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Top 10 Must-Visit Best beaches in Andaman

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

A view of how Andaman has the best beaches
Clean beaches, Tall trees, golden sand, Andaman has the best beaches by Deepak Kumar

The beauty of this land lies in the different islands and beaches. These beaches and islands make Andaman a perfect summer destination. The blue skies and the vast island is favorite for every tourist.

10 Must-Visit beaches in Andaman

Let's have a look at the best beaches in Andaman that give you the best experience you could ask for.

Best Beaches to visit in Havelock, Andaman

Andaman & Nicobar Islands have some of the prettiest and cleanest beaches in the world that attract thousands of tourists every month. Andaman is further divided into small islands making your visit to Andaman a lot more interesting. Here's a list of the beast beaches in Havelock that would definitely be the best beaches to visit during your trip to Andaman:

1. Radhanagar beach

best beach in andaman to go
A beautiful view of Radhanagar beach by Sahil

Radhanagar beach is known as the official beach of Andaman. It is one of the best beaches in Andaman. The turquoise water and white sand remind me of the Maldives. This is the best beach in Havelock. The neat and clean water is suitable for all the water activities especially snorkeling, scuba diving, and swimming. The green palm trees are an identity of this beach. It is one of the white sand beaches in Andaman.

Radhanagar beach is one of the few beaches where there are no restrictions on swimming, the water current, and the waves are comparatively subtle making the water levels safe for swimming and snorkeling.

Radhanagar beach like all other beaches has a lot of huts and benches for resting and relaxing in the shining sun. The best part of the beach is that you are allowed to take your own food and drinks inside for a relaxing time.

Make sure to wander around the 2-storied observation deck in the center of the beach for some amazing shots of the horizon.

Island Located: Havelock Island

Best time to visit Radhanagar beach: Visit the beach around 5 PM to enjoy the sunset around 5:30P PM and you can spend a little more time at Radhanagar beach.

Top things to do at Radhanagar beach: Enjoy the sunset, Indulge yourself in swimming, Evening walks on the white sand, and stay in hotels on the beach

2. Elephant beach

best beach in andaman for scuba diving
The shores of Elephant beach by Abhishek Chakraborty

A beach secluded from the mainland is a resort for people in search of peace and tranquility. Since the beach is a little from the mainland, one must take a boat ride to reach here. The beautiful and calm environment captures the heart of every tourist. You can also enjoy a lot of water activities in the clean waters. Elephants are very common here and activities like swimming with elephants also happen here. This beach should be included in the places to visit in Havelock.

To reach Elephant beach you'll have to either take up a boat or go trekking through the forest. Most travelers opt for the boat option and choose to spend most of their day devoted to the elephant beach.

Elephant beach is the most exciting beach for any traveler visiting the Andaman Islands due to its wide range of water sports activities and the quality of these adventure activities. The beach has some amazing corals and a wide range of aquatic beings making it an ideal spot for scuba diving for all water sports enthusiasts.

Elephant beach is considered a must-visit for every traveler visiting Havelock, not just because of the water sports but due to the fact that it's covered with thick, tall trees making it feel like a place out of a movie set.

Closest Island: Havelock island

Best time to visit Elephant beach: Early in the day to enjoy all the water activities

Top things to do at Elephant beach: Trek to elephant beach, Sea walk, Snorkeling, Glass bottom boat ride, Jet Skiing, Parasailing, etc.

3. Kalapathar beach

Best beach in andaman to enjoy solitude
An islolated part of the Kalapathar beach by Smit Shah

Away from the mainland lies a beautiful beach that captures the morning sun's rays. The lush green thickets, sparkling blue waters, and white sand is a hub for enjoying the solitude and celebrating inner peace. The island is a boat ride away from havelock island, so you need not worry about the crowd which makes it the best beach in Havelock.

Being a relatively quiet and secluded beach, the Kalapathar beach doesn't have a lot of shacks or places for you to eat but if you're craving peace of mind and want to just walk on the clean white sand beside crystal clear water, this beach is definitely for you.

You can also enjoy swimming in the beach water as the tides here are not that high. The beach is definitely an evening day visit for you to let off some steam after your exploration.

Closest Island: Havelock Island

Best time to visit Kalapathar beach: Evening after 4

Top things to do at Kalapathar beach: Take a long walk, Go for swimming in the ocean, Enjoy the picturesque sunset, and click amazing pictures of the clean water.

4. Lalaji bay island beach

Enjoy solitude in the best beach of andaman
A quiet beach view by Smit Shah

It is a popular beach on long island that can be reached from Havelock. The best thing about this island is that you can trek and reach here. The clear waters and great scenery are perfect for water activities.

The calming beach of Lalaji Bay Beach Island is a perfect amalgamation of adventure and peace. You can enjoy water activities like snorkeling and swimming in the calm water or just sit back and relax on the clear sand.

