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9 Unique things to do in Tirthan Valley

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Tirthan valley a beautiful place to unwind
View of the beautiful valley by @lost_of_tirthan_ from Instagram

Located in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, Tirthan Valley is an incredible tourist spot, offering something for every traveler. Away from the hustle and bustle of main cities like Shimla, Tirthan Valley is an offbeat destination for nature lovers and adventurers. From trekking to trout fishing, there are a bunch of activities to do around here. Here is a list of 9 unique things to do next time you are in Tirthan Valley.

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Walk around to Chhoie Waterfall

Chhoie Waterfall is a must visit near Tirthan valley
A still of Chhoie Waterfall beautifully captured by @lensonhike on Instagram

Chhoie Waterfall in Tirthan Valley is a must-visit tourist spot for nature lovers. It takes about 45 minutes to reach the main waterfall on foot. The trek is an easy one, offering breathtaking views to shutterbugs' amusement. It is better to take along a guide to fill you in about the flora and fauna on the way.

LOCATION – In Tirthan Valley

HOW TO REACH – Short trek of 3km from Village Nagini

Trek to Serolsar Lake

A trek to Serlosar Lake is a highly recommended thing to do in Tirthan
Serlosar Lake as shot by @thegreathimalyas on Instagram

Located in Seraj Valley, Serolsar Lake is at an elevation of 10,171 feet above sea level. The path to the lake starts from Jalori Pass and is a simple 5km trek. Surrounded by alpine trees, Serolsar Lake is a sacred spot for the locals. The crystal clear water of the lake, reflecting the clear sky and tall trees, is an incredible sight to behold.

LOCATION – 12km from Tirthan Valley

HOW TO REACH – Takes 2 hours from Jalori Pass after a 5km trek

Take a stroll by the Tirthan River

A stroll by the Tirthan river is a great idea to relax
Tirthan River shot by @nomadsofhimalaya from Instagram

A slow-paced walk by the Tirthan River, as you listen to the gentle splish-splash of the water hitting the rocks, is every nature lover's dream. So, sit by the Tirthan River and soak in the mesmerizing view of the snow-clad ranges as you silently observe nature in its glory.

LOCATION – In Tirthan Valley

HOW TO REACH – Hire a private vehicle or drive yourself around to Tirthan River

Trek to Jalori Pass

Jalori Pass is a must visit destination near Tirthan
A glimpse of Jalori Pass by @minimalmusafir on Instagram

Trek to Jalori Pass is a moderate one, suitable for solo travellers and groups alike. Trekking on this beautiful trail is a walk comprising spectacular views, helping all travellers mellow out. Besides, one can also go on to explore the forts of Kalagarh and Raghunathpur. Jalori Pass is an amazing way to escape the monotonous city life and go on an adventure to explore yourself.

LOCATION – Around 25km from Tirthan Valley

HOW TO REACH – By taxi or public transport

Try out local cuisine

The hotels and guesthouses of Tirthan serve delicious food that must be tried out
A meal in a local guesthouse by @rovetheplanet on Instagram

You might not find any eating joints or restaurants in Tirthan Valley outside your homestay or guesthouse, as it is a small place, scarcely populated. However, there are two restaurants in Banjar that you must try out: Icy Spice and Sharmaji ka Dhaba.

LOCATION – In Banjar

HOW TO REACH – Cab or your private vehicle can take you here

Explore the Great Himalayan National Park

Great Himalayan National Park in Tirthan is a must visit for all nature lovers
@akanshasiwach in the Great Himalayan National Park

Great Himalayan National Park is a refuge for numerous threatened species like snow leopard, musk deer, serow, cheer pheasants, among many others. This UNESCO World Heritage Site offers various opportunities for trekking and camping and is a hotspot for adventurers and nature enthusiasts. The treks range from easy to difficult, encompassing exotic views on the way.

LOCATION – In Tirthan Valley

HOW TO REACH – Can be reached on foot

Go trout fishing

When in Tirthan do not forget to go trout fishing
Trout fishing by @thehimalayantrouthouse

Trout fishing is pretty popular in Tirthan Valley as the Tirthan River flowing across provides ample opportunities. The crystal clear water of the streams attracts lots of tourists to try out fishing, brown and rainbow trout being their favorites. Early morning or late afternoon is the ideal time to go trout fishing in Tirthan.

LOCATION – By Tirthan River

HOW TO REACH – On foot or by private vehicle

Visit Shoja Village

Shoja village is a panoramic place near Tirthan to enjoy the beauty of nature
A beautiful shot of the Shoja Village by @wanderwithjazz from Instagram

The road to Shoja might be an uncomfortable one, but the destination is worth the tiresome journey. The tranquility of the place lies in the fact that it is still undiscovered by a large chunk of the population. Once you witness the sun setting, you will feel a sense of satisfaction that would urge you to stay longer. The sublime view of the snow-covered peaks and the lush alpine trees make this village a true hidden gem.

LOCATION – Around 20km from Tirthan Valley

HOW TO REACH – Can either hire a cab or drive yourself

Stop by Jibhi

Jibhi is a pristine spot of beauty near Tirthan
@high_on_travell on the way to Jibhi

Not very well-known, Jibhi is an offbeat and exciting village to visit as an escapade from your tedious lives. The dense forests, along with the beautiful lakes and the waterfalls, add to its charm. The pristine beauty of this quaint little village makes this place worth visiting. The Victorian-style cottages are an added attraction that compels you to stay forever.

LOCATION – In Tirthan Valley

HOW TO REACH – Can be reached by cab or private vehicle

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