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Food items and cafés you must try in Spiti Valley

Warm food with a beautiful view
Maggi with a view by @theroverclicks on Instagram

Spiti Valley is a cold desert valley with beautiful monasteries and breathtaking scenery. Apart from the enthralling views, tourists are lured in by the delicious traditional food. Here's a list of food items that you must try in Spiti :


Madra is a must try food item of Spiti
Madra dish taken by @fo_odie_2021

Madra is a part of Himachali cuisine made using chickpeas, kidney beans and black-eyed beans. It is seasoned with turmeric and coriander powder and often garnished with dry fruits. It is a legume-based curry, suitable for all occasions.


Dhaam is a traditional food item you must try
Traditionally prepared Dhaam captured by @ravidhingra on Instagram

Dhaam is a complete meal in itself, in terms of quantity and nutrition. Earlier, it was only served to the Himachali Brahmins on leaves. Now, however, it is a quintessential part of all important occasions. A plate of Dhaam includes kadi, madra, khatta, rajma and rice.


Siddu is a traditional food item of Spiti Valley
Traditional dish of Siddu by @delhi_tummy on Instagram

Siddu is a traditional dish that is consumed regularly by the locals. It is steamed wheat with a variety of fillings inside. The preparation process is time-consuming and requires experience. But when you try the dish out with mutton or daal, it makes the efforts worthwhile.

Trout Curry

Trout curry is a traditional dish worth a try
Trout Curry by @cookingwithvani_

The freezing water of the Himachal rivers is a suitable breeding ground for the Rainbow trout. The trout is first marinated and then fried with selective spices. It is then combined with vegetables and sprinkled with lemon juice in the end. This recipe is easy and much appreciated in terms of flavors and nutrients. If you are a sucker for seafood, this dish is just for you.


Thukpa is a popular dish of Spiti Valley
Thukpa as captured by @minimalism_prism on Instagram

Thukpa is a famous Himachali dish that can be prepared in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian ways. It is a result of consecutive interactions with Tibetan culture. Noodles are added to chicken or beef soup along with spices, tomatoes, onions, garlic and seasoning. This warm dish is a local favorite all across Himachal Pradesh.


Momos are quite a popular dish in Spiti Valley
A plate of momos by @oyegauti from Instagram

Momos are a flavorful dish familiar to everyone. The dough is stuffed with meat, but in India, fillings vary from paneer to mashed potatoes. Cheese and vegetables are added too, depending on your preference. Momos are served alongside chutneys or ketchup.

Butter tea

Butter tea is a must try beverage in Spiti
Butter tea by @flofongsg on Instagram

Butter tea, locally known as Pocha, is a treat for the taste buds. It has an exclusive smell and a distinctive pink color from the Himalayan salt used. The brewed tea leaves are combined with yak butter and boiling milk. It is perfect for high altitudes, as it warms you up.

Popular Cafés in Spiti Valley

For your next trip to Spiti Valley, save this list of cafés that you must visit for a lovely experience:

The Himalayan Café

The Himalayan Cafe in Spiti Valley is a must visit cafe
A glimpse of the cafe by @the_solo-musafir on Instagram

The Himalayan Cafe is a one-stop destination for locals and tourists in Kaza to treat their taste buds. The cafe serves Pan Asian, Chinese and Indian cuisines and is the town's local favorite. The staff is friendly, and the food is delicious. If you are in Kaza, this cafe is a must-visit.

Café Kunzum Top

Cafe Kunzum Top in Spiti Valley is a popular cafe
Inside the cafe by on Instagram

Situated near Tabo Monastery, Kunzum Top is one of the most happening cafes in town. The staff is cordial and warm, and the food is delicious. The coffee is a must-try. The cafe also serves traditional food items and Tibetan food. Their homestay is widely recommended by all tourists as the rooms are clean and the service is hospitable.

Yak Café

Yak Cafe serves good food in Spiti Valley
Yak Cafe clicked by @foodoptionnepal on Instagram

Yak Cafe in Kaza serves delicious food that can satiate all food cravings. The strategic location of the cafe allows tourists and locals to commute with much ease. The place serves Continental, Tibetan and Chinese cuisines and has earned the title of the most renowned cafe in the area for the flavorful food.

Dragon Restaurant

Dragon Restaurant is a popular place in Spiti
Plate of momos by @nabin_555

Right next to the Kaza Bus station is The Dragon Restaurant. This restaurant serves Indian and Tibetan cuisines and is one of the most recommended places in town. The food is fantastic and the ambience is warm and welcoming.

Taste of Spiti

Taste of Spiti is a lively place with good food
The cafe as captured by @spiticosphere on Instagram

One of the best Italian restaurants in Kaza, Taste of Spiti, is a pizzeria highly on demand. It is a must-visit for vegetarians as there are a lot of options to choose from. The sandwiches and burgers are made from local bread and have a unique flavor. The staff is warm and interactive. If you are here, the local pasta is worth a shot.

Café Zomsa

Cafe Zomsa is a popular cafe with good food and music
Live music being performed in the cafe by @cafezomsa

Cafe Zomsa is a widely sought cafe in Kaza that serves Indian and Italian cuisines. The quality of the food is great. The place carries a warmth that brings in tourists from far and beyond. The live music and the lively atmosphere would urge you to stay forever. Visitors come here for the food and leave appreciating the surreal ambience too.

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Feb 06

Spiti Valley's stunning landscapes and monasteries are matched by its delectable cuisine. From Madra to Momos and Butter Tea, the local flavors promise a culinary adventure like no other.

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