Caravan Travel in India

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Every heart desires for refreshing camping trips to high mountains, blue beaches, sand dunes, or green forests of India; after spending such a long time at home during the lockdown period. In the present Corona-Virus crisis when social distancing is a necessity to remain safe, Caravan is a safer way to travel and perfect for young people/couples, families, and even senior citizens. One can perfectly follow social distancing while traveling by road and exploring new places by Caravan.

Blue Color Caravan Vehicle on rain-wet road with beautiful sky in background

You will be wondering what exactly Caravan means?

In simple words, it can be explained as a wheeled vehicle created for traveling and recreational purposes equipped with essential facilities such as bed, lights, cooking equipment, etc. to make your trip comfortable. Perfect for those who love road trips and it can be safely parked in Caravan Parks at different tourist destinations.

So, what are Caravan Parks?

These are places that act as a safe parking space for Caravan and provides all the basic amenities and supplies required for it. There are many Caravan parks located at famous destinations. Here, one can park the caravan and stay in it overnight. M