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Cafés in Spiti Valley- A Fusion of Flavors

Spiti Valley

While going to a new place for a trip, what do we generally check out for? Places to see? Where to stay at? Where to do shopping? And the most important question: where to eat? What is a good budget-friendly place to eat? Where to try some local food? Where to find a good vibe with good food? How to know which café is better?

Because, as they say, food can make or break your mood for the day. Spiti Valley has an array of restaurants and cafes with a variety of options available for cuisines and offers different seating options, like outdoor seating, terrace seating, etc. Some offer early morning breakfasts, while some have a late-night movie planned for their guests.

Some even have a homestay where guests can rest for the night. It is interesting to see a fusion of local foods with international tastes. For most cafes, you might notice that Sea Buckthorn is a pretty common ingredient for the dishes, smoothies, juices and tea alike.

So, here we list 5 cafés which you must try on your next visit to Spiti Valley: