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Cafes in Kasol that offer you more than just Delicious Food

For the food lovers out there, Kasol has an assortment of beautiful cafes - big and small with lovely ambiance and lip-smacking food! Here are 6 Best Cafes in Kasol that you should visit :

Bhoj Cafe

The Bhoj Cafe is a warm and cozy cafe in the heart of Kasol Village. It is one of the oldest cafes in Kasol and is preferred by travelers and foodies who want to laze around in their free time.

Cost for Two - Rs 500 approx

Moon Dance Cafe

The Moon Dance Cafe provides amazing views coupled with perhaps the best coffee and cookies in Kasol. The toothsome German and Italian breakfast platters are sure to make your mouth water.

Cost for Two - Rs 700 approx

Buddha Place Cafe

Living up to its name, the Buddha Place Cafe in Kasol offers the nicest and most peaceful atmosphere for chilling in Kasol. There’s nothing better than eating momos with soothing music playing in the background!

Cost for Two - Rs 600 approx

Jim Morrison Cafe

There are two reasons why you should visit the Jim Morrison Cafe when you’re in Kasol - closeness to nature and the otherworldly food that the cafe provides. The Jim Morrison Cafe is located in the lap of nature and has to be reached on foot. However, the food and atmosphere of the cafe more than make up for the effort you put into the trek! Cost for Two - Rs 700 approx

The Evergreen Cafe

As its name suggests, the Evergreen Cafe is truly evergreen and has been among the most famous cafes in Kasol for quite some time now! It is a favorite among friends and families looking for a nice place to chat and bond. Cost for Two - Rs 600 approx

Stone Garden Cafe

The Stone Garden Cafe is a hippie hotspot in Kasol. Beautiful interiors and ambiance make it an ideal place for killing your free time when you are in town!l Cost for Two - Rs 700 approx

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