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Best time to visit Sikkim

Sikkim is beautiful place to visit in India
Sikkim in a snowy background @migrating lad

Sikkim in northeast India is nothing less than Heaven. It certainly is a paradise, so wild and enchanting yet left unexplored. The dramatic landscapes, the rich flora, and fauna assert the fact, mother nature is truly beautiful. Take a one-week trip to wade your stress away and relish this slice of heaven.

If not visited at the right time, you will not be able to enjoy the real beauty of Sikkim. Not just Sikkim, any place for that matter.

September-mid December

This is the season of autumn in Sikkim and the average Sikkim temperature ranges to 23 degrees celsius. This is an ideal climate for sightseeing and other fun activities. The weather is pleasant with clear blue skies but a little cold, so make sure to carry your warm clothes.

March to June

You cannot miss out on the beauty of sikkim
Sikkim in it's full beauty @piyush_the_rover

The summer season is also the best time to visit Sikkim and Gangtok. The temperature is 22 degrees celsius and is the best time to visit the north Sikkim and the western part of the hillside of Sikkim which otherwise restricts tourist's entry.

An added bonus of summer in Sikkim is that you can take part in the international flower festival in Gangtok in the month of May. Here you get a chance to see the world's unique and beautiful varieties of flowers and plants. A food counter that lets you enjoy the local delicacies is also an attraction of this festival.

If you are to visit Sikkim during the month of June, you can see and be a part of the famous and important festival of Sikkim people-Saga Dawa. The festival performed by monks in the Sikkim capital is believed to bring good charm to the observers in the future.

If you are lucky enough you can also view the zero point of Sikkim. The view of zero point from yumthang valley is just breathtaking.

This is also the peak time to visit Sikkim so make sure to plan and book your Sikkim tour packages beforehand.

December to February

The beauty of Sikkim is more during snowfall time.
Sikkim during a snowfall time @aniketemon

Winter in Sikkim experiences a temperature as low as 6 degrees celsius. The higher altitudes of the Sikkim state, like the region around Tsomgo lake and Nathula pass, are covered with snow. The snow-covered Sikkim is surely a sight to behold. Play with snow, try snowboarding and skiing and take some good memories back home. You can plan your honeymoon, as winter in Sikkim is the best time to visit Sikkim for honeymoon.

Bring the warmest clothes you own to save you from winter chills. Beware of the fog that blocks your way.


Sikkim at it's full beauty
Waiting for the call of himalayas @saileshsharma

As Sikkim is a place at a high altitude, the monsoon seasons are a little dangerous. The heavy rainfalls and the chances of landslides are high during this time. But you can witness the beauty of Sikkim to its fullest. Due to these natural threats, the monsoon season is not a very fond time for tourists. But if you want to plan a Sikkim trip on a budget, then this is an ideal season.

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