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Roadtrips to Embark on this Monsoon in India

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

As the famous saying goes, ‘the journey is the destination’, this holds true for one of the most memorable travel experiences when it comes to road trips in India. India is very generous in its offering to anyone willing to travel the lengths of the country. Be it the bustling cities or the quiet hill stations or the lively villages, every part of it serves as an experience to hold on to for life.

Road trips in themselves may sound tough and exerting to both the mind and the body. But with the right people at the right time and the right choice of vehicle, road trips in India have so much to offer to anyone willing to take on the challenge. With the onset of monsoon coupled with travel season being on the low and almost on hold, hitting the road for trips can be both budget-friendly and memorable ways to beat the rain literally showering on your fun parade. Keeping that in mind, we’ve picked up some routes that will guarantee you the best monsoon road trips in India.

Top Road Trips in Monsoon in India

Manali to Leh

Credit: Outlook India

A road trip that calls for every adventure enthusiast to take up at least once in their lifetime when in India would undoubtedly be the journey from Manali to Leh road trip. The fascinating beauty of the snow-draped mountains and pristine weather from Manali to Leh is truly unmatched. The 474 km long route is clearly one of the most beautiful highways in India. This route comes alive during the monsoon season with occasional rainfall that glistens up the road and offers a thrilling ride along. With some deadly twists and turns, spectacular landscapes, and stunning monasteries, this road trip is exhilarating and needs to be experienced for yourself.

Duration: 2 days

Distance: 474 km

Recommended route: Manali – Rohtang – Gramphu – Kokhsar – Keylong – Jispa – Darcha – Zingzingbar – Baralacha La – Bharatpur – Sarchu – Gata Loops – Nakee La – Lachulung La – Pang - Tanglang La – Gya - Upshi - Karu – Leh

Chandigarh to Kasauli

Credit: Jannar-e Himachal

A relatively short road trip that will definitely guarantee a good trip in the hilly terrain is the stretch between Chandigarh and Kasauli. A dotted route that is famous for the scenic view of The Himalayan expressway with lush green mountains all around it, this road trip when taken during the monsoon season will open up your senses. The light rain during the trip will enhance the view of the forest cover of the mountain as it relaxes and calms your mind. As you drive along, the colonial-era churches and houses line the roads which almost feels nostalgic and filmy, especially on a rainy evening. The sloppy roads and blind cuts at some point may require careful attention but apart from that, this road trip will be everything you would want it to be.

Duration: 2 hours

Distance: 57 km

Recommended route: NH5

Srinagar to Zanskar Valley

Credit: Devil on Wheels

The tales of the charm of both Srinagar and Zanskar valley are known far and wide for their enticing views and offerings to visitors. But this offbeat road trip that starts from Srinagar to Zanskar Valley is truly an experience of its own. There is no way an adventurer with a knack for road trips will regret taking this trip as it traverses through snow-capped mountains, breath-taking villages, alpine forests, and streams gushing through the valleys. Although the monsoon season is in full force in almost all parts of India, rainfall in this region is almost non-existent and hence it makes for a great choice to avoid the rain and enjoy a downpour-free ride during this time of the year.

Duration: 2 days

Distance: 447 km

Recommended route: Srinagar – Kargil – Padum Road – Zanskar Valley

Jaisalmer to Jodhpur

Credit: Ketan Nikharge

A wild ride along the lengths of Rajasthan will eventually unravel the beauty of this land with its periodic villages, the stretch of deserts, and golden fields. A popular road trip route in Rajasthan from Jaisalmer to Jodhpur during the monsoon season will heighten the adrenaline as you traverse across various places and challenge yourself with frequent rain. Though most of the roads that stretch along this trip are even and comfortable, you might come across some patchy and unpaved spots. But no trip is complete without a little bump and this should not be a reason to deter you from taking this opportunity to venture out into the quirky trip in Rajasthan.

Duration: 3 days

Distance: 307 km

Recommended route: Jaisalmer – Chandan – Khetolai – Pokhran – Dechu – Shekhala – Agolai – Jodhpur

Puri to Konark

Credit: Anindita Das

Escape the heat of the city and revel in some time enjoying a trip along the impeccable roads of the Puri-Konark highway route. As you drive through the rain with a cool breeze and views of canopy trees lining the sides of the road, this road trip in monsoon is truly a memorable experience. The route is also called the Puri Monark Marine drive as it runs parallel to the Bay of Bengal and offers impeccable views of the beach. Usually, on rainy days the waves of the sea and various stopovers at temples, food stalls, and beaches on the way will give you a small insight into the culture and lifestyle of the people on the eastern coast of India.

Duration: 2 hours

Distance: 35 km

Recommended route: Puri – Konark Marine Drive

Bangalore to Ooty

Credir: Revv

The road trip starting from the IT capital of India to the Queen of the Nilgiris will most likely be one of the most memorable experiences. Lush green valleys, sparkling waterfalls, long stretches of jungle roads, and thrilling hairpin bends are what make this trip so desirable. Given the monsoon season, you can expect rainfall in parts of your journey but instead of this being the reason to dampen your mood for the trip, it may, in fact, uplift the whole mood of the trip as the roads and their surroundings glisten in the rain. The stopover on this trip will definitely be equally exciting but the best among all may be the Bandipur Forest route with lengths of road lined with green forests and occasional sightings of wild animals.

Duration: 2 days

Distance: 279 km

Recommended route: Bangalore – Mandya – Mysore – Nanjangudu – Gundlupet – Bandipur – Mudhumalai (Theppakadu) – Masinagudi – Ooty

Chennai to Pondicherry

Credit: Outlook India

Another famous road trip that drives through the coastline of the Bay of Bengal is the Chennai – Pondicherry road trip along the East Coast Road (ECR). A very popular driving route in the Southern part of India, this trip is everything you want to experience in the monsoon road trip packed in one. The weather is fairly warm but coupled with some light showers, the drive is so pleasant you might want to stop and enjoy the moment. Stopovers on this trip include a variety of places like churches, forts, beaches, and villages which serves everyone an opportunity to enjoy something different at every stop.

Duration: 4 hours

Distance: 156 km

Recommended Route: East Coast Route (ECR)

Vishakhapatnam to Araku Valley

Credit: Travel Tourister

Considered to be one of the best routes for road trips in India, the journey starts from the coastline of Bay Bengal in Vishakhapatnam to the small village of Araku. Traversing across the city roads and making it across stunning hills and mountains on both sides of the road, this trip is truly a delight and one of its kind. The ambiance of the drive is boosted during the monsoon season due to the lush green scenery, delivering some astounding views throughout your time on the road. The drive is relatively easy given the well-maintained roads but speeding during rainfall is not recommended as it may prove fatal.

Duration: 4 hours

Distance: 114 km

Recommended Route: Vishakhapatnam – Pendurthi – Kothavalasa – Tatipudi – Tyda – Borra Cave – Ananthagiri – Sankarmatta – Araku

As you set out on a monsoon road trip in India, make sure to keep a lookout for the weather conditions. Always make sure you are not driving beyond the speed limit since the rains tend to make the roads somehow unsafe, especially in hilly regions. However, regardless of what might come your way, make sure you put your most optimistic foot forward and enjoy an unforgettable monsoon road trip in India.

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