• Naman Mittal

18 Must-visit Places to visit in Kasol in 2022

Updated: Jun 28

Kasol is probably India's most famous backpacking destination. Favorite among students and travelers alike - Kasol offers everything a traveler wants from a place - clean air, peace, tranquility, and closeness to Nature! This picturesque town is located in the Parvati Valley in the hilly state of Himachal Pradesh. Besides being a backpacker's heaven, Kasol has some amazing places of interest. Hence, let us look at some places to visit in Kasol :

  1. Manikaran Sahib

  2. Nature Park Kasol

  3. Trek to Kutla

  4. Trek towards the Glacier Point(Hidden Gem)

  5. Parvati River Bed

  6. Tirthan and Jibhi Valleys

  7. Choj Village

  8. Kasol Bridge

  9. Walk to the amazing Chalal village

  10. Trek to Grahan village

  11. Visit the mysterious Malana Village

  12. Stop at Kalga, Pulga and Tulga village

  13. Trek towards the adventurous Waichan Valley

  14. Stay in the most unique domes in Jari

  15. Trek towards the Rasol pass

  16. Visit Tosh

  17. Go Shopping

  18. Trek to Kheerganga

1. Manikaran Sahib

Manikaran Sahib is a famous Shrine sacred to both Hindus and Sikhs and is a must place to visit in Kasol

Manikaran Sahib, a famous pilgrimage site located just a few kilometers from Kasol is among the most popular places to visit in Kasol. It is believed that Manu recreated human life here after a flood, thus the name Manikaran. Furthermore, according to Sikhs, Guru Nanak visited this place with his disciple Bhai Mardana. Hence, Manikaran is a place holy to both Hindus and Sikhs! In addition to this, Hot springs are also a major attraction here!

Location: 4.5 km from Kasol

Timings: 05:00 AM - 12:00 PM and 04:00 PM - 09:00 PM

Photography: allowed everywhere except sacred places

2. Nature Park Kasol

Nature Park is a beautiful place in the lap of nature. It is among the places you must visit in Kasol

Nature Park offers a peaceful atmosphere in the hills of Kasol. While taking a stroll through this park, you can listen to the songs of birds, the rustling of leaves, and feel the cool mountain breeze on your face! In short, if you love nature, Nature Park is a place you must visit in Kasol!

Location: in the heart of the Kasol village

Timings: N/A

Photography: Allowed

3. Trek to Kutla

Trek to Kutla has to be on top of your list when you're looking for offbeat places to visit in Kasol

Kutla is a quaint little town that has just a couple of travelers going towards the village from the town of Tosh. The trek to Kutla takes around 1.5 hours of steep climbing but the majestic view and the clean air are definitely worth it. If you're staying in Tosh then Kutla should definitely be on your itinerary.

Location: A 1.5 hours trek from Tosh

Timings: It is advised to either stay in Kutla camps or come back to Tosh in the afternoon before the sunsets.

Photography: Allowed with a surreal view.

4. Trek towards the Glacier Point

Glacier point is one of the must-visit offbeat places in Tosh

The glacier point is a clear meadow from where you can see a mammoth glacier in front of you that will make you feel like the snow-clad mountain is just a fingertip away from you. The sound of the river gushing with such an amazing view will make your stay there and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

PS:- You'll always find a dog helping you find the way towards the trek.

Location: A 30 minutes trek from Kutla, 2 hours from Tosh

Timings: It is advised to either stay in Kutla camps or come back to Tosh in the afternoon before the sunsets.

Photography: Allowed with a surreal view.

5. Parvati River Bed

Parvati River Kasol | Things to do in Kasol and one of the best kasol places to visit

What's better than being able to spend your time listening to the burbling of water and basking in the Mountain Sun on the bed of the Parvati River? When in Kasol do take your time out and spend time relaxing with your feet soaked in the crystal clear water of Parvati. To conclude, this is a thing you must try in Kasol.

6. Tirthan and Jibhi Valley

Tirthan and Jibhi valleys are two popular tourist places near Kasol

The twin valleys of Tirthan and Jibhi are the major attractions in Banjar. Tirthan Valley, also known as the Trout Fish Valley is regarded as Himachal's best-kept secret by bloggers and travelers! This valley is a part of the Great Himalayan National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With beautifully carved small wooden houses and mesmerizing beauty, these villages are like the ones mentioned in the fairy tales. Hence, these valleys are at the top of the list of places to visit in Kasol.

Location: 80km from Kasol.

How to reach Tirthan Valley from Kasol?

By Car: It takes about 3 hours to reach Tirthan from Kasol by car.

By Bus: Take any bus from Kasol going towards Mandi. Deboard at Aut (before the tunnel) and take a bus up to Banjar. From Banjar, you can reach Gushaini which is basically a part of the Tirthan valley.

7. Choj Village

Choj Village one of the more offbeat places to visit in Kasol

Just a small walk from Kasol lies the Choj Village, a hamlet free of cars and bikes which is a must-visit place if you are in Kasol. If you are looking for peace and quietude, Choj must be your choice! For people willing to spend a day or two at Choj, there are lots of homestays and hostels at affordable rates.

Location: Approximately 1km from Kasol towards Manikaran

8. Kasol Bridge

When it comes to places to visit in Kasol, the Kasol bridge is on of the most famous places to visit

One of the main attractions in Kasol is that perfect bridge that is placed over the wide Parvati river overlooking the snow-capped mountains making it a perfect spot for amazing Instagram-worthy pictures. Just head over for a walk to the bridge and enjoy the riverside tranquility.

Location: Just 50 meters from Kasol main market. You can ask any local and they'll help you with how to reach it.

9. Walk to the amazing Chalal village

A small trek to chalal village is a must visit in kasol

A village close to Kasol that has risen to fame in recent years. Chalal was an unknown village a few years back but has quickly seen a rise in tourists visiting the place due to its proximity to Kasol and being on the riverside with good cafes and homestays. Chalal could be a perfect alternative for Kasol if you