Lalaji beach is closest to Havelock and the government ferry from Port Blair to Havelock goes to Long Island from where you can go to Lalaji Beach. There are a few basic needs shops on Lalaki beach but it's advised that you carry a few of your own.

Closest Island: Long Island or Havelock

Best time to visit Lalaji Bay Island Beach: You can visit the beach early in the day to enjoy and swim.

Top Things to do at Lalaji Bay Island Beach: Enjoy the sunset at the beach, Go for a long walk, and enjoy some light water sports.

Best Beaches to visit in Neil Island, Andaman

One of the more secluded islands, Neil Island is Andaman is a place for every traveler to forget about any troubles in life and appreciate the natural beauty of the world. Neil Island has to be the go-to place for every traveler looking for this kind of solitude. The beaches at Neil Island are the cleanest ones here and the best for chilling and spending your day.

5. Laxmanpur beach

best beach in andaman for relaxing
A natural bridge on the Laxmanpur Beach by Ankur Panchbudhe

Laxmanpur is one of the beautiful beaches on Neil Island. It is located in the LaxmanPur village of Andaman. Take home the white corals and shells as a souvenir as they are found plenty in this region. Get immersed in the island's beauty as you sit and relax on the shores of this beach.

The beach is mostly visited by travelers to get a sense of calmness and enjoy the tall tropical trees. There is no swimming allowed in the beach water since the tides are really high making it unsafe to go inside the water.

The best thing to do at Laxmanpur beach would be to go for a long walk and eat and chill at the small shops that provide food and drinks there. There are no water sports or activities at the beach making it best for relaxation and sitting back and enjoying the sun and the horizon.

Closest Island: Neil Island

Best time to visit Laxmanpur Beach: Early morning or just before sunset

Top things to do at Laxmanpur Beach: A barefoot walk on the beach, Trek to the Natural Beach, Visit the sunset point and set on an adventure to Laxmanpur Beach-2

6. Sitapur beach

The beautifulscenary that makes it best beach of andaman
A perfect beach view by Ankur Panchbudhe

An amazing beach on Neil Island. As the island is secluded from the mainland the place is well preserved. The calm and peaceful environment is great for celebrating solitude. With green vegetation on the 3 sides and an open sea in front. Being an untouched beach by travelers this beach is very well maintained and really clean.

The one must-do thing at Sitapur beach has to be the surreal sunrise, it has been named Sunrise beach by the authorities due to its majestic sunrise. The location of the beach is covered on three sides and open from the one side where the sun rises making the phenomena even more intriguing.

Being a not-so-visited beach, Sitapur beach doesn't have any shops for food so it is recommended for you to take your own food and water while you explore the beach.

Closest Island: Neil Island

Best time to visit Sitapur Beach: Before 5 AM to explore the sunrise

Top things to do at Sitapur Beach: Just enjoy the mesmerizing sunrise

Best Beaches to visit in Port Blair, Andaman

Port Blair is the main city of Andaman where every traveler arrives and enjoys the beach city vibe. Port Blair even though is the main city of Andaman you can still find some of the cleanest and most serene beaches in Port Blair. You can visit some of the beaches in Port Blair that are the best in Andaman.

7. Guitar Island beach

Enjoy the best beach of andaman
The guitar island by coral reef havelock

The beach got its name owing to the guitar-like shape it possesses. Being in the middle of the turquoise water this beach is definitely a hidden jewel and the more secluded beach of Andaman.

Being uninhabited the island is slowly getting recognized and people hop on for a one-day trip to the guitar island beach. The beach has very few people living on the same and there are no options for staying on the isolated beach. There is only the option of coming for a day visit to the Guitar Island beach.

There are not many options for water activities or sports at the Guitar Island beach, a traveler can opt for sea walking, island hopping, and snorkeling. It is best to reach Guitar Island early in the morning to get the most out of your day's outing.

Closest Island: Long Island or Port Blair

Best time to visit Guitar Island Beach: Reach the beach early in the morning to enjoy the solitude

Top Things to do at Guitar Island Beach: Boating, Sea walk, Snorkeling, Long walk on the sand, and exploring the Mangroves

8. Corbyn cove beach

best beaches in andaman
Clean sand castles at Corbyn cove beach by Vinit Singh

It is a palm-fringed beach in port Blair. Its surrounding is less polluted compared to other beaches. The serene beauty of the beach attracts many tourists here. It is a perfect place to relax and enjoy nature's beauty. You can also enjoy a lot of water activities here. The beach is divided in

One of the more visited beaches, Corbyn cove beach has everything for a traveler. You can swim in the water on one side of the beach. Enjoy the sunshade by lying on sleeping chairs. Enjoy some great food at the shacks and shops on the beach.

The beach is divided into two sides, one is made completely for relaxing with shops and sleeping chairs and the other for the adventure of water sports and activities. The beach has tall coconut trees on all sides and a walk from the right to the left side is what people do here.

