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The Tirthan River
The Tirthan River, photographed by Saurav Kundu on unsplash

"Listening to the murmur of water or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time", the lines were very rightly said by John Lubbock.

The clouds, the hills, the waterfalls are just like mother nature's arms where anyone can find peace and happiness, Tirthan valley happens to be one such hidden jewel of Himachal Pradesh, where peace and happiness come hand in hand. Tirthan valley, the perfect hideaway of the Himalayas, is perched at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level, in the Kullu district of the state.

Tirthan valley happens to be the state's best-kept secret. So, a treasure hunt is what would be an appropriate term for a vacation here.


The nearest airport to Tirthan is the Bhuntar Airport, which is 90 minutes away from the valley. The nearest railway station is at Kirtipur which is 7 hours away from Tirthan or the Ambala railway station which is 8 hours away from Tirthan valley.

However, the best way to reach here is by road. The roads to Himachal are quite smooth and are connected directly to major cities such as Delhi and Chandigarh. The road trip adds an essence to the trip and also helps you get into the mood for mountains.

The trees at Tirthan valley
The Tirthan Valley, photographed by Junaid Ahmad Ansari


The national park happens to be one of the most-visited and most well-maintained treasures. The national park is a UNESCO world heritage site, which adds more value to it. The park was established in 1984 and is spread over an area of 754 sq. km. The place is enriched with a variety of flora and fauna, some of which happen to be exotic. There are about 181 species of birds and 31 species of mammals here. The park is surrounded by lush green landscapes and tall trees. The place happens to be very popular among trekkers, explorers, and enthusiasts.


The main river flows in the valley. The turbulent river flows through the forests, making its way by slashing rock pieces on the way. The river is a true sight to cherish. The river is also home to the wide known variety of fishes, the trout. People with an interest in fishing and angling tend to visit here. The river crossing is another sport that one can enjoy here. Sitting on the banks of this river and relaxing brings peace to your hearts.


Serolsar Lake happens to be another attractive yet enchanting stop here. The water of this lake is crystal clear and people around here believe that it is blessed with medicinal properties. The best way to explore the enchanting beauty of the place is to take a walk along the banks of the river. One of the major attractions around here is the Budhi Nagin Temple, which belongs to the Goddess of the forest. The place has a number of oak trees, which makes this place even more mystical, yet picturesque.


The Raghupur fort is a historical spot present in the Tirthan valley. The place is believed to be constructed by the rulers of the Mandi dynasty to prevent themselves from the attacks of the invaders. However, the place is now in ruins, but the remaining walls still narrate the history. The best part here is the panoramic landscape adorned with oak trees and vibrant flowers. The calming environment here serves as a cherry on the top.


Jalori Pass is the most precious gem that one can find here. Situated at an elevation of 10,800 ft. above sea level, the place is one of the most stunning spots to visit. However, the place still remains unexplored but happens to be one of the major destinations on the list of trekkers and travel enthusiasts. The place is nestled in the arms of the Himalayas and is adorned with coniferous trees, ferns, and vibrant flowers. The forest around is home to a number of migratory birds such as the blue robin. Thus, making this place a potential hotspot for bird watchers, photographers, and enthusiasts. The trekking trail here is one of a kind, as one can spot snow-capped mountains, meadows, valleys, and hamlets along the way.


Chhoie waterfalls are one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Himachal Pradesh and are quite a famous stop for trekkers amidst their trekking expeditions. The cascade is breathtaking and is surrounded by rocks and lush greenery. The rumbling sound of the water brings peace and tranquility.

trekking at tirthan valley
Trekking, photographed by Rahul Dey on unsplash

The Tirthan valley is home to several activities, in which one can indulge.


The crystal clear river is home to brown and rainbow-colored trout, thus making it an attractive destination for angling enthusiasts. The weather year is something, which remains favorable throughout the year, making the place even more compatible and attractive.


River crossing at Tirthan river is one of the best things to do around here. The place is a hotspot for adventure seekers, who come from all over the world just to explore and satisfy their adrenaline rush, as they cross the river being tied to the safety harness.


Tirthan valley has a number of spots for rock climbing and the activity is loved by many tourists and enthusiasts. Before the actual activity, you would be given some basic training in rock climbing. This activity is conducted by several local operators around here.

Sunrise at Tirthan
Sunrise at Tirthan Valley, photographed by Vaibhaw Kumar on unsplash

The treasure hunt was indeed a long one. However, the treasures we take home from here are the best. The cool breeze, the rumbling of water, the swaying of trees, the chirping of birds, and the exquisite sights of nature are something that remains embedded in our eyes throughout.

The trail may be a difficult one, but the treasure makes it all worthy. Moving along Tirthan valley is similar to exploring and unpacking the gifts of mother nature. Being in the hills, rejuvenates and refreshes your heart and soul, thus pumping you with energy and enthusiasm to face the world out there!

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