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10 Best Places to Celebrate Navratri in India

India is known for its unique blend of culture and ethnicity that spreads great energy, vibe, and power. Festivals in India are the best time to witness the alliance of vibrant and colorful confluence of different communities at one point.

The carnival of Navratri is celebrated with great zeal across the country in different forms and methods marking the victory. Navratri is the significance of the victory prevailing over evil, some celebrate the Maa Durga’s victory over Mahishasura and a few memorialize Sri Ram’s comeback after defeating Ravana.

Experience the diverse traditions of these places by checking out the different effigies that symbolize happiness, positivity, and hope.

Best places to spend Navratri Holidays:

Durga Pujo at Pandal
A picture from Pinterest

West Bengal:

Navratri is the best time to visit West Bengal to go for a pandal hooping and embrace the faith of devotees towards Durga Mata.

Married women smear sindoor at each other, marking the return of Khali as Durga to lord Shiva. All the craftsmen and artists flock together to curate meticulous pandals of Khali Mata.

Best temples to visit during Navratri Celebrations:

· Khalighat Kali Temple, Kolkata.

· Sham Ray Temple, Bhishnupur.

· Belur Math, Howrah.

The young girls worshiped as a form of Durga Mata.

Garba and Dandiya night celebrations.
A picture from travel site India.


The state hosts Garba and nights on a large scale enticing the tourists of different parts to whirl and twirl on the flock beats of Gujarat. Devotees offer prayers to Garbo, an earthenware pot, in which a betel nut, coconut, and silver coin are placed.

The motherhood of the Goddess is worshiped by all the women celebrating the harvest and fertility. Maa shakti Garba night in Vadodara is listed in the Lima book of records for hosting more than 40,000 dancers taking part in the event.

Best places to celebrate during Navratri Celebrations:

· Khodiyar Mandir, Bhavnagar

· Chamunda Mata Mandir, Chatila

· Ashapura Mata-no-Madh

Ram Leela at Varanasi Ghats.
A picture from Pinterest


The locals celebrate it as Sharadiya Navratri for nine days lighting the Akhand Jyothi at Maa Durga temple of Varanasi.

The lighting lamp signifies the ray of hope to overcome the hardships of life and all the lanes stage up for live plays of Ram Katha. Annapurna temple in Kashi is revered for good health and long life.

Best Temples to visit during Navratri Celebrations:

· Kanaka Durga Mandir.

· Annapurna Devi Mandir.

· Sankata Devi Mandir.

Divinity of Mahalakshmi
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The shrine in Bastar district is one among the 18 shakti peeths with the primary deity as Goddess Danteshwari.

Dussehra in Chattisgarh villages is celebrated for 75 days following the ancient kings’ ritual of carrying deities on wooden chariots from neighboring towns with dance, plays, and fares with the processions.

Best Temples to visit during Navratri Celebrations:

· Maa Bamleshwari Devi, Dongargarh.

· Danteshwari Temple, Dantewada

· Chandrasini Devi Temple, Janjgir.

A Disco Dandiya Night on Mumbai grounds.
A picture from the website.


Few states memorialize Lord Rams Return and other shrines worship the power of Shakti.

Mumbai city lights up with traditional and modern setups like pandals resembling Gujarat Khali puja and the dandiya nights replicate the Vadodra Garba festivities.

Best Temples to visit during Navratri Celebrations:

· Shiridi, Ahmednagar.

· Mumba Devi Temple, Mumbai.

· Mahalakshmi, Kolhapur.

Chhattisgarh villages initiating Navratri celebrations.
A picture from the Pinterest website.


Vaishnav Devi temple in Katra, Jammu is the most revered shrine of Hindus. The devotees flock to Katra during this festive season to offer prayers and seek the blessing of Goddess Shakti. Vaishnav Devi is an incarnation of Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati, and MahaKhali bestowing good deeds to her Devotees. Apart from Vaishnav Devi, many other local Goddesses are revered during these night nights.

Best Temples to visit during Navratri Celebrations:

· Bawe-Wali-Mata.

· Kol Kandoli Mata.

· Maa Vaishno Devi.

Mysore Palace Navratri procession.
A picture from the south tourism website

Check out the local festivals of Jammu and Kashmir


Karnataka celebrates the Nadahabba festival for ten days following the kingly traditions of the 16 century. The name of the city is given by the slaying of Mahisasura and locals believe Chamundi Devi is the guardian deity.

One can witness the world-famous procession with elephants, camels, and horses on Vijayadashami, hosted in front of the illuminated Mysore palace.

Best Temples to visit during Navratri celebrations:

· Mookambika Temple.

· Horanadu Annapurna.

· Mysoreore Palace.

Hadimba Devi, main deity of Kullu Dasara
A picture from the Pinterest website.

Himachal Pradesh:

In Himachal, the locals celebrate the triumph of Lord Sri Ram and his return to Ayodhya hence starting the carnival on the 10h day.

The Goddess Hadimba is worshipped by the locals and depicts short stories of Mahabharat and Ramayan through dance and play.

The Kullu Dasara organizes jagratas, festive fares, and workshops attracting tourists from all corners.

Best Temples to visit during Navratri celebrations:

· Sri Naina Devi Temple

· Chaiti Navratri Devi Temple

· Bajreshwari, Kangra Fort.

Meenakshi temple setting up for Navratri celebrations.
A picture from the southtourism website.

Tamil Nadu:

In Tamil Nadu, the deities of Durga, Laxmi, and Saraswathi are worshipped. The devotees paint their bodies in various avatars as an offering to the deity on Vijayadashami and throng the procession of the Goddess.

All these nine days they set up a doll exhibition promoting the great works of deities, and gurus.

Best Temples to visit during Navratri celebrations:

· Meenakshi Temple, Madhurai.

· Sri Mutharamman Temple, Thoothukudi district.

· Vellore Gloden Temple, Siripuram.

Bathukamma celebrations in Telangana.
A picture from the Travel site India

Andhra and Telangana:

During the nine days of Navratri, Maa Durga is adorned in nine forms are worshipped with special rituals by the pilgrims. Every form of Goddess Parvati graces us in life with all pleasures and drives away the pain. In Telangana, the festival is known as “Batukama” – the colorful floral festival, a pot filled with regional flowers is offered to the Goddess.

Best Temples to visit during Navratri celebrations:

· Kanakadurga temple, Vijaywada.

· Basara, Telangana.

· Hanumakonda temple, Telangana.

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Tech Update
Tech Update
Jun 07

Navratri is such a vibrant and culturally rich festival celebrated across India. It's amazing to see how different regions have their own unique ways of honoring the victory of good over evil during this auspicious time. The diversity in traditions and the colorful celebrations truly showcase the unity in diversity that India is known for.

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