• Naman Mittal

6 Indian Travel Youtubers you should follow in 2021

Updated: Aug 18

Travel Vlogging in India | Best travel vloggers in India | Best Vloggers in India

Since Youtube culture properly hit India back in the late 2010s, there have been many Travel youtube channels popping up now and then. But most of the channels turned out to be one-hit wonders, where they rolled out a few good videos and fled the scene. But some others truly held against the test of creative competition, content drought, and even Youtube politics to become a true source of information and entertainment for travelers. We’ve handpicked for you some of the best vloggers in India that you should subscribe to if you are into traveling. These channels through their varied content, expressed through skillful cinematography, have earned the right to be called the best in business.

  1. Ethereal (Ayush Dinker)

  2. India in Motion (Saravana Kumar)

  3. Hopping Bug (Nishit Sharma)

  4. Prakriti Varshney

  5. Ankit Bhatia

  6. Ronnie and Barty (Rohan Thakur and Bharathi Bahrani)

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1. Ethereal (Ayush Dinker)

Ethereal Ayush | Best Travel Youtuber in India | Best vloggers in India

Ayush Dinker, one of the best vloggers in India and an ardent traveler and filmmaking enthusiast from New Delhi, started his youtube channel- Ethereal in 2013. The channel can answer with a different perspective of experiential travel. It is evident through the quality of content and the information that it can impart to the viewers that each video is a result of long hours of research and preparation. Couple that along with clean cinematography and relaxed editing, and with Ayush’s distinct storytelling style, the videos turn out to be something out of the ordinary.

What makes Ethereal Special:

  • Calming and Informative Voice-over Narration.

  • Clean and Concise editing and cinematography

  • Intricate Story-telling style.

  • Vlogs that delve deep into the stories around a location.

2. India in Motion (Saravana Kumar)

India in Motion Travel YouTuber | Best vloggers in India | indian travel vloggers on youtube