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Change the way you travel!

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

The lockdown and the coronavirus crisis are definitely taking a toll on people’s lives and being locked up in our houses for more than a month now can be certainly frustrating.

Amidst this, the only thing which is keeping us safe from this virus is Social Distancing, which can be perfectly followed while traveling by road. Hitting the open road is a fine experience in itself. You not only get the freedom to stop at any scenic location of your choice but also get to explore its uniqueness holistically, and all of us deserve a perfect travel experience after we have overcome this.

So here we have compiled a list of those ideal travel destinations in India which are least affected by the virus and should be on your bucket list once normalcy has been restored.

 Percentage of Coronavirus cases in each state to the total number of cases in India
Mapping state-wise coronavirus cases in India

1. Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh

While Himachal in itself is stunningly beautiful, Kinnaur valley is a whole other world. Majestic mountains, green valleys, meandering rivers, apple orchards, vineyards, and smiling faces are synonymous with this region. It is a tiny hamlet in India where beauty resides and that is why it is acknowledged as the "Land of fairy tales."

The valleys of Kinnaur are also one of the most sought after camping destinations in India. Camping on the river Baspa and Satluj are some of the scenic destinations to pitch your tents for an overwhelming camping experience.

One of the best ways to discover Kinnaur is to walk on the hilly terrains, sleep under the stars, admire the natural beauty, and exchange smiles with locals in far-off villages.

Journey to Kinnaur via roadways can be worth-remembering experience as there are several places that will cast a spell over the visitors and want them to visit it again.

Read more about the culture and tradition of Kinnaur in MagikIndia's Blogs

2. Sangti Valley, Arunachal Pradesh

A visit to Arunachal Pradesh is a journey into diverse cultures, delicious local cuisine, and mesmerizing valleys that will surely take your breath away.

Surrounded by the towering ranges of Eastern Himalayas, blessed with pleasant weather round the year with light showers of snowfall, orchards laden with apples, kiwis and oranges, dotted with pristine forests and meandering fast hill rivers, Sangti Valley is the epitome of beauty and home to a very interesting culture and tradition.

A road trip to Sangti Valley is an indescribable experience as you go through the long-isolated roads with long pine trees, exotic birds that act as beautiful garland hanging on the mountains ranges, and long meadows with horses, sheep, cows grazing on it.

Shoestringsonthemove very well portrays the beauty of this hidden gem of India.

3. Jim Corbett, Uttarakhand

Corbett’s wilderness is intriguing – leopards and tigers call it home, birds live in peace, locals enjoy the greenery, and tourists find the nature therapeutic.

It is thrilling, scenic, and spectacular. Located on the banks of Ramganga and surrounded by hills, the dense forest of Jim Corbett is home to the majestic flora and wildlife, exciting every avid traveler.

Beautified with an alluring landscape including rivers, forests, and hills outside the park, Corbett is more than just a national park. It is also a hub of adventurous activities like river rafting, rock climbing, rappelling, fishing, angling and more.

It is a jungle retreat that offers a perfect remedy for a weekend of relaxation and natural delight.

Check out Walking_wanderer's blog to know what things can be done when in Corbett

4. Zuluk, Sikkim

The gate of North-eastern India opens with the mesmerizing experience of Sikkim. If you need a break from your daily fast-pace life and want to explore yourself in the middle of rugged snowy mountains, then Sikkim is a perfect destination.

Pleasant climate, organic vegetation, snow-covered landscape, and decent commercialization have endeared Zuluk in Sikkim as one of the best destinations for a serene retreat. While the landscape of Zuluk offers a host of adventure activities, the calm yet vibrant city life presents you with a bouquet of other experiences as well.

From paragliding, river rafting, cable car rides, challenging treks, shopping, sightseeing, to birdwatching, there is no dearth of activities in the breathtaking realms of Zuluk for all kinds of travelers.

A road trip to Zuluk is an amazing experience as one enjoys the scenic beauty of River Teesta on one side and soaring peaks parked along the other side of the road.

Refer Travel.with.krish to know about his travel experience in Zuluk

5. Palolem Beach, Goa

A kaleidoscopic blend of Indian and Portuguese cultures, sweetened with sun, sea, sand, seafood, susegad, and spirituality, Goa is India's pocket-sized paradise.

