Best Time to Visit Ladakh:

Are you tired of everyone posting their Ladakh trips on Instagram but you? Do you also want to show the world how travelholic you are? What about a crazy biking journey with your friends? Do I hear a yes? Marvelous! The Ladakh trip you planned for so long is finally happening! But wait, when are you planning to visit? What if it is too snowy or raining heavily? No worries. We are here to guide you on when to plan a trip and enjoy it the most.

Read this blog and discover the best time to travel to the Ladakh.
Beauty captured by Sandeep Kr Yadav, credits: Unsplash

Summer Season:

April to June

The summer season starts in April and continues till June. The temperature during the summer season ranges between 5degrees to 25 degrees celsius. Throughout the year, the temperature in Ladakh is quite low and roads get blocked. So you can visit Ladakh during the summer season to enjoy a moderate climate. The hospitable environment and snowy peaks in this season are absolutely the spectacular beauty of Ladakh. The Srinagar-Leh highway is open during this time so you can enjoy an adventurous bike trip!