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The one place that comes to everyone's mind while thinking about a trip in the summers, is Goa. The beautiful scenery of the seaside and the refreshing feeling of being so close to nature. The limitless water, and an opportunity to explore that water. Goa might be the smallest state but the significance it holds is surely big. After all, there’s a reason why Goa is called ‘Queen of beaches.’ Amazing thrilling water activities are held there as an opportunity to live the best of your youth. While we have activities like exploring the water with Yachts and Cruises, but for an adventure lover what can be better than high-level adrenaline activities that thrill you up to your toes. Here are some high-level adrenaline activities for you to enjoy at the peak of your youth.

1. Parasailing

Parasailing is one of the most thrilling and famous water sports in Goa. The beautiful view of the ocean from up above is ethereal. You will be flying on a parasail harness which is fastened to the speedboat with a 30-40m long rope. And as the speedboat moves with great speed you will be moving up more to the sky. With the beautiful view of nothing but blue water beneath you and the fascinating view of nothing but the blue sky above you, you will feel like you're inside a painting. Truly, this is once in a lifetime experience that you can not afford to miss at all.

Where you can try?

You can experience e thrill at Dona Paula, Anjuna, Calangute, Colva, Candolim, Vagator Beach.

Cost - The cost per person is INR 850 for 1-2 minutes

Best time to parasail- The best time to try parasailing in goa is the sunrise and sunsets of winters and summers.

2. Scuba Diving

credits : hallie heeg @ unsplash

The first thing everyone suggests after planning a trip to goa is, of course, Scuba Diving, and it is definitely worth the hype. Because of the magnificent view of the underwater world and the joy and thrill, it gives you. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to see SpongeBob but you can definitely see how marine life is doing. It’s definitely worth trying. After all, a trip to Goa is incomplete without trying scuba diving.

Where you can try?

For once in a lifetime experience try it in Majorda and Grande Island.

Cost- The cost might differ according to the season and off-season. Off-season cost is around INR1500 while on season cost might go up INR3500

Best time to scuba dive- The season for scuba diving is from November to February.

3. Windsurfing

credits : brett jordan @ unsplash

Windsurfing is the magical combination of surfing and sailing. It's the perfect example of "wherever the wind takes me." All you need is the equipment that is, the board, and have fun. The thrill of this activity lies in handling the board and riding the water. This is one of the most thrilling activities, if you're an adventure lover and haven't tried this, what are you waiting for?

Where you can Try?

Dona Paula Beach, Bogmalo Beach, Vagator Beach, Calangute, Colva, Palolem, Miramar, Baga Beach.

Cost –INR 400-600 per person.

Best time to windsurf- January to March, If you're an expert then in the afternoon when winds are strong. If you're a beginner then in the morning when the wind is calm and soothing.

4. White water rafting

credits : tom fisk @ pexels

Even though Rishikesh is known for white water rafting, Goa isn't left behind either. You can give it a go enjoy yourself fully. White water rafting is underrated in Goa Because of other activities but I'm telling you that's not the truth. The thrill this sport gives has its own charm and you'll be swayed away with it. The white water rafting is usually 10 km long, and it is bursting with areas where the flow is fast and current strong. Don't think twice and go for the white water rafting.

Where you can try?

The popular places to try white water rafting in Goa are the Tilari River and Mandovi River.

Cost - INR1500 onwards per person.

Best time for white water rafting- The season for White water Rafting is From June to September

5. Jet skiing

credits : Steve Donoghue @ unsplash

The list of high-level adrenaline water sports is incomplete without adding the infamous Jet skiing. Short training and you are ready to zoom your way into the waters. The exhilarating experience and the instant serotonin boost, this is exactly that activity that you have been looking for. Try this once and you'll understand what's all the hype about. Remember all the movies where actors are shown Jet skiing and how much fun they are having? Yeah, the reality is just the same. You will feel like you're in your own movie cutting through waters and going off with a show.

Where you can try?

Famous places for Jet skiing are Calangute, Candolim, Majorda, and Miramar Beach, Goa.

Cost - INR500 per person.

Best time to Jet ski- October to March

6. Water skiing

credits : pixabay @ pexels

Water skiing is one of the most thrilling activity where you feel the adrenaline pumping through your heart to your veins. It's the type of activity where you'll be yelling with joy and happiness. Water skiing is the type of water sport in which an individual will be getting pulled behind a boat with a cable, as the boat races you'll be water skiing your way behind the boat. Truly, a water sport to try before you die.

Where you can try?

Some of the beaches that are famous for this activity are Baga beach and Calangute beach. Some other beaches where you can try this are Candolim Beach, Arossim Beach, Utorda Beach, and Mobor Beach.

Cost - INR1949 per person.

Best time to water ski - October to February

7. Snorkeling

credits : Miles Hardacre @ unsplash

If you feel like Scuba diving is too much for you, we have snorkeling here for you, say no more! Snorkeling provides almost the same experience, just wear a mask go underwater, and enjoy the world that's hidden underwaters. The marine life, the ships sunk during world wars, You will feel like you have entered another world. And you will definitely not regret entering this world. The thrill you feel underwater is very unique but worth feeling!

Where you can try?

Grand Island, Bat Island and Navy Island, Goa

Cost- INR 1700 onwards

Best time to snorkel - October to March

8. Banana tube ride

credits : bali tours

The name may sound funny and the ride honestly is filled with fun. You will be sitting in a boat in the shape of a banana with a group of people and you've to move ahead without falling but even if you fall it doesn't matter because it's so much fun. This activity is excellent to laugh your heart out and make friends even with unknown people. How can one miss out on such fun!

Where you can try?

The popular places to try Banana tube ride are Anjuna, Candolim, Vagator, Miramar and Agonda Beach, Goa

Cost - INR 700 onwards

Best time for Banana tube ride - You can enjoy it any time of the year!

9. Flyboarding

credits : Jobbie Crew

Remember how in movies actors splash out of the water, Yes I am talking about the most famous and difficult water sport Flyboarding. The one-of-a-kind water sport, Flyboarding is a combination of jet-ski and jetpack where a flyboard is attached to a jet ski which sends it as high as 15 meters in the air. Very scary but who even cares about that? If people stopped trying things they get scared of, we wouldn't be living the way we are now! Go up in the air with one zoom, get your whole body thrilled. Don't miss out on this one!

Where you can try?

Baina Beach is famous for Flyboarding.

Cost–INR2249 per person.

Best time to Flyboard - October to May

10. Kneeboarding

credits :

It's water skiing but in small. So if you feel like you can't handle water skiing or can't balance yourself well, then go for kneeboarding the exact experience, but you will just be on your knees and don't have to focus much on balancing yourself. Enjoy the fast ride as you cut through the water and wind. One experience you absolutely can not miss on!

Where you can try?

Candolim Beach, Mobor Beach, Rajbaga Beach

Cost - INR1800 per person

Best time for kneeboarding - October to June

When you are young, you get a lot of responsibilities, earn, study, and whatnot, but taking a little time to enjoy and have fun is also very important. The above-listed water sports will definitely spice your life up, the thrill and adrenaline rush that your soul is craving all resides in Goa and its water sports. A place where you can heal and thrill your soul up. Get ready, Pack your bags up, It’s time for you to add some thrill into your life!

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