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8 Highlights Locals agree should be on your Northeast India Itinerary

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

One of India’s most underrated travel destinations bursting with stunning landscapes and pleasant weather all year round, the Northeastern corner of India is a land calling out to every travel enthusiast. You can ask for any kind of travel experience, and Northeast India Tourism will hand it to you without missing a beat. From adventure to cultural or nature travel experience, this is your one-stop destination. The rich history and diversity of the traditions and the abundance of jaw-dropping surroundings and the bountiful gifts of nature in terms of flora and fauna will leave you astounded. Much of the unexplored hidden gems in Northeast India still sit in their quiescent state but here is a little secret sourced directly from the locals. So, on your next vacation, make sure you try out to visit these lesser-known places of Northeast India and experience these local recommendations.

Places to visit in Northeast India

01. Heritage Walk in Reiek

Thr rolling hills of the Reiek Peak
Photo Credit: The Hans India

Mizoram remains largely unblemished as it is the least known state among the other states of Northeast India. This quaint hill station is bestowed with vast evergreen forests and pleasant weather all year round. The picturesque towns and villages of Mizoram are equally endearing and soothing. Of the number of offbeat and recommended things to do in Northeast India, the heritage walk around Reiek village is surely top-tiered. This walk will take you through the rich exotic subtropical forest of Mizoram. The walk is extremely pleasing with the long winding roads maintained by the villagers to retain its clean surroundings. The walk ends when your reach the top of Reiek peak and the view from the peak is so enchanting it will leave you breathless.

02. Dree Festival/ Rice Beer Festival

The foamy white beer made from rice and millet
Photo Credit: Slurrp

Tucked amidst tall mountain ranges and stunning vista of green meadows and flourishing paddy fields, the state of Arunachal Pradesh is the epitome of a natural wonder. The Dree Festival in Arunachal Pradesh is truly a league of its own. During this agricultural festival of the Apatani tribe, one can witness the rich cultural and religious traditions practiced by the tribe. Dree festival is also famous for the traditional rice beer it serves. It is made by fermenting rice and millet with yeast that gives off a sweet and tangy taste. This is one noble way to peek a glimpse into the world of the Arunachalis.

03. Greet the Head hunter tribes in Mon

The tattooed faces and bodies of the elders of Konyak Tribe
Photo Credit: Daily Mail

Known for its vibrant culture and captivating landscapes, Nagaland is home to one of the many head hunter tribes, the Konyaks. Although the practice of headhunting is now banned and a tale of the past, some surviving elders were once known for this fierce and fearless practice. On visiting the Mon district, you will be greeted by headhunters with pierced ears and tattooed faces who will gladly recount their tales to any interested listener over a cup of tea. Thus, this will count as an encounter to remember and a good travel chronicle to talk about for years to come.

04. Stay at the Floating National Park in Loktak

The floating resorts on the waters of Loktak Lake
Photo Credit: Tata Trusts Horizons

The literal translation of the term Manipur is the 'Land of the Jewels'. This term is well accounted for with the natural wonders that encompass the landscapes of Manipur. And when in Manipur, a visit to the world’s only floating lake and floating national park is a must. The Keibul Lamjao National Park is home to an endangered deer called Sangai which is native only to Manipur and you can get sightings of rare and endemic species of fauna. There are two floating island resorts called Phubala and Sendra where you can enjoy the stunning and rich biodiversity of Loktak Lake and rest and blend with nature.

05. Visit the Black Magic Village of Mayong

A woman of the Mayong tribe performing her rituals
Photo Credit: Culture Trip

Assam is often considered the gateway to Northeast India with its well-established connectivity to other major cities in India. Assam is home to a diverse group of people, tribes, cultures, and traditions. One such group belongs to the mysterious village on the banks of the Brahmaputra called the Mayong village. Also called the Land of Black magic, this village perfectly caters to travelers and people who are seekers of dark art practices. Witness the witchcraft rituals and visit The Mayong Central Museum and Emporium of Black Magic and Witchcraft to know more about the history and workings of the village’s mysterious practices.

06. Cycle around Sikkim

A boy cycling down the winding roads of Gangtok
Photo Credit: Thrillophilia

Sikkim is one of the most visited destinations and has been added to the best places to visit in Northeast India by seasoned travelers for years. The lifestyle adopted by the natives of Sikkim is truly commendable. With their eco-friendly friendly practices and environmentally conscious decisions like organic farming and going plastic-free, Sikkim has truly been a model for other Indian states. And to blend into the vibe of Sikkim, you can opt to be a sustainable and responsible traveler by going on a cycling tour while in Sikkim. The tour starts from Gangtok and ends in Darjeeling. Rent a cycle or a mountain bike from Gangtok and embark on a trip of a lifetime where you will be treated to scenic vistas of the lush green forests, snow-capped Himalayan ranges, endearing villages, luscious paddy fields, beautiful lakes, and iconic tea gardens along the way.

07. Explore the Caves in Meghalaya

A group of explorers at the Krem Chyme caves in Meghalaya
Photo Credit: Outlook India

The incredibly wild yet captivating state of Meghalaya is indeed a must-visit place in Northeast India. Meghalaya is home to some of the most exciting and invigorating attractions like the living root bridges, magnificent waterfalls and lakes, acres of pine-covered forest, and mesmerizing cherry blossoms. Of all these wonderful offerings, the deep, dark, and enigmatic caves scattered all around Meghalaya are to this day, an object of wonder. They are wildly recommended by the locals as must-visit places in Meghalaya. With over 1200 caves in the state alone, these varied kinds of caves come in all shapes and sizes. Some are incredibly tall while some are curiously low and short and others with imposing depth. The atypical ecosystems of these caves with the rare and endemic species of fauna and fossil fuel formations make these caves more tempting and alluring to explore.

08. The Lost Hill of faces in Unatoki

The face sculpted rocks on the hills of Unatoki
Photo Credit: Adotrip

With the right blend of nature, history, and wilderness, the state of Tripura is teeming with diverse culture and enthralling surroundings of lush green forests. The rich historical sites, thriving wildlife destinations, and century-old temples of Tripura have been attracting travelers for years now. Among the sea of choices for places to visit in Tripura, Unatoki might just be the cherry on top. Known as the Lost Hill of Faces, the chiseled faces on the stones of this town have been a subject of mythical wonder. The hills of Unatoki with their stoned carved faces of humans and other creatures are worth seeing as they will leave you in awe of the skills and expertise it took to chisel such massive sculptures and carvings.

With these compilations on something unusual and unique place to visit or explore in each Northeastern state in India, rest assured you will find something exciting wherever you go. And as you plod around the hills and valleys of Northeast India, make sure you collect memories each step of the way while doing so.

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