.

However, it is always better to be prepared and more importantly to learn. And in doing so, it is the books in the form of travelogues, travel memoirs, or guidebooks that come as the primary source of knowledge and inspiration for the travelers. Travel books are not only documents narrating a trip, but also treasure troves of mindful experiences and vivid descriptions of a place. They act as companions for travelers planning a trip. As the pandemic has kept us all inside our homes barring all travel activities temporarily, what can be a better way to keep our travel genes intact than reading some masterful travel books?

Keeping that in mind, we have curated a list of travel book recommendations to help you beat the pandemic blues as well as to keep your travel genes at check. From Pacific Crest Trail to Indian bazaars, from lush forests to vast oceans, we have covered it all. Let’s check it out.

1. Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail by Cheryl Strayed