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Chitkul: Journey to the Last Village of India
Chitkul by Oyo

Sometimes, we all just want to pack our bags like Bunny from Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani and go on an adventure trip with our best friends. But unfortunately, unlike the movie, our friends never make plans. And when they do, we can never find a good destination with equal parts adventure and fun. Isn’t it?

But, don’t worry! Even though we won’t be able to help you with your friends who often ditch us last minute, but we can help you with the perfect destination for your next adventure destination, i.e., Chitkul. Being the last inhabitable village of India and close to the mountains, the place experiences some extreme weather conditions but provides with the best and adventurous trekking trails to choose from.

Read on to know all the stories about each place at Chitkul and what will you find at each stop, because Chitkul will leave you mesmerized for sure.

1. Mathi Devi Temple
Mathi Devi Temple by

Mathi Devi Temple is dedicated to Goddess Mathi, the Goddess of Kinnaur. The temple

houses three shrines. The oldest of the three is about five- hundred years old and was built

by a Garhwal resident. The temple is very different from other Hindu temples as unlike

other temples, Mathi Devi Temple has an ark of walnut wood covered with clothes and a

tuft of yak tail. There are two poles inserted in the ark to hold it properly.

The temple has a very sacred legend behind its existence. According to the legend, Lord

Badrinath’s wife Mathi once found a land divided into seven different parts after

Baruakhad, during their journey from Brindavan to Baruakhad via Garhwal, Sirmour,

Sarahan in Bushar.

When passing through the place, Mathi found that her nephew Narenas was the deity of

Shuang Village, so she appointed him as the guard of the village to save the village from

any impending calamities and provide the residents with care.

When she moved further, she reached Chasu Village, she found that Narenas was also the

deity of this village and was worshipped by the entire village. Therefore, she appointed

him as the guard of this village also and gave him the responsibility to save the village

from any impending calamities and provide the residents with care.

When she moved forward, she reached Kamru Fort, where she found that Lord Badri Nath

was guarding the Thorne of Bushahr. So, she leaves it as such and moves forward to the

other divisions of the seven divisions.

In this manner, she covered all the divisions and appointed different people to take care of

the villages as well as the village residents while assuring them a nice living. She

appointed Lord Badrinath to take care of Dhumthan subdivision, Shanshares to take care

of Rakchham and Barang Nag to take care of RupinGhanti. After securing the seven

divisions, she further moved forward.

Finally, she reached Chitkul and made the Mathi Devi Temple as her final abode and

settled there forever to take care of Chitkul while also supervising all other divisions from

there. After her arrival at Chitkul, the village began to prosper, making the villagers thrive

with success because of abundant crops, flora and fauna. This made the villagers worship

her with high reverence and it is believed it’s the Goddess who takes care of the villagers

and she is the reason that the village is doing so good.

2. Chitkul Fort
Chitkul Fort by Flickr

Going a little ahead of the Mathi Devi Temple is the Chitkul Fort. The fort looks more like a

watchtower actually. The Fort is the tallest building in the village, other than the newly

opened hotels. Chitkul Fort is a three- story structure that towers over the village. It is also

referred to as ‘quila’ by the locals. Though it is also a shrine, it is commonly called fort

because of its tower- like structure.

3. Hydro Flour Mill
Hydro Flour Mill by

While it may not sound like a very touristy place but the Hydro Flour Mill in Chitkul is one

of a kind and is quite interesting to see. The water from the Baspa River is used to power

the Mill as well as to grind wheat flour.

4. Karchham Dam and Lake
Karchham Dam and Lake by Vargis Khan

The road towards Sangla and Chitkul divides from the main highway near Karchham.

Karchham is best known for a huge dam located near the town and is named after town.

The dam is built over the Sutlej River. The place presents a beautiful view and is a great

place to click some pictures and soak into the view.

