Top Places to visit in Hampi: Where Travel Meets History & Serenity!

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

I say this because the place I am telling you about today justifies being a person’s fantasy. Now when a trip is planned we list down a criterion. Okay let’s just do it here;

• Unique.

• Lots of attractions and activities.

• Pleasant weather.

• Good food.

• Water bodies and Mountains both. (this would be a cherry on the cake)

• Best sunrises/sunsets.

• Budget-friendly.

The place we are literally going to visit with this blog ticks off every point on this list and rises beautifully.

Here are the must-visit places in Hampi at the Hippie Island and Central Hampi:

  1. Anjaneya Hills, Hippie Island

  2. Explore the village of Anegundi, Hippie Island

  3. Sunset at sunset hill point, Hippie Island

  4. Cafes at the Hippie Island

  5. Virupaksha Temple, Central Hampi

  6. Mathanga Hill, Central Hampi

  7. Vitthala Temple, Central Hampi