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Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Sunset at Andaman Islands by @andaman_nicobar on Instagram

Off the east coast of India, in the Bay of Bengal are found the breathtakingly gorgeous cluster of islands called the Andaman Islands of India. The Andaman Islands are one of the most suitable places for vacation for all the nature, adventure, and aqua lovers there.

Mangrove Creek at Baratang Island
Mangrove Creek at Andaman Islands by @anujuy17 on Instagram

The Andaman Islands provide refuge to the Sentinelese tribe known to have zero contact with humanity and society. The area is restricted from visitations by trespassers and the tribal people here are believed to be the only people on the planet to not have reached the Paleolithic standard of development and evolution.

Picture of Sentinel Tribe clicked from far.
Sentinel Tribe at North Sentinel Island by @ourmediaonline on Instagram

The mass community of Andaman places their faith in the religion which can be best characterized as Monotheistic Animism. The tribes inhabiting the Island believe in only one divinity Paluga. Keeping in mind the fact that the place is one of kind with its mesmerizing and enchanting beauty, the Islands are also very popular because of their adventure activities. The amalgamation of thrill and adrenaline with serenity and solitude makes the place an extraordinary vacation destination. There are several places here that are still unexplored by many. So why not check out some of the Hidden Gems of Andaman?

Wandoor Island
Wandoor Island at the Andaman Islands by @andaman_nicobar on Instagram

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A. Barren Island

Barren Island from far
Barren Island by @onhisowntrip on Instagram

We have all learned about Barren Island in our Geography lessons as India’s only confirmed active volcano that lies about 135 km south of the sovereignty’s capital, Port Blair. The island lies on the seismically active tectonic plates in the Andaman Sea, and can only be seen from a distance on a ship, and setting foot on the island is strictly forbidden and equally formidable. The volcano last erupted here in 1991 and then again in 1994-95. This excursion is a thrilling ordeal as your vessel travels the enormous spectrum of the sea and you get to marvel at this heated land which is so unique and special. All life here is perished thus earning it its name, Barren Island.

scuba diving
Scuba Diving at Andaman Islands by @andaman_nicobar on Instagram

Barren Island is enclosed by waters that are respected among the world's top scuba diving destinations. Primary interests here are the bright and clear vision, Manta Rays, intriguing basalt figures, the terrain of prior lava trickles, and evergrowing coral gardens. This dive destination is secluded but accessible by either a ship or with scuba-operators established at Havelock Island.

B. Limestone Caves

limestone caves
Limestone caves at Andaman Islands by @pranotiisawant on Instagram

The limestone caves in Andaman are proof of the splendidness of nature that can not be found anywhere else and this declaration is no hyperbole. The millions of years aged limestone formations will arouse some never felt emotions in you and therefore every tourist must take a jetty ride to these caves on their Andaman trip.

limestone caves
Limestone caves at Andaman Islands by @pranotiisawant on Instagram

The Baratang island where these limestone caves are discovered was concealed from the world for a long time, because of inhabitation by the Jarawa tribe, which is recognized as one of the most dangerous tribes of the world. Only recently, the ministry unlocked the gate to the magnificent island to facilitate tourism.

C. Red Skin Island

Coral Reefs
Coral Reefs at Red Skin Island by @the.artsy.api on Instagram

Red Skin Island is among the several beautiful islands to visit in this archipelago, and one of the least frequented. The Mahatma Gandhi Marine National park located in the village of Wandoor in the Andaman Islands is home to a total of 15 islands but only 2 are forthcoming for travelers, one of them being the Red Skin Island.

Turtles at Red Skin Island by @guruchandratoursandtravels on Instagram

The most fascinating aspect of the Red Skin Island is that it is drenched in a huge diversity of flora and fauna. The abundance of Red coral reefs gives the island a reddish hue which also contributes to its name. No one is permitted to stay here overnight and usage of plastic bottles is entirely banned.

Variety of Shells found at Red Skin Island by @herjourneyjournal on Instagram

D. Active mud volcanoes

mud volcanoes
Mud Volcanoes at Andaman Islands by @uom_geology_ on Instagram

The Mud Volcanoes form largely in the belowground gas cavities found in these regions. The cavities emit mud when the gas compels its way out, and in the process blenches out a combination of water and oil that results in the muddy appearance.

Mud Volcanoes
Mud Volcanoes At Baratang Island by @wizard_kole on Instagram

Reportedly there are a total of 11 active mud volcanoes in the Andaman Islands out of which 8 are located in the Baratang Island and the remaining 3 are found at Diglipore in North Andaman. Diglipore is one of the best places to visit in Andaman Island and one of the biggest towns in North Andaman and is also known for the Saddle Peak National Park.

E. Cellular Jail

Cellular Jail
Cellular Jail at Andaman Islands by @andman_nicobar on Instagram

The beauty and tranquillity of Andaman know no bounds. However, it’s also a truth that before evolving into a popular traveler destination, it was known for its notorious ‘Cellular Jail’ generally known as ‘Kaala Pani’. Discovered in Port Blair, this penitentiary was built by the British during the colonial era in India and it was utilized to banish the most tragic criminals along with political captives who protested against British rule.

Cellular Jail
Cellular Jail at Andaman Islands by @andaman_nicobar on Instagram

The magnificent sound and light show at the Cellular Jail in the dusk is worth witnessing while in Andaman. Announced as the National Memorial, it homes photos of freedom fighters who spent horrendous time here and the Exhibition Gallery on the ground floor.

F. Ross and Smith Island

Ross and Smith Islands
Ross and Smith Islands at Andaman Islands by @andaman_nicobar on Instagram

Ross and Smith islands are truly beautiful and the most eccentric and outstanding feature about these two islands is that they are joined by a natural sand bar. Water is crystal clear and aqua-emerald green in color. Sunbathing in Ross & Smith Islands is an incredible familiarity. During high tide, the sand bar vanishes leaving a course of water between the two islands, and during low tide, the sand bar arises again making the islands look spectacular!

Ross and Smith Islands
Aerial View of Ross and Smith Islands by @travelplanetin on Instagram

G. Bioluminescence

One of the most surreal biological manifestations, bioluminescence caused by the glowing of phytoplankton in the water makes you feel you’re in your most gorgeous dream, that you are dreaming with your eyes wide open. In the dark and silent night sky, with the glossy clusters of stars under your feet in the water, bioluminescence seems like a visual straight out of Pandora's Box, the phenomena turn the water by the shores blue and shiny. It’s not CGI but solely nature tricking you with its talents.

neil island
Neil Island at Andaman Islands by @andaman_nicobar on Instagram

The number of offbeat and hidden places in Andaman is huge and every place is just as gorgeous if not better than the other. The islands offer a list of breathtaking and mind-blowing pristine destinations and fascinating natural phenomena. If you are a wanderer who desires to explore the most unusual yet eccentric and extraordinary places, Andaman Island is your best bet!

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