Island Located: Port Blair

Best time to visit Corbyn Cove Beach: Reach before lunch to enjoy amazing food and some water sports

Top things to do at Corbyn Cove Beach: Water sports like Jet Skiing, Speed boat ride, Scuba diving, evening walk, and enjoying the sunset

9. Chidiya Tapu beach

best beach in andaman to enjoy solitude
A sunset view of the beach with a couple by vows on the move

This beach as the name suggests is a hangout place for birds and hence it is famously known as a flying creature beach or nightfall point. The beach is home to 50 different species of birds and other creatures which makes it a perfect birdwatching spot. The beautiful sunset on the beach makes it one of the inevitable places to visit in Port Blair.

A beach far from the main city of Port Blair, the Chidiya Tapu has the best mix of seclusion and activities you'll need to spend a day chilling near the clean water of the ocean under the shining sun. The whole area is surrounded by the jungle where these different species of birds and animals are found making it a lot more pleasing to the eye.

The drive is a long one that takes you through the jungle itself and the drive is an experience on its own. It's a haven for bird watchers as it inhabits a lot of rare species of birds in the jungle. The beach is also very famous for its sunset view in the evening.

Island Located: Port Blair

Best time to visit Chidiya Tapu Beach: Leave early in the afternoon so that you can enjoy the sunset and the natural beauty

Top things to do at Chidiya Tapu Beach: Hike the Mundapahad beach for a panoramic view, Enjoy the surreal sunset in the evening, and Visit the Chidiya Tapu Biological Park to explore the rich fauna.

10. Wandoor beach

The best beach in andaman
Natural wonder of Wandoor beach by Soumyadeep

Wandoor beach of port Blair also known as the coral beach is a part of the Mahatma Gandhi national marine sanctuary. This beach is rich in varied marine fauna which becomes a favorite spot for scientists and zoologists. A perfect spot for relaxed evening walks.

A secluded beach that takes a long drive to reach the beach from Port Blair. The beach has some underwater rocks and dead corals that need to be taken care of when swimming in the beach water. The waves are ideal to go for a swim when you're at the beach.

Closest Island: Port Blair

Best time to visit Wandoor Beach: Early in the day for some relaxation

Top things to do at Wandoor Beach: Go for a swim in the ocean

FAQs for best beaches in Andaman

Q. Which is the cleanest best in Andaman?

A. The best beach in Andaman for cleanliness would be the Radhanagar beach in Havelock where you could enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, and swimming in the clear water.

Q. Does Andaman have white sand?

A. Yes, the best beach to experience the white sands in Andaman would be Elephant beach where you can enjoy a great number of water sports as well.

Q. Is Elephant Beach closed?

A. Elephant beach stays open from early morning and stays open till the evening around 4 PM where you can enjoy water sports and activities.

Q. Are Andaman beaches clean?

A. Andaman has some of the cleanest beaches in all of India and is a must-visit for every traveler.

Q. Why is Elephant beach famous in Andaman?

A. The most popular beach in Andaman is the Elephant beach due to it's solitude, cleanliness, and water sports. Elephant beach has the best water sports in all of Andaman.

Q. How many beaches are in Port Blair?

A. There are 6 beaches in Andaman, Laxmanpur, Wandoor, Collinpur, North Bay, Corbyn's Cove, and Munda Pahar.

Q. Is 3 days enough for Andaman?

A. Only Port Blair or Havelock can be explored in 3 days. The ideal duration for Andaman would be at least 5 days.

Final Words

Every beach in Andaman & Nicobar Islands has a pretty unique vibe to it. Some of the beaches have been made very famous due to their ease of reach and travelers' popularity but the hidden gems and the secluded beaches too qualify as the best beaches in Andaman. Which beach you find the best is according to what your personality and your mind want. Make sure to try out at least 5-6 beaches on your next trip to Andaman.

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28 de mai.

Wow, this list of Andaman beaches is fantastic! I recently visited Andaman, and I can vouch for how stunning these beaches are. Radhanagar Beach was definitely the highlight of my trip; the white sand and clear blue waters are just picture-perfect. An Andaman trip is a must for any nature lover.


Subi Chauhan
Subi Chauhan
24 de mai.

This blog is very informative! The excellent descriptions make each beach sound quite attractive. I like how there's something for everyone, from the lively water activities at Elephant Beach to the peaceful beauty of Sitapur Beach. I can't wait to visit Andaman and discover its beautiful beaches!


06 de jan.

The allure of Andaman's beauty is truly captivating, with its diverse islands and pristine beaches. The turquoise waters and expansive landscapes make it an ideal summer retreat. The list of must-visit beaches in andaman , including Radhanagar, Elephant, and Kalapathar, promises an unparalleled experience. Andaman is a paradise waiting to be explored!

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