6 Hippie Places/Hotspots In India You Must Visit

Updated: Sep 5

What started as a counterculture and a coordinated rejection of mainstream ideals in the 1960s from the west, has evolved to become an entire way of being, one that is rooted in exploring, discovering, and seeking eccentric traditions.

The earliest representations of this lifestyle are said to be the Sadhus of ancient India, spiritual speaker hippies who deemed the materialistic world and individualistic principles to be condemnable.

Hippie places in India | Travelling like a hippie

While the hippie culture has gained a reasonable level of acceptance and welcoming, it is truly surprising that the hippie movement in India, a country known for its spirituality, sense of community, and oneness, has slowly drifted further and further away from the public eye.

Nevertheless, few other settings in the world can match the lazy, carefree experience of soul-searching that these Indian hotspots offer. Here’s a list of some of the best places for hippies in India: