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Best time to visit Sikkim

Sikkim is beautiful place to visit in India
Sikkim in a snowy background @migrating lad

Sikkim in northeast India is nothing less than Heaven. It certainly is a paradise, so wild and enchanting yet left unexplored. The dramatic landscapes, the rich flora, and fauna assert the fact, mother nature is truly beautiful. Take a one-week trip to wade your stress away and relish this slice of heaven.

If not visited at the right time, you will not be able to enjoy the real beauty of Sikkim. Not just Sikkim, any place for that matter.

September-mid December

This is the season of autumn in Sikkim and the average Sikkim temperature ranges to 23 degrees celsius. This is an ideal climate for sightseeing and other fun activities. The weather is pleasant with clear blue skies but a little cold, so make sure to carry your warm clothes.