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Dear diary, India is amazing!

Dear Diary,


India here I am. Made it to Spice heaven and I’m already giggling at the sight of the mystical ‘’tuk-tuks’’. Namaste replaces hello, chai replaces coffee, sarees replace jeans, temples replace churches, Bollywood replaces Hollywood!… Time to embrace the east and all that comes with it!

All the amazing monuments and palaces were just so unique

Wandering the overcrowded streets gives you the perfect first-hand cultural experience, the touch of cashmere hanging out the shops, the incense smell burning in every open window, the constant noise of the honks, the endless taste of spices, the sight of every color in every corner… You couldn’t be anywhere else.

The Jaisalmer chapter:

Survived an 18-hour long train ride, thoughts: the scenario was gorgeous plus the train gives me a much-needed adventure feel!

The golden city, a small town, perfect to wander through all the majestic ancient architecture, felt like a time machine taking me back a few centuries!

The greatest part about this Rajasthani city is that is situated right on the Thar desert, which in India means camel safari! I had a chance to do an overnight one!

Hopping on a camel and through the desert, we go!

The sunny desert was an experience to behold

Feels unreal to be surrounded by endless dunes and just gaze at the horizon waiting for that mind-blowing sunset! Once is dark a fire-cooked meal awaits, followed by a singing session, just before laying in a sleeping bag with no roof, just a million stars!

India, I surrender.

The Jaipur Chapter -

They call it the pink city for a good reason. You can see splashes of light pink in every corner, in every monument, in every shop.

The city is magical, the Jal Mahal view makes you feel like you're in a fairy tale, a castle on the water surrounded by mountains who wouldn't?

The Amber Fort is a must, ancient and magnificent. The views are breathtaking, the palace inside is full of details one didn't know could exist.

I ended my trip with a visit to the Monkey Temple for sunset. It was one of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever witnessed. On the top of a mountain, holds a tiny white house that keeps the absolute best of views and monkeys to keep you company.

The Rishikesh chapter-

I've done little to no research about this place but heard wanders, once I got off my tuk-tuk and walked about five meters I could see why.

Here's what you need to know about Rishikesh: there's a gorgeous holy river called Ganga, it runs through hundreds of Himalayan mountains, it's surrounded by waterfalls, there's a beach, there's river rafting, it's the Yoga Capital of the World, there are endless temples to visit, there's a Beatles Ashram, iconic to say the least and it has for sure the best and cheapest cafes with a breathtaking view!

Is that enough to make you go?

Love, Carol. ♥️

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