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Best Adventure Getaways near Mumbai

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Whether you want to get a break from the hectic life in Mumbai or seek an adrenaline-boosting retreat with your friends, there are some great places around Mumbai to sate the thrill-seeker in you. So grab your backpacks and hop onto an adventurous weekend with this guide to the best weekend getaways near Mumbai.

1. Glide over the vast blue lake of Pawna

An artificial lake surrounded by raw nature, the Pawna Lake is a paradise for adventure lovers. It provides an overwhelming camping experience with the backdrop of stunning hills.

It is a haven for adventure lovers, providing the opportunity to venture into exciting activities like paragliding, trekking, ridge dancing, and advanced kiting. There are trained instructors to teach you the art of paragliding. No prior experience is required as the pilot instructor will do all the work while you enjoy the beauty of the vast horizon. Learn to surf through the winds and enjoy a view worth your lifetime.

Immerse yourself into the shades of nature with an adventure getaway at Pawna lake. Pawna also serves as a great destination for couples. Dance through the nights over a BBQ campfire and spend the mornings with an escapade at this beautiful hub of adventure.

Distance from Mumbai: 120 km (Via Lonavala, Bhangarwadi Rd)

Nearby attractions: Lohagad Fort, Tikona Fort, Tung Fort, and Visapur Fort.

Best time to visit: January - May, October – December


1. Only people under the weight of 120 kg can fly. Minors require parental consent. 2. Wear a long-sleeved top and trousers and shoes with ample grip.

2. Go on a fist-pumping raft ride at Kolad

A humble village seated in the Raigad village in Maharastra, Kolad provides a beautiful view of the rawness of nature among green hills and cascading waterfalls. But the quaint town has much more to offer than the peace, a much-needed spark of thrill.

Often referred to as the Rishikesh of Maharashtra, Kolad provides the flavors of the north. It provides one of the best white water river rafting experiences, holding a charm of its own during the monsoons. Located along the fastest river of the south, Kundalika, Kolad provides various degrees of difficulty in river rafting. There are a lot of tour planners and offers to give you the plan that suits you the best. The instructors will guide you throughout the journey. Gear up for a thrilling experience through the tricky rapids.

The vibrant destination offers much more to adventure lovers, from rock climbing to kayaking. Enjoy a breathtaking view with the best instructors through the rapids of demarcated grades.

Distance from Mumbai: 122 km

Cost: Weekdays: Approximately Rs.800; Weekends: Approximately Rs.1200

Best time to visit: June to September


1. One should void rafting if they aren’t physically fit. Paddling requires physical strength.

2. Drinking before rafting isn’t allowed.

3. Always listen to the instructor and wear proper safety equipment.

4. It is advised to carry a valid id proof.

3. Climb up to the highest peak of Maharastra

Planning for a one-day trek near Mumbai??

Reaching a height of 5400 m, the Kalsubai boasts of being the highest peak of Maharastra. The main reason for its popularity is the difficulty of a trek up to the hills.

The Kalsubai mountain range, located a bit far from the main Sahyadri range houses the peak. According to the locals, a housemaid disappeared in the mountains while escaping from her abusive employer. Later a temple was erected to remember her and thus, the name of the mountain.

Though a bit challenging, a trek to the peak of Kalsubai can be extremely refreshing. Surrounded by lush green hills and forests, the mountain ranges provide a surreal experience to nature enthusiasts. Kalsubai is a perfect destination to get away from the monotonous life in a metro city like Mumbai. Experience a plethora of joy as you successfully climb up to the Everest of Maharashtra to get a breathtaking panoramic view of the hills around. While on the Kalsubai trek, you can also visit the Kalsubai temple. Immerse yourself into the blissfulness of mesmerizing views with the seasonal treks. Though one can pursue a trek to the peak on any day of the year, one would get different views of the beautiful ranges during different seasons. There are two popular trails to reach the summit. Climbers can opt for the easier route starting from the Bari village through a steep iron staircase. Experience the serendipity of discovering the panorama of the Kalsubai Wildlife Sanctuary in the lap of nature.

Distance from Mumbai: 152.5 km

Best time to visit: Monsoon Trek- June to August, Flowers Trek- September to October,

Night Treks - November to May


1. One shouldn’t smoke or drink while trekking

2. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes with proper grip.

3. Carry sunscreen and mosquito repellent. Don’t make your trekking bag too heavy.

4. Conquer the mighty hills of Durshet

Dotted with hills and plateaus, the small town of Durshet is an ideal place to sate your wanderlust. The hills and rocks add to the ethereal beauty of the place seated amidst the Sahyadri range.

From a wide range of cascading waterfalls to meandering rivers, the area of Durshet provides refreshment worth cherishing. But don’t let nature fool you! The steep climbs and rocky terrain brings about an adrenaline rush for the thrillseekers. One can pursue several adventurous activities in Durshet, starting from rappelling, wall climbing, Tarzan jumping, or simply taking a walk across the Burma Bridge. Explorers can also experience the ambient nightlife and the exotic flora and fauna. This haven for mountaineers is a perfect adventure getaway if you like to cover anything from easy treks to perilous terrains.

Durshet has become a hotspot for tourists due to the sheer number of watersport options it provides. There are temples around the place for those who seek spirituality and to provide a moment of bliss.

Durshet has a pretty hot and humid climate, with heavy rains in the monsoons. The best season to visit is during the winter months.

Distance from Mumbai: 76.2 km

Nearby attractions: IMAGICA theme park

Best time to visit: October- February


1. Wear proper safety equipment while rock climbing.

2. Wear proper sports shoes.

3. Hire an instructor if you are new to rock climbing.

5. Fly over the paragliding paradise of Kamshet

Nestled amidst charming little villages, the town of Kamshet is a pearl of nature. But the town also provides a charm of adrenaline for those who seek more.

Known as the paragliding paradise of Maharashtra, Kamshet not only allows getting professional paragliding training but also provides a tandem paragliding experience without prior training. Enjoy a breathtaking view as you glide over the Western Ghats, with green hills and sunflower fields covering the terrain. One can safely take in the gorgeous view while the instructor does most of the work.

Apart from satisfying the thrillseeker within you, visitors can relax in the peaceful ambiance and take a sniff of Maharashtrian village life with the locals of the nearby villages. There are a lot of caves to explore in the area too. Durshet is a place worth many natural havens.

Distance from Mumbai: 102 km

Nearby attractions: Lonavla, Khandala, Shinde Wadi Hills

Best time to visit: October- July


1. Only people under the weight of 120 kg can fly. Minors require parental consent.

2. Wear a long-sleeved top and trousers and shoes with ample grip.

Mumbai is a city of dreams. But only the residents of Mumbai can understand how hectic life can get with the heavy traffic and boisterous livelihood. These places located in the abode of nature not only provide a much-needed retreat but also brings out the joy of thrills. Let your adrenaline rush as you embrace an adventurous weekend with your friends and family.

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