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Dhanushkodi: The Ghost Town

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

“Everything has come to an end, marking its way for new beginnings.”

Outlined by the Bay of Bengal on one side and the Indian Ocean on the other, this place should be your next destination if you are fond of spotless white sand, #the ruins of an old town, and the spooky experiences of #ghostly existence.

#Dhanushkodi, declared as the #GhostTown is one of the less travelled places of South India. Blemished with the havoc of #1964Tsunami, this town is the most fascinating of all. On one side, we found a structure in ruins which looked a lot like an old church. The other side was a sight of ruins of an old railway station , where you can literally see the railway lines disappearing in sand!

#Haunted yet divine, this place plays a role in Hindu mythology too. Can you recall the Ram-Setu bridge built by Lord Ram’s Army? Yes, this is the place where it all began ! In a layman’s language, Dhanushkodi is the stretch of land that you see running from #India to #SriLanka, which gradually disappears in water.

The deserted place is inhabited with a few people who do not understand English or Hindi. But who won’t take an interest in the hand-made sea jewellery they sell? You will find hardly any shops here except for a few jewellery shops that are run by the inhabitants at reasonable prices!

Enjoy the sea, the warmth of the sun, the cool breeze, the pristine white sand and capture the ruins of the entire town!

To all the #writers, #photographers and #filmmakers, this place can be your new inspiration !

Where damages and liveliness co-exist.

Where breathtaking stillness is a price. Where spectacular stretches of sand have unsaid stories. Dhanushkodi. Ghost Town, since 1964.

Read more about the travel experience from Dhanushkodi in the blog written by Murali!!

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