A beginner's take on Workations in Manali

We all, at times, get bored of the monotony of our daily lives, don’t we? This pandemic has hit all our lives in some capacity. Our social lives have been halted, for too long now. Interaction with friends, close relatives is now limited to just chatting, voice calls and video calls. However, these media do not serve the dynamic aspect of conversations. We all desperately need a change from this solitude, if not physically then mentally, perhaps.

Our travel goals for this decade were served with a major blow, owing to early travel restrictions. That, including the scare, has a defining role in keeping us to our homes. The call of the mountains is going unanswered and we literally cannot help but keep ourselves strong.

Our routines have also been affected. Working is no longer a 9-5 routine. At homes, we easily get distracted by the surroundings. The vibe at homes isn’t work-friendly, or even for students. I, being a student, hover around my house, headphones plugged in my ears listening to what professors have to tell. We all are just bored of how things are and there isn’t a change in sight.

The second wave has surely added more to the anguish among us. Our lives are so much surrounded by the negativity that we often tend to lose hope. We lose sight of the positivity and perspective of mother nature. Even most routines now seem monotonous. A peaceful cut-out from the panicked world is long due.