An offbeat Rajasthani Village near Jaisalmer

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Khuri (locally pronounced as Khuhdhi) is a small village in the Thar Desert. It is located around 48 kilometers from the historical town of Jaisalmer, towards the southwest. It is a small village of laborious people, thriving on minimum subsistence, yet with a smile. It has found its way to satisfaction without hoarding itself in the run of securing urban comfort. The people here have a different philosophy of life. Their primary objective is to enjoy their days of presence on this beautiful planet, their village in particular. The people here have identified their USP in keeping the village off the grid of far-fetched luxurious hotels and comfortable and focusing on minimalistic, cozy, and traditional huts as homestays for their guests.

House to serene sunsets, Khuri is the place to go for offbeat travelers. Image credit: Rahul Chakraborty on Unsplash

Due to being uniquely away from the main tourist trails, this little village helps you find solace away from crowded cities. The number of activities you get to enjoy here is less. Meals are not as fancy, largely centered towards the Rajasthani traditional cuisine. The means of commuting to and from Jaisalmer are not as many. Yet, this place is sought by many travelers for its ability to captivate the soul. The joyous demeanor of the people is welcoming, they are always friendly with outsiders, enticing that you’re one of them. It should be mentioned explicitly that you won’t feel away from home in this small village. Their compassion and hospitality will level a bond between you and the villagers that will always etch in your memory. For those seeking an offbeat stay within close proximity of the famous Khuri Sand Dunes and a calming fascination in their travel itinerary, this place is a must-go.

How to reach Khuri Village?

Khuri is a small village falling under the Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan. For coming to the village, you will have to first reach Jaisalmer. From there, you can either board a public bus ( that is the cheaper alternative), suitable for budget travelers, or hire a taxi from Jaisalmer.

Air: The nearest airport is Jaisalmer Airport in Jaisalmer. It is at a distance of about 50 kilometers from Khuri Village. You can book a private taxi to your accommodation from the airport costing around INR 500-1000. However, Jaisalmer Airport does not receive regular flights from major Indian cities. Alternatively, you can book a flight to Jodhpur Airport which is about 280 kilometers away from Khuri. You can easily book a taxi from the airport to the village at negotiable prices.

Railway: The neighboring city of Jaisalmer has its own railway station which is well connected by trains from popular cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and Kolkata. The station is at a distance of 48 kilometers from Khuri village and you can either book a private taxi which is going to cost around INR 500 or board a local bus from Gadisar Chowk during the day.

Road: This small, and unpopular village can be accessed by road via NH 11. NH 11 connects it with Jaisalmer. You can reach Jaisalmer easily from major cities like Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Ajmer. Further, you can stretch your road trip towards this beautiful village at the south-western border of Jaisalmer. Typically, the distance of 48 kilometers between Khuri and the main city will take less than one hour to complete.

What to expect?

This Rajasthani village is known all for its unconventional experience. If you’re looking for a stay that is centered on the rural lives of India, this is definitely something meaningful to you. In other words, this is an uncanny village experience, devoid of the glittery resorts and hullabaloo of a big city, and without many things to do. There won’t be any fancy restaurant serving multitudes of cuisines, or places to go shopping. But, the level of joy, and tranquility is what makes this place worth exploring. The long walk through the village streets, interacting with locals, learning about their lifestyles, culture, traditional practices, and challenges, the captivating sunset at the Khuri desert dunes make it more special than most crowded destinations of Rajasthan.

Life moves slow in this desert village. Image credit: @manojchoudharyphotography on Instagram

What sets the bar higher here in terms of providing perspective is the simplicity and enriched lives that the people here have happily subjected themselves to. You will be amazed that this village has no urban materialistic channel of thought. The houses are simple, the type of food they eat is usually the traditional cuisine. The modern signs of development are hard to find. People are religious, a little superstitious too. They are warm and can spend hours with you in free willing conversations with some valuable life lessons from their limited experiences and knowledge about their lives in this primitive village.

What can you explore during your stay at Khuri Village?

The village has a lot to offer that will leave you spellbound. The slow and culturally rooted life here is one such attraction. There are innumerable instances that will expose you to the peaceful life that the villagers have adapted themselves to. Their humble smile is a reflection of how deeper things matter in human lives, that we often overlook. The village elderly, women, men, and children welcome you like a family member.

Another famous element that can and should find a place in your itinerary is the desert dunes and the moments of dusk and dawn. We all are fans of either watching the sun coming over or bidding adieu to us or both sometimes. The Khuri Desert Dunes are famous for the sunset. You can trek towards the famous spot or take a bumpy camel ride to the sunset spot. Also, the sunrise (if you are a fan) is as serene as the sunset. So, if you are one for waking up early and seeking the pinkish-red east sky, head towards the desert dunes and capture the satisfying red ball of fire opening its pore and twinkling the dazzling sunrays into our eyes.