Discovering Pelling

A stunning view of snow-clad mountains from the top of Pelling
A stunning view of the snow clad mountains. Credits- srushti

Pelling is a beautiful land among the snow-clad mountains and its unexplored nature makes it even more exquisite. The mesmerizing beauty of the unknown is rewarding. Every turn is unpredictable, but as we move on ahead, we realize that it has its own beauty. The serenity of the region is gorgeous. One could just sit at one location for days on end, without being bored of the view.

Let me take you on a mental trip, down the thoughts that make up a very beautiful part of my journey. Let’s go on from the tiring two-day journey to the days of experiencing Pelling in its very essence.


After two days of train traveling, who wouldn’t be tired. The train journeys are certainly tedious ones, but who knew what stood for us at the end of the journey. The train was so tiring that the sound of the moving train still echoed in my ears. A literary journey into the undiscovered roads and experiences of the town of Pelling was how I would describe it.

The destination was very beautiful, to say the least, but the duration of the journey, a little bit tiring.

We entered the city on the brink of sunrise. It is a thing not worth missing. The route goes from New Jalpaiguri to Pelling. We can take a train to Jalpaiguri or a flight to Kolkata and then carry on by road. For me, it was a train journey for two days, before reaching New Jalpaiguri in the middle of the night. I stepped into the AC train from a warm humid Mumbai and got out to the spine-chilling cold of New Jalpaiguri. The cold was expected, but the chill which ran in the body on stepping off the train was a little more than expected.

The bus took us from Jalpaiguri to Pelling. As we entered the hill region. The reduced pollution allowed for a beautiful night sky vision, with the twinkling stars above the head. The stars were at an arm’s reach, closer than ever. Spotting the constellations would be fun if the train trip hadn’t tired us so much.