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  • Ayushi Singhal

Best Summers in Ladakh!

OMG! It gets so hot in Delhi. The scorching bright sun and temperature hitting the maximum annoy me. But what do I even do? What about a Shimla trip? ..Seriously yaar? It is such a crowded area. I want peace! ... Do you also feel this? Then this blog is just for you!

We all know about the overrated Shimla and Manali trips, but this summer plan the best ever trip, a trip to Ladakh! The snow-covered mountain peaks and lesser crowd are amazing to get relaxed while you enjoy your vacations in Ladakh.

Read this blog to know more about why Ladakh is best tourist Destination.
Captivating Leh Ladakh, credits: WiX

How to reach?

1. By Air

It is located at an approximate distance of 615kms via air. The frequency of flights is high and needs only 1.5hour to reach Leh. Viewing snow-covered mountains from high above will surely allure you. This is the shortest and most convenient way to reach Ladakh.

2. By Road

The most important reason to visit Ladakh in summer. You can take on a road trip to savor the picturesque landscape. It is famous among youngsters for the adventurous biking journey with the best experiences. It is 1000 km from Delhi if you travel Delhi-Manali-Leh. But if you want to enjoy some time in Srinagar en route, it will be a slightly longer route of around 1230 km. It can help you avoid motion sickness as the altitude rises at a gradual pace, unlike the Leh route. But the journey via road can not be completed in a day and usually needs 2 to 3 days to travel from Delhi.

3. By Road and Air
Srinagar-Kargil-Leh route
  • This is the best route to save time and not miss out on adventures. You can enjoy a bike trip to Leh Ladakh. First, reach Srinagar by flight and then drive to Leh. This journey is a heavenly experience. Good internet connectivity and electricity are available throughout the route. It also has ATMs and stay and eat options at various points.

  • You can kick start your journey from Dal Lake in Srinagar itself. Experience the cozy time at the famous boathouse here, the “Paradise on Earth”. Even before you reach Ladakh, you can surely visit these awe-inspiring places. Drive to Sonamarg, the “Meadow of Gold” which is the most visited place in Kashmir.

  • The route is followed by Zoji La pass, famous for its jaw-dropping views. You can visit the Kargil War Memorial and a beautiful rock-carved statue of Lord Buddha in Mulbekh.

  • Do not forget to stop at Fotu La, the highest point on this route, and Lamayuru, the largest gompa in Ladakh. You will travel via gravity-defying Magnetic Hills and Pathar Sahib Gurudwara to finally reach Leh.


Wondering about why Ladakh? Read below and fall in love with Ladakh, even before you have visited.

1. Moonland

Lamayuru is best known for its beautiful landscapes. It is famous for being one of the oldest and largest monasteries. It is believed that Mahasiddhacharya Naropa, the founding Lama, dried up the lake to establish the village. The truth is not known but the carved-out carter-like shapes definitely give Lamayuru the moon-like feeling. That is why it is popular as Moonland.

You can pitch your own camps in the village or even after hiking to moon-like carters. You spend some time here while practicing yoga for a refreshing vibe. Also, you get an opportunity to learn with the foremost disciple of Rinpoche.

Lamyuru is famous as Moonland which is a must visit on Ladakh Trip.
Lamayuru aka Moonland, a shot by Rutpratheep Nilpechr, credits: Unsplash

2. Fun Festivals

Traveling experience is best when you can interact with the local people and learn about their culture. The amicable people of Ladakh are always there to bombard your brain with interesting folklore. You get to witness the pompous celebration of festivals with a blend of local culture. The endless festivals make Ladakh more lively. The monastery festival Yuru Kabygyat in Lamayuru; Saka Dawa festival, the biggest festival in Ladakh; Hemis Tsechu are some of the most popular fests in Ladakh. This is the most unique experience in Ladakh. You get to meet local people, know about their daily lives and struggles and enjoy as a part of society. You can see their regional dresses and doll up like one if you wish to ;)

3. Pangong Lake

Pangong Lake is the highest saline water lake in the world. It is said to be changing colors throughout the day. This amazing phenomenon allures the visitors. In India, only one-third of the lake is situated and the rest two-thirds is in China. This lake is beautifully located between the mountains and gives an awe-striking view. The reflection of the Himalayas in this highest saline lake makes every moment Gram worthy!

Pangong Lake is the highest saline water lake, known for its changing colours.
The beautiful Pangong Lake captured by Ken S, credits: Unsplash

4. Adventure

Do you ever think of why Ladakh is so popular among the youngsters? Is it only the picturesque landscape or the less crowd that attracts visitors from around the globe? Let us help you quench your search. Bike Trip! Ladakh is not only a famous tourist destination but a perfect place for a daring biking journey. The turns and trails of the curvy mountains here make you halt and click jaw-dropping pictures that you miss otherwise if traveling via train or flight. If you are a youngster, an enthusiast, or want to re-live your youth cheerfulness, this biking trip is best for you! Make sure you stop by roadside stalls and try out Thupka.

Royal Enfield will be best suited for a bike road trip to Ladakh.
Go adventurous on a biking journey, clicked by Avinash Patel, credits: Pexels

5. Peddle your way through the Valleys

If you want a refreshing experience, then go cycling. Khardung La Pass is popular for its rock-carved mountains. It is the highest motorable pass in the world. Cycling at such a height will definitely give you an adrenaline rush. It begins from Leh and covers around 40 km. The last 14 km surely needs some serious effort but they are absolutely worth it! We all have our own unique childhood memories of cycling but this one will surely give you the best cycling experience.

6. Water Sports

Talking about a summer trip, how can we even forget water activities? Ladakh offers you a varied range of to-do activities, biking, climbing rock mountains, camping, and much more. But It does not end here. You can even enjoy water sports in Ladakh. It is like living in a dream world! You get to enjoy the best mountain views and indulge in water activities like river rafting and tubing.

How much does it cost?

Leh Ladakh trip packages from Manali, ideally, will cost you around Rs. 30,000 per person with meals included. The rates may vary depending upon the facilities you want to avail yourself of. You can get a Royal Enfield bike which is best suited for the road trip. If you decide to go by air, the flights are very affordable. They are as cheap as only Rs.1,500 to Rs.3,000 per person, excluding the bank or e-wallet offers.

Ladakh is best summer destination to enjoy vacations with an affordable package.
Beautiful sky view in Ladakh captured by Dhara Prajapati, credits: Unsplash


You must take an identity document such as Adhaar Card, Drivers License, Passport. It is advised that you carry the original as well as a photocopy of the ID Card. Only BSNL postpaid sims work here. To avoid any sort of mobile connectivity errors, Nobody wants to ruin their trip due to a cold or flu. So you must take extra clothes like wind/waterproof jackets, light warm clothes, and even a light blanket if you are on a road trip. Save yourself from cracked lips or hands and take moisturizer, lip balms, or vaseline with you. To avoid any skin or eye issues due to the Sun, keep sunscreen (with SPF 30 or above) and goggles handy on your trip. Last but not least, pack some basic medicines for fever, headache, antiseptics, and pain killers too.

With so many benefits and the unfair advantage of the lesser crowd, Ladakh is undoubtedly the best summer destination. After you are done with packing and bookings, be ready for the best captivating shots. Now hurry up, go! After all, you have to share your best vacation experiences with friends when back home. Thank us later for the perfect trip! stay tuned for more details.

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