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6 Stunning Homestays Perfect For A Weekend Getaway!

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

Homestays are marvelous. You must be wondering why? Well, no one knows a place better than the locals, and by living with someone local, you have access to the best information. They will tell you things that you will never be able to find in guides and brochures. Moreover, homestays are affordable, thus, travelers can experience top-notch accommodation without burning a hole in their pockets.

Now, are you looking to get in on the fad before the year ends? Then, these incredible and unbelievable homestays will surely change your travel goals for life!

Homestay Tourism in India | Why Homestay is better than Hotels

1. Deohari Valley Home Stay, Sainj Valley

Sainj Valley in Himachal is indeed a hidden treasure. Snuggled in the arms of the Kullu Valley, this offbeat destination is ideal for those who love serene surroundings, lush green fields, and quaint cottages. The beautiful Deohari Valley Homestay has four spacious rooms consisting of state-of-the-art facilities. All the rooms have especially done woodwork for the comfort and satisfaction of the customers. Moreover, it allows you to explore the place for long hours with a cozy and homely ambiance.

Deohari Valley Homestay located in the Sainj Valley in Himachal Pradesh is one of the most beautiful homestays in India
3 cottage like structures in an open green field | Sainj Valley, Himachal Pradesh

2. Chhotaram Prajapat's Homestay, Jodhpur

Also known as the Blue City, Jodhpur is an architectural wonder. A labyrinth of antiquated lanes, sprinkled with lively and vibrant markets, criss-cross the city, which enjoys a leisurely pace of life.

Chhotaram Prajapat’s Homestay is situated in Salawas, a town on the outskirts of Jodhpur. They offer contemporary lodging and a mesmerizing experience to their guests that match the real purpose of tourists’ visit to Jodhpur. This homestay will certainly be a memory to cherish that you will never be able to forget for the rest of your life.

Chhotaram Prajapat's Homestay is the most famous Desert Homestay in India
Cottages decorated with lights. There are 2 men standing and conversing.

3. Mohan's Mud Houses, Binsar

A trekker's utopia, Binsar is an ecotourism hotspot for conscious travelers, known for the surreal beauty of the snow-laden Himalayan peaks it provides. Set among forests covered with oak, pine, rhododendrons, and deodar trees, it is home to beautiful lush meadows, stunning temples, and the famous Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary.

Mohan's Mud Houses is a fully furnished homestay that prioritizes the comfort and well-being of its guests. One can witness the mesmerizing view of the sunrise, along with the snow-covered mountains, and experience the melodious chirping of the birds. Their enthusiastic staff is very welcoming and keen to serve the customers their best.

A homestay with lanterns and a path leading to it | Mohan's Mud Houses is a beautiful homestay in Bihar
A home with yellow walls and green doors, with light hanging from the ceiling

4. NORTH, Naggar

Naggar is a small antique town, situated at an altitude of about 1,851 m. Founded by Raja Visudhpal, this place enjoys a good climate. While summers are pleasant, winters are quite cold. One of the must-see sights in this picturesque town is the Naggar Castle, built by the rulers of Kullu around 1500 AD. This tourist destination is ideal for people who want to unwind and rejuvenate by living in the lap of nature. NORTH is a simple and elegant home carefully crafted with wood, stone, and glass. Nestled amidst the mighty deodars, this home is for anyone who longs to dance with magic, far away from city life. They believe in sustainable tourism and provide their guests with a platform to engage & sustain the crafts, heritage & cultural ecology in the Himalayas.

North Homestay in Naggar | Homestays in Kullu
a lighted wood and stone house amidst many trees | North Homestay in Naggar

5. Prabhat's Homestay, Tirthan

Acquiring its name from the Tirthan River that flows through it, Tirthan Valley is a place overflowing with adventurous activities and a utopia for nature lovers. This valley is famously known for its trout fishing, trekking, and adventure activities, as well as the gorgeous guesthouses set in nature. Located in the Banjar district, Prabhat's Homestay overlooks the Tirthan river. One can walk and reach the riverfront and relax for a while. The homestay is super clean and well managed, and the owners make every attempt to make your stay pleasant. They have a couple of rooms, along with a dining area and a small garden. Furthermore, they also provide you with all the necessary equipment and items required for trekking and other adventurous activities.

Homestays in Tirthan Valley | Prabhat's Homestay near Tirthan River
Homestays close to Tirthan River | Hotels in Tirthan Valley

6. Colonel's Dacha, Kasol Kasol is a charming little village in Himachal Pradesh located along the banks of the river Parvati. Commonly known as the 'Amsterdam of India', Kasol is a tourist attraction that is swiftly gaining popularity and is one of the best places in the country to sit back and chill in the panorama of snow-clad mountains, pine trees, and gurgling river. This place is also is renowned for its trekking trails, which include treks to Kheerganga, Pin Parbati Pass, etc. Colonel's Dacha at Suma Ropa is perfect for everyone. The owners offer a homestay experience wherein they look forward to hosting you in their Dacha (Russian for Summer House) as per your convenience on any of the 365 days in a year. A comfortable stay with warm hospitality, a simple but delicious meal, and activities of your choice, this homestay will undoubtedly enchant you.

Colonel's Dacha Homestay in Kasol | Hotels in Kasol | Where to stay in Kasol
Homestays in Kasol | Best hotels in Kasol | Colonel's Dacha

You can check out our experiences page for some amazing travel experiences to many of these cities. Do check it out!

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