• Kevi Sirie

Roadtrips to Embark on this Monsoon in India

Updated: Sep 15

As the famous saying goes, ‘the journey is the destination’, this holds true for one of the most memorable travel experiences when it comes to road trips in India. India is very generous in its offering to anyone willing to travel the lengths of the country. Be it the bustling cities or the quiet hill stations or the lively villages, every part of it serves as an experience to hold on to for life.

Road trips in themselves may sound tough and exerting to both the mind and the body. But with the right people at the right time and the right choice of vehicle, road trips in India have so much to offer to anyone willing to take on the challenge. With the onset of monsoon coupled with travel season being on the low and almost on hold, hitting the road for trips can be both budget-friendly and memorable ways to beat the rain literally showering on your fun parade. Keeping that in mind, we’ve picked up some routes that will guarantee you the best monsoon road trips in India.

Top Road Trips in Monsoon in India