• Kevi Sirie

Foods you'll Regret Missing Out on when in Kashmir

Updated: Oct 3

The beauty of Kashmir is known worldwide as it is often termed "Paradise on earth". The appeal of Kashmir for being a favourite among tourists indicates that it indeed offers a lot more than the eye can see. Words cannot even begin to describe the experience that Kashmir is. Among the many lists of must-do's in Kashmir, one thing that you cannot afford to miss out on is the variety of food and cuisine that Kashmir has to offer.

Kashmiri food is well known and loved all over India for its taste, flavours and aromas, and its cuisines are celebrated for being authentic to the region's flavour. If you love to travel and enjoy good food, Kashmir might be your destination.

To completely immerse in the Kashmiri experience, listed below are some food you must try while visiting Kashmir:

1. Kashmiri Dum Aloo

2. Rogan Josh

3. Modur Pulao

4. Kashmiri Baingan

5. Rajma Chawal

6. Kulcha

7. Khambir

8. Nadir Monji

9. Paneer Chaman