Exploring the Charming Corn Village: Sainji

India is a land of vast cultures. Every nook and corner of this country has its own unique sense of culture. Such is the Sainji village, a small offbeat village in Uttarakhand. The very first sight of this village will leave a deep imprint on your mind.

When you think about the name of this place, rows and rows of cornfields crop up in your imagination. But that is not how this place gets its name. This village is not just about cornfields, it is so much more. There is an unusual thing about this village that will leave you thinking. The village entrance is marked by a huge gate-like structure, all covered with corns, showing the importance of corns in the village. The village houses and all buildings are covered with corns and it is being used as a piece of art in every house.

A house decorated with corn cobs at Sainji Village

How to Reach

Sainji Village is just 5 km away from Kempty falls, Mussoorie, in the Tehri Garhwal District. Once you reach the falls you can take a cab, hire a taxi, or avail public transport like a bus to the Sainji Village. You can reach Mussoorie by road, rail or air.

By Road: Mussoorie is well linked by a network of state and private buses to its nearby cities. Several buses, ply frequently from Delhi, Dehradun, Rishikesh, Tehri, and Haridwar. Buses are easily available from ISBT Kashmiri Gate in Delhi.

By Rail: Dehradun Railway Station, situated at a distance of about 28 km, is the nearest railway station to Mussoorie. From outside the railway station, one can hire private taxis or take buses to reach Mussoorie. These taxis are available on sharing as well as on an individual basis.

By Air: Jolly Grant Airport (50 km away) in Dehradun is the domestic airport closest to Mussoorie, which is well connected with major Indian cities. All the major carriers offer regular flights to this destination from Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. After reaching the airport, travelers can hire taxis to reach Mussoorie

Grazing fields in Sainji Village

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit this beautiful village is during September and October as it is the harvest season. You will see more corn and even the inhabitants at work. Every house has one or a bunch of corns hanging upside down in each corner. It looks quirky but innovative.

A view of Sainji Village

Things to Look Out For

Taste the Delicious Food

While visiting this village, make it a priority to sample their local dishes. Corn is the major part of their diet with Makke ki roti (corn flour bread) and chutney being their daily meals. It is a simple meal, but it touches your heart. You will find corn in their other side dishes as well, but it is impossible to get over them.

A women filtering corn

Interact with the friendly locals

The locals of the Sainji Village are very simple and humble. They are very friendly. You will experience humanity and hospitality in its truest form in today’s world. The shy smiles of the women, mustering up the courage to start a conversation is very amicable. Talking with them and sharing the laughter. They bond with you so well, that you will no longer feel like a stranger in their land.

Women chatting in Sainji Village

Explore the architecture

The houses of Sainji village are very colorful. While most of them are made of concrete, there are a few wooden houses with short doors made of Deodar wood. The short doors are believed to keep evil away. These small cottages are decorated with paintings on the wood and the corn being tied in bunches to dry and stock for the rest of the year. The natural décor instantly warms your heart and makes you smile. The streets are very neat and cobbled. You will not spot any garbage lying around.

Houses with corn cobs in Sainji Village

Take a walk in the Fields

You do not want to miss out on long walks in their mesmerizing Corn Fields. The salubrious air, the smell of earth, flawlessly lined cornfields give an entrancing perspective. It looks almost unreal. One usually stays here for a few hours or a day. But if you are a nature enthusiast and love panoramic views, be prepared to spend quite a few days here. You will enjoy a certain serenity and warmth here even surrounded by chatty locals. The homely atmosphere will warm you to the place immensely.

Corn field at Sainji Village

Traverse to the water canal

There is a small canal running through this village that provides water. It is too small to be called a river. But it is cleaner as compared to some big rivers. The villagers get the majority of water required for irrigation and for washing clothes and utensils from here. The walkways around the irrigation canal are properly laid.

Water Canal at Sainji Village

Few Tips to keep in mind

· Do not disrespect the community and their beliefs.

· Interact with the locals to have a better understanding of their culture

· Take permission before clicking any personal picture or video.

· Thank them for their hospitality before leaving

· The locals have kept the village very clean, Do not litter around.

Montain roads to Sainji Village

Sainji village is ideal for anyone seeking a rural tour of authentic mountain culture and getting to know the rustic lifestyle of the people. It is a perfect example of an unexplored place to visit near Mussoorie.

While you are visiting the Sainji village you will feel a bond with nature. As you set out in the evening, watching the sunset on a cornfield, the slightly cool breeze blowing your hair, the smell of earth hitting you, watching the natives return from a hard day of work you will feel nature at its best. It is indescribable and incomparable.

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