Goa’s biggest draw is undoubtedly its uninterrupted string of golden-sand beaches. It caters to every tropical whim: choose from backpacker Arambol or bolder, brasher Baga; the palm-fringed sands of Palolem, hippie market bliss at Anjuna or lovely laid-back Mandrem.

Palolem normally more associated with heritage, colorful markets, and silent parties where partygoers wear headphones, it is lined with palm trees and colorful shacks which is also home to a huge variety of flora and fauna.

Goa can be full of surprise for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. The lakes and rivers form the life of Goa and offers a rich biodiversity and scenic beauty that can be enjoyed through backwater cruises, kayaking or simply canoeing through the waterways.

A road trip to Goa is an amazing trip that will make you fall in love with the town as you get to travel through the highway, small villages which is a whimsical existing wonder, and that makes it ever-so captivating.

Ellis.veen has very well listed out things to do in her goa travel guide.

6. Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

With a terrain that is seriously challenging and a landscape that is drop-dead gorgeous, the Spiti valley makes for an exceptional adventure destination.

Home to some of the highest villages, oldest monasteries, and the most stunning landscapes Spiti is a perfect example of nature’s surrealism.

The valley oozes with unbounding charm and weaves magic through its beauty that is sure to leave you enchanted.

A road trip to Spiti is a magical journey and allows you to embrace the wilderness of a region with the warmest of hearts.

Check out Priyanka_onmycanvas's blogs to get a glimpse of Spiti valley

7. Kullu, Himachal Pradesh

Much famed as the “Nature Lover’s Paradise”, Kullu treats the travelers with an alluring open valley that offers panoramic views of the majestic hills.

Away from the hustle-bustle of monotonous daily life, the calm breeze and serene beauty welcome you to the lap of nature.

The intricate web of valleys, deep forests, gushing streams and rivers, bountiful orchards, and the forbidden heights of the Himalayas for a magnificent backdrop, is a sight to behold.

Kullu provides all the amenities and interesting activities around the year. The availability of different adventure sports makes it one of the most popular towns for those adrenaline junkies who want to invest their time in something interesting while experiencing beautiful nature.

Voyageworldblog very well describes his experience in Kullu.

8. Dawki, Meghalaya

Umngot in Dawki is the large emerald-green serpent river threading its way through the hills, with fishermen’s boats dotting its surface, right into the plains of Bangladesh, is a sight whose majesty echoes long after you have left it.

The water is impossibly clear, you can see the river bed strewn with deep round colorful pebbles and stones. You’ll also spot alcoves hidden behind cascading water. The only sounds that you will hear in the valley will be that of the gentle swishing of the river and the melodious calls of the birds.

A road trip to Dawki is an absolute must on one’s bucket list while traveling to the Northeastern state of Meghalaya.

Thousand Miles shares her travel guide to Dawki

9. Dzukou Valley, Nagaland

Dzukou Valley, a lesser-known pocket of paradise for travelers in search of solitude amidst nature offers a picturesque view of rolling hills that are guaranteed to have a spellbinding effect and perfectly exhibits the exotic Naga heritage and culture.

With its gently undulating dwarf bamboo grasslands, peppered with wildflowers set against theatrically morphing clouds that descend upon the hills, Dzukou Valley is a secluded valley nestled high in the mountains, where the rivers run clear and pure, the air is fresh and invigorating and the only audible sounds are the murmurs of perennial brooks and the gentle rustle of bamboo leaves in the breeze.

To know more about the surreal beauty of Dzukou Valley, Check out Unakriti's blogs

Travel as we know it is really unlikely to return any time soon but our passion for traveling will never die. We are working towards a life where Coronavirus will be just like the common cold and for that, we need to adapt to new ways of traveling in order to make it possible.

There will also be a greater likelihood of choosing places that haven’t been impacted much by the virus and are away from crowded cities and spaces clubbed with the classic road trip and the coolest way to travel "Caravaning".

A mobile home where you can eat, sleep, and travel in a safe and sanitized manner will be the way to go once we are up and ready for exploring this beautiful chaos, India.

After all, there doesn’t appear to be a safer way to get out of the city and wind down for a couple of days!

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