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7 Places to visit when in Goa

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Goa might be the smallest state of India, but, for a traveler, it is one of the grandest state considering its rich history, picturesque landscapes, and the continuous rave culture. The state tells a beautiful story from the times of ancient Hindu rulers to the Portuguese settlers. The amalgamation of different ideologies, customs, and traditions with the loving and welcoming nature of the Goan people, this is truly a heaven for all the travelers who are looking for the perfect meal of adventure, thrill, solace, and serenity.

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1. Dudhsagar Falls

Goa Travel Guide | Must see in Goa | Dudhsagar Falls

By Soumyajit Pramanick, Wikimedia Commons

Literally meaning a sea of milk, this great waterfall is located in the tiny state of Goa. Cascading down the steep, vertical, and rocky mountains of the Western Ghats, it owes its name to the white foam it forms after its water gushes down, piercing, into the lake below.

Standing at a spectacular height of 1017 feet, it is one of the tallest waterfalls in India, and, being surrounded by the thick and lush green forest of the Ghats adds to its breath-taking beauty and transforms it into a surreal object of aesthetic and transcendence.

Although it makes for one of South India’s most popular treks throughout the year, it exhibits unrealistic allure in the monsoon season when its pulchritudinous is at its zenith.

Visiting this picturesque and awe-inspiring waterfall is something that is on the bucket list of every traveler, and a trip to goa will be incomplete without experiencing its captivating beauty.

If you're looking for the best information on anything related to Dudhsagar Falls, we would recommend you check out the blog of Sandeepa and Chetan where the extensively describe

everything related to Dudhsagar Falls.

2. Sahakari Spice Farm

Places to visit in Goa | Goa travel guide | Sahakari Spice Farm Goa

By Michele Grif, Inspirock

Located amidst the lush greenery at Curty, it has, seemingly, endless rows of India’s most cherished spices including turmeric, cardamom, nutmeg, and cinnamon, as well as a that of fruits.

The heavenly aroma emanating from the various spices in the plantation, sprawling over an impressive 130 acres of land, is divine, and, one can verily imagine savoring them in their utopian dreamland.

It is a widely popular spot and one cannot hope to give this place a miss. Not only does obe learn about different spices but also get to relish some of the tastiest and luscious food from the in house restaurant located within its boundaries.

You can obtain a lot of information about the culture and the overall ambiance of the farms by following the blog of Sapna, who has eloquently and beautifully written about this beautiful venture.

3. Se Cathedral

Places of interest in Goa | Travel Blog Goa | Se Cathedral Goa

By Mihir Vaidya, Wikimedia Commons

Since time immemorial, Se Cathedral de Santa Catarina has been serving as a place of worship, togetherness, and love. Considered to be one of the largest catholic churches throughout Asia, this grand structure was dedicated to St. Catherine of Alexandria.

The off-white cathedral, which sits atop a sprawling garden had two towers when it was first constructed. One of the two towers, which survived, houses the Golden Bell which has the loudest ring in the whole world. The beautiful woodwork adds to the beauty of this elegant and marvelous piece of architecture and gives you a sense of the finesse of the craftsmen involved.

Owing to its beautiful, intricate and grand design and the history of Portuguese triumph associated, it has been listed as a World Heritage Site. Incorporating gothic and Portugues architectural styles, this cathedral is one of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring buildings which one cannot hope to miss when they are visiting goa.

If you want a personal account of this beautiful structure we recommended you visit the blog of Manthal Bhansali, who has beautifully written a first-hand account of his visit to this church, and effectively established that Goa is not just about beaches.

4. Palolem Beach

Pololem beach Goa overlooking the Arabian Sea. Travel Blogs about Goa | Famous Beaches of Goa
Palolem Beach

By Mahabalaindia, Wikimedia Commons

Considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole region, this relatively virgin beach is a large stretch of white sand that attracts thousands of tourists from all around the world. With a welcoming tropical climate almost throughout the year, this beach is known for several intriguing activities like the Silent Disco, which entails the people partying, wear headphones and dance. Lined with palm trees, and, the calm waters surrounding it, this place becomes a haven for all those who just want to enjoy the serene and aesthetically pleasing sunset.

If you are planning to visit goa then this definitely is the place for you to enjoy, and, spend at least a minimum of two days, to settle in and absorb the aura and euphoria of this beach.

If you want to, further, know more about this beautiful beach, we recommend you check out the blog of Nicole and read about her adventures in this thrilling beach.

5. Singbal’s Book House

Must visit places in Goa | Singbal Bookshop Goa | Goa travel blog
Singbal's Bookshop

By Shambhavi Karapurkar, Wikimedia Commons

Located in the Church compound of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception, this deceptively small blue building houses the greatest collection of books and magazines stuffed and packed into their heaving racks. A treat to the bibliophiles all around the world, this bookstore dates back to the 1930s making it one of the oldest book stores in the country.

It is also known that, this store shelters some of the fabled and rare books in its tiny shelves and with some patience and a lot of browsing you could find something of real value in here.

If you visit goa and even if you are not an avid reader, this place definitely warrants a visit, and without this, your travel plans are incomplete.

If you thought Goa was is beaches, think again. Check out the "Goa Beyond Beaches" blog by Siddhartha Joshi where he recommends the unexplored streets and places Goa has to offer.

6. Aguada Fort

Aguarda Fort Goa | History of Goa | Places to visit in Goa
Aguada Fort

By nakuldubey0601, Wikimedia Commons

Built as a defensive post, this magnificent fort now serves as the path down the memory lanes of history. A defining symbol of cultural significance, this majestic architectural marvel is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the state of Goa. Overlooking the Arabian sea, it is eponymous with the massive freshwater vaulted cistern within its compounds. With a historical legacy of over 400 years, this fort, along with its massive and equally impressive lighthouse is an epitome of Portuguese architecture and technique.

If you are planning to visit the Party capital of India, then this is the perfect place for you to visit and watch the sun setting over the Arabian sea. You should also visit the luxurious Taj hotel, located within the fort walls to experience a fine evening like the genteel class.

We recommend you to check out the photoblog by the PHOTOJOURNEY team for an immersive visual experience of the magnificent fort.

7. Deltin Royale Casino

Deltin Royal Casino Goa | Offbeat things to do in Goa | Goa travel guide | Places to visit in Goa
Deltin Royal Casino

Offering 24 hours of ceaseless fun and authentic casino experience, Deltin Royale, is the largest offshore casino of Asia, located in the state of Goa. With over 850 gaming stations spread around five different levels, this 40,000 square feet of luxury, is a place that can not be missed on your trip to goa.

With exclusive live entertainment, classiest restaurants, international bar lounge, roulette machines, and a dedicated poker room present within, this place leaves no stone unturned when it comes to fun, party and leisure in a ritzy and sophisticated way. You also have the option to go upstairs on the deck in the Sky Bar and enjoy the starry night alone or with your special company.

To get all the information about the luxuries you can experience on this sumptuous boat we recommend you to check out the blog of Shrinidhi Handem where you will find all the information in his eloquent words.

Whatever one might say, these seven places are a must for everyone to visit while they are in Goa on their vacations and partying non-stop. These places not only reflect the urban high class but also represent the rich cultural history of India. Something which should be cherished and appreciated. If you are planning to visit Goa and want more information then we highly recommend you to check out the blog of ALESHA AND JARRYD where you will find a detailed piece along with tips and other useful information.

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