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11 Indian Travel Youtubers you should follow in 2022

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Travel Vlogging in India | Best travel vloggers in India | Best Vloggers in India

Since Youtube culture properly hit India back in the late 2010s, there have been many Travel youtube channels popping up now and then. But most of the channels turned out to be one-hit wonders, where they rolled out a few good videos and fled the scene. But some others truly held against the test of creative competition, content drought, and even Youtube politics to become a true source of information and entertainment for travelers. We’ve handpicked for you some of the best vloggers in India that you should subscribe to if you are into traveling. These channels through their varied content, expressed through skillful cinematography, have earned the right to be called the best in business.

Most Influential travel vloggers of India.

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1. Ethereal (Ayush Dinker)

Ethereal Ayush | Best Travel Youtuber in India | Best vloggers in India

Ayush Dinker, one of the best vloggers in India and an ardent traveler and filmmaking enthusiast from New Delhi, started his youtube channel- Ethereal in 2013. The channel can answer with a different perspective of experiential travel. It is evident through the quality of content and the information that it can impart to the viewers that each video is a result of long hours of research and preparation. Couple that with clean cinematography and relaxed editing, and with Ayush’s distinct storytelling style, the videos turn out to be something out of the ordinary.

What makes Ethereal Special:

  • Calming and Informative Voice-over Narration.

  • Clean and Concise editing and cinematography

  • Intricate Story-Storytelling.

  • Vlogs delve deep into the stories around a location.

2. India in Motion (Saravana Kumar)

India in Motion Travel YouTuber | Best vloggers in India | indian travel vloggers on youtube

Saravana Kumar began his Youtube channel, “India in Motion” in 2014. His being a travel photographer is very well reflected in the content as well. All videos are made in a very peculiar “semi-documentary” style with very simple editing and camera work. This style is cleanout very cleanout, with emotions buried in the locations he visits. The videos can bring to the viewers so much value with minimal gear and simple, down-to-earth filmmaking. Saravana mainly travels around North-East India and the Himalayas. The channel also provides tips and tricks for Photographers and camping enthusiasts.

What makes India In Motion Special:

  • Addition of local music that resonates with the vibe of the location.

  • Simple filmmaking, with very pleasing shots and relaxed editing.

  • Excellent Storytelling skills, sporting simple language to which anyone can relate.

  • The Timelapses are particularly exquisite.

3. Hopping Bug (Nishit Sharma)

Hopping Bug Vlogger and YouTuber India | Best Travel YouTube Channels | indian travel vloggers on youtube

One of the best vloggers in India, Nishit Sharma started his Youtube channel in 2016 with a mission, “Dreams are born to Dare”. The Channel gives particular importance to cinematography and modern editing styles. The videos are pieces of artistic and creative filmmaking, which can pull off the aesthetic appeal that young modern filmmakers look to get out of travel videos. The videos have smooth fast cuts in editing and intricate color grading, which makes them extremely pleasing to the eyes. Nishit uses modern videomaking tech like Drones and gimbals extensively. His International travel videos are of top-notch quality, featuring small encounters with locals, which are properly soul-warming.

What makes Hopping Bug Special:

  • Aesthetic and Visually pleasing shots all around.

  • Shot more like small movies rather than Travel Vlogs.

  • Interactions with fellow travelers and locals are a pleasant bonus

4. Prakriti Varshney

Prakriti Varshiney | Travel Influencers in India | travel vlogs india

Prakriti is a traveling enthusiast from New Delhi and started her youtube journey in 2015. She prefers solo travel, experiencing and soaking in all the different perspectives on life. Her videos may not have fancy edits or epic drone shots but they conduct storytelling in its purest form. Prakriti is somehow able to give the viewers a very immersive view of her different experiences. In a country where attacks and atrocities against women are rising day by day, Prakriti stands as a role model and inspiration for young travel enthusiasts. She has proven that what’s deemed impossible for women by the orthodox Indian public is possible.

What’s Special about Prakriti Varshney:

  • Soulful, Down to Earth Storytelling style.

  • Detailed and Informative Videos which can be easily used as guides.

  • The Stories playlist on the Channel is a must-watch.