5. Rani Kanda Meadows
Rani Kanda Meadows by Raacho Trekkers

A campsite which also serves as a base camp for Lamkhega Pass trek, Rani Kanda

Meadows offers a beautiful site to pitch your tents and enjoy the stunning view of the

place. The place looks breath- taking with mountains surrounding the area as well the

green meadows which are spread in the whole area.

6. Lamkhaga Pass Trek
Lamkhaga Pass Trek by Discovery Hike

One of the most popular trek choices in Himalayan Mountain trek routes, Lamkhega Pass

is located in the Indo- China Border area in the Dhauladhar Mountain Range and connects

the north- eastern Garhwal with Himachal Pradesh. It is situated at a height of 5326

meters and offers an adventurous and breath- taking trekking experience.

History has it that the beautiful Lamkhega Pass Trek, which comparatively remote, was first

crossed by Marco Pallis in 1933. The trekkers can choose between the two routes, either

from Harshil, a stunning hill- station in the Garwhal region and end at Chitkul or start from

Chitkul and end the 90km trek at Harshil.

7. Borasu Pass Trek
Borasu Pass Trek by Raftaar Adventures

Located on the borders of Uttaranchal and Himachal Pradesh along the border with Tibet,

Borasu Pass or Bara- Su is a high mountain pass and was an ancient trade route between

Har Ki Dun Valley and Kinnaur Valley.

Har Ki Doon Valley is often called the valley of Gods. According to the local folklore, this

is the place where fairies congregate. According to the religious epics, the Pandavas went

to swarg through this valley by climbing the Swargarohini peak. Though, once

Duryodhana was worshipped as a God by a few colonies here and there is a

Duryodhana Temple in Osla, but the name was changed to Someshwar temple and calling

it Dryodhana Temple is now taken as an offence.

8. Batseri
Batseri by Ixplore

Known for its Kinnauri caps and Himachali shawls, Batseri is a must visit place in Chitkul.

The place is also “Apple District of Himachal” and it is pretty evident from all the different

types of delicious apple. Trout farming is also very common in this area. One can also get

the chilgoza and pine nuts in Batseri.

The place is looks very beautiful surrounded by snow- capped mountains, and small

sloping roofed wooden houses. The people of this area welcome tourists with a smiling

face and are very hardworking and their main job is apple cultivation.

Café to check out

1. Akhri Dhaba
Akhri Dhaba by NavBharat Times

As the name suggests, Akhri Dhaba is very famous for its location in Chitkul, the last

inhabited village of India, and because the roads of India do end here. The Dhaba offers

a pretty decent menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner with a beautiful view of the village.

This Dhaba is a must visit for its view as well as for its homely food.

Address: 9C2P+6G3, Chitkul, Himachal Pradesh 172109

Timing: 9am- 7:30pm

2. Café Chitkool
Cafe Chitkool by TripAdvisor

An in- house café at Zostel Chitkul, Café Chitkool offers Indian as well as Kinnauri food

with a beautiful view of the snow- capped mountains. The outdoor seating of the café is

the best thing about the café, especially at night.

Address: 9C2Q+73X, Sangla, Distt, Chitkul, Himachal Pradesh

Timing: 8am- 9pm

3. Himalayn Tribe Hostel and Café
Himalayn Tribe Hostel and Cafe by Facebook

The café is located in a beautiful location and offers both indoor and outdoor seating

options. The café offers some good food options for breakfast, lunch and dinner and its

Tibetan food is worth tasting.

Address: 9C2P+7Q Sangla, Himachal Pradesh

Timing: NA

4. The Chaktul Café
The Chaktul Café by Helpmecovid

A small roadside café, The Chaktul Café is a beautiful place to stop and have a hot cup of

tea with some aloo ka parantha and enjoy the view that it has due to its beautiful location.

Address: 9C2Q+69P, vpo Chaktul, Sangla, Himachal Pradesh 172106

Timing: NA

So, what are you waiting for? Send this article in your friends’ WhatsApp group and start packing for one of the best adventures at Chitkul because you know it is going to be one of the greatest experiences.

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