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  • Harshita Kedia

Changing travel trends amidst covid-19

Just when we started to believe that things were going back to normal, the second wave of coronavirus hit us hard and harder this time. This raises the question that, are things ever going to be normal again? We are stepping ahead into an uncertain future, and the travel industry is preparing for the new era of travel, where everything will be changed and brand-new.

Here are some of the changing trends driving the future of travel post covid.

Domestic travel over international travel

Domestic travel gained a lot of momentum during the pandemic, and this trend is here to stay. Keeping in mind the shorter distance, domestic travel is a safer choice. Also, looking at the current situation, international travel will be more expensive, making domestic travel an ideal choice.


Staycation is when an individual or family stays at home and takes part in leisure activities at places within the day trip distance from home. People are starting to prefer staycations in their own city or hill stations and beaches close to the city, over long holidays as a means to ensure their safety. You can experience a slower pace of life while being close to your home.

Road trips over local transport

With social distancing being the new normal, the rise of public transport is going to be very hard. Road trips are a safer option to take up. People prefer taking their own car, or private taxis to avoid physical touch.

Growth of sustainable and slow travel

With the rapidly deteriorating environmental conditions, more and more people have become more conscious and are now undertaking steps to mitigate the impact of their travel. Travelers are looking for richer immersive travel experiences to unwind, explore, and connect with nature instead of just rushing around and seeing many places.

Digital travel experience

Amidst the pandemic, many hotels and resorts made a shift to the digital world to ensure that all guest needs were met virtually to create a safe environment for the travelers as well as the working staff. The digital experience has been transformational for leisure and business travelers, and this experience trend is digging in for the long haul. Many operation-related activities are going to be digitized, enabling contactless services.

Homestays gaining popularity

There’s been a growing demand for long-term homestays. With offices shut and the rise of remote work, many are leaving their home offices for the chance of working from a picturesque wellness holiday destination. Once-remote lodges, low-cost hostels, and luxury villas that prided themselves on being off the grid are amping up internet speeds and offering free wi-fi and backup data dongles with their rooms.

Solo travel pacing up

Another major change the pandemic has brought into people's life is the importance of self-discovery and personal growth. Travelers are looking for more ways to spend quality time with themselves. Moreover, solo traveling also reduces the chance to get infected and gives you complete control over the itinerary.

The pandemic has changed the way we travel as new travel trends continue to rise. We must adapt to them, but also at the same time take proper precautions, practice social distancing, wear masks at all times, wash our hands regularly. STAY HOME, STAY SAFE!

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