5. Ankit Bhatia

Ankit Bhatia Travel Vlogger | Solo Traveler in India | travel vlogs india | best youtube vloggers in india

Ankit Bhatia’s channel which started in 2013 is the best on this list in terms of production quality. The cinematography is top-notch and the edits are so smooth and creative that the channel’s content can be compared to the likes of Maati Hapoja or Peter Mckinnon. The importance given to filmmaking and post-processing is evident in all of the videos. Some of the videos with Ankit’s smooth narration and excellent visuals feel like guided meditation. He also features Camera Reviews, Photography, and Video Editing tutorials on the channel.

What makes Ankit Bhatia Special:

  • Exceptional Videomaking.

  • Wonderful Music that brings up the quality of the content.

  • A story-telling style that syncs perfectly with the filmmaking Style.

6. Ronnie and Barty (Rohan Thakur and Bharathi Bahrani)

Ronnie and Barty | Best Travel YouTuber in India | Traveler Duo in India | best youtube vloggers in india

After working 8 years in the mainstream film and television media in Mumbai, the filmmaking couple moved to Manali and invested their complete attention towards their Youtube channel which can frankly be described as a milestone in the Indian Travel Youtube category. Their video content is an all-rounder in that, it has every desired quality to make a video perfect. Watching their videos is purely refreshing and rejuvenating, and prompts you to get off your couch and start traveling again. They carry around their camera like a close friend and it is a very different experience to see the content from that perspective.

What makes Ronnie and Barty Special:

  • Their experience in the media industry up the content.

  • Ronnie’s exceptional oratory skills create a perfect foundation for storytelling.

  • Provides viewers with an unadulterated view of living in the mountains

  • The overall positive vibe that the videos ca

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Mountain Trekker (Varun Vagish):

Famous vlogs are of Hitchhiking in off-shore.
A picture from

Varun Vagish initially started to share his travel experience and guide them to travel the world with a minimum amount. Varun stands at the top for his travel vlogs as they mostly showcase the approach, resources, and perspectives of living a life on your vacation. More than a destination, the trail to reach it by finding hitchhikers is beautifully shown in his videos.

What makes Varun Vagish Special?

· Budget Travelling

· Safe Hitchhiking

· Experiences of Co-Travelers

· It’s in Hindi

Aakanksha Monga:

Vlogs exclusive for solo travelers.
A picture from Instagram.

She is an Instagram influencer who recently started travel vlogs and stepped into YouTube videos with much more useful content like sharing places to stay, travel, and work at the same time. The most clicked videos of Aakanksha are KOH PHI – I jumped out of a boat, Thailand Vlog, and 3 Day stay in South Goa. She would inspire people to travel solo to international destinations and work with solace.

What makes Aakanksha Monga Special?

· Best Workcations

· Solo International traveling

· Budget staycations

Vikas Dhayal: Explore the unseen

Watch the vlogs to explore adventure road trips.
A picture from Celebs Bio website.

Vikas is a passionate traveler who shares the ways and means of planning road trips, exploring new routes, and tranquilizing in secluded places. Vikas gained many followers, subscribers, and fans in a year through his crazy trip videos. Many companies are collaborating with Vikas to promote their motor cars through his travel videos.

What makes Vikas Dhayal Special?

· Urban Nomadic travels.

· Adventures while traveling.

· Guide for Motor wheels trips.

· Travel sponsorship.

Tanya Khanijow:

One among the famous vloggers and solo Traveler.
A picture from the India Today website

Her self-titled YouTube channel has gained much attention as she has an eye for detail in places, food, and fashion that she showcases in her videos. The videos got hit by many as she picturizes them with utmost love and passion towards her journey of meeting new people, trying out different cuisines, and capturing the vibe of the destination.

What makes Tanya Khanijow Special?

· Tips and tricks for Solo traveling.

· Sharing epic stories through Travel.

· Planning international travels at ease.

Final Word

All these vloggers share their stories, experiences, and hacks to inspire traveling

and explore the world in all little ways.

Get all the preps and guide from these travel savvy to experience the best on your holiday.


1. What do travel Vloggers do?

A. They travel to different destinations and post videos related to famous food, hotels, and adventures related to the place.

2. How much do Vloggers earn?

A. They earn approximately from 50,000 - 3,00,000 depending on their popularity.

3. What is solo traveling?

A. Expediting new and unique places individually or trying out staycations at holiday destinations.

4. Who are the best travel Bloggers in India?

A. Shivya Nath, Neelima Vallangi, and Archana Singh are a few bloggers sharing their journey.

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Reallly inspiring stories and covered a lot about them.

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