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House Arrest!?

Dear Diary #1

As you already know that the past couple of weeks have been completely overwhelming for me. I have been doing back to back shifts in my office, and I hardly have any time for myself. I know, I know that this is good for my future, but god! at what cost? XD

So today I didn’t go anywhere, I was at my home, on my couch, and just relaxed and took a step back. I did not think about work because God knows I’ve done my fair share. I think today was the first time I was living in the moment, enjoying all the little things. LOL, #DeepTalks :D

OMG! I completely forgot I watched Before Trilogy today. The movie was so good. Though it had no story it made perfect sense. I don’t know what was good, the acting or the dialogues!!! Sorry, got too excited :P

PS. I think I am not going to go tomorrow as well, today was fun :P

Stuck at home, working.

Dear Diary #2

Hi! So today, I got up late. I was still tired because I didn’t sleep early yesterday because of the movie. Also, I had the ingenious idea to start cooking, so as you very well know, I opened up Gordan Ramsay’s video of ‘How to make a Scrambled Eggs’ on YouTube, and man! That brit knows how to cook :O I think my eggs were good but it was too salty XP Nevertheless, not bad for my first try.

After breakfast, I continued with my tv show, Peaky Blinders. Dude! You have to see that show. It's about this gang which uses blades and all. The show is based around their criminal empire between the two wars. I know!! Unmissable.

For lunch, I just ordered in, nothing too great. Dinner too, I ordered in from Dominoes, and before you judge I think Dominoes is better than Pizza Hut. #ISaidIt

Being at home for the second day was not that bad. :P

Peaky Blinders, Thomas Shelby ruminating.


Dear Diary #3

Hiiii! If you think I am excited, you should have seen me this morning. I was playing Call of Duty!!!! That too online with my friends. I had the highest number of kills brooo XD. My friend, disconnected after I killed his player 6 times back to back, straight.

Also, I saw Downfall. The most brilliant film ever made in the entire freaking cinematic universe! It is about the last ten days of Hitler in his bunker. Damnnn, his acting was so gooood.

I don’t think much else peculiar happened today.

Dear Diary #4

Hey dude. If you think today was a good day then guess again, because you could not be more wrong. Today my boss called me. I was only half awake when he asked me where I was for the past few days. I wanted to lie to him, but noooo, I had to tell him that I was taking some ‘ME’ time. I could hear the silent judgment emanating. It was awkward. After this terrible ordeal, I went back to sleep. When I woke up, I saw that I have received a mail from HR. I have been called to the freaking HR because I just wanted some time to hold myself together. Damn those capitalists. #ISayThisAsIDrinkCoke

TTYL. In no mood to write anything else.

Dear Diary #5

Hii! I wanted to tell you I won. I wrote an elaborate e-mail to the HR, explaining my circumstances and they agreed and sanctioned a 14 days sabbatical. I was in such a good mood that I wanted to commemorate this win by actually doing something productive, and that is why I have decided to start learning Spanish online. I have been told that it is the second most spoken language, so, it would be great for my C.V and personal growth as well. I am also thinking about learning sign language. I think it is so unique and interesting. It opens up so many avenues.

I just hope that I can manage all this.

Learning Spanish online.


Dear Diary #6

Greeting old friend! I did it! I completed the first lesson in Spanish. It was sooo easyyyy. I just hope the rest of it as easy. I couldn’t find any sign language workshops online. I think I might have to be more, you know, determined or you can say resolved to undertake this thrilling endeavor. Loool #heavylanguage

I also wanted to ask you a question, since you know I am a chain smoker, so I think this might be the perfect time to at least try to quit. What do you think? LMAO! You can’t even speak.

I also played COD today, none of my friends were online :( I had to play with random people. Also, I played online chess. Lost 3 games, won 1 :P

Dear Diary #7

Today, I decided to make my lunch. As you might have guessed, virtual Mr. Gordon Ramsay helped me. I made chicken pot roast. I did not have chickpeas so had to make use of just normal green peas. X(

Also, what the hell is with those complex names of dishes? Why can’t they just call it chicken and be done with it? What is with these people? What the hell do you mean by ‘Chicken pot roast, with scented mashed potato puree with cinnamon powder’? This is beyond me!

Also, the second lesson of my Spanish class was tougher than I expected. But I aced it XD.

Alsoooo, Peaky Blinder dudeeee!!! #SpoilerAlert Capmbell dieeeessss. I did not freaking see that coming.

A delicious chick pot roast.


Dear Diary #8

You will never believe what I did today, I started baking! I sucked at it though. I don’t know what the hell happened, I added the eggs, the butter, the flour and put it inside the oven, and all hell broke loose. :O

I tried making cupcakes but it was more like cup batter. I think there are some things that a man has to accept he can not excel at and I think Baking is my Achilles Heel. But it was super fun 10/10 would recommend people to try.

I saw another movie today! It’s called Shawshank Redemption. It’s about a man who is wrongfully accused of murdering his wife and is sent to prison who is headed by a dishonest, corrupt and brutal warden. It was an emotional movie. Superb ending!

Dear Diary #9

Hmmm, today I failed. So, you know about me trying to quit cigarettes? I smoke one today. I didn’t even realize after I had already finished one. Maybe I need to be more focused. Also, I’ve just realized that my sabbatical is also going to end and I have to be more prepared than ever. #Focus

Also, I just wanted to keep you informed about my Spanish classes. They are going amazing! I think I have a knack for Spanish XD I should also visit Spain for the La Tomatina festival.

Dear Diary #10

Sup!! Today was not a normal day. I thought I would watch a movie after some YouTube, but as the culture impels, I started clicking on different links and ended up watching String Theory and Quantum Mechanics Documentary by Brian Greene. Did you know that matter is also waves!!! As in humans are not just particles but waves too! Also, string theory is the closest we are to a Grand Unified Theory! I realized we have so much to learn and understand, as in, we don’t even know what we don’t know.

Different dimensions as proposed by String Theory.


Dear Diary #11

Hola mi amigo! Today I am going to display my Spanish prowess. Are you ready? Obviously, you are! Where do you have to be? LMAO! Sometimes I crack myself up XD

Today I finally finished Peaky Blinders!!! Fue tan Bueno! I also started an amazing show The Man in The High Castle. It is about a universe in which The Nazi Party won WWII. Although the story is amazing the pace is slow. Esperemos y veamos.

For lunch, I did not feel like cooking today so, I ordered in from, yessss you guessed it right, subway!! Hahahaha

Also, only three days left until I get back to my boring office X( KMN!

Dear Diary #12

Today I decided to do something healthy, I woke up early and went for a walk. After coming back, I fixed myself a fruit smoothie! It had everything; banana, apples, grapes, blueberry, and honey. Then after that, I tried to meditate, but I don’t know why I kept thinking about that scene in F.R.I.E.N.D.S when they all keep asking Ross whether he is fine or not, and Ross who is drunk keeps saying I am Fine when he is clearly not!!!

After that, I had a hot shower and saw MasterChef Canada.

Nothing peculiar happened. It was just a normal day.


Ross is not fine.


Dear Diary #13

Hey bruhhhh! Wassup? Today I started a DIY project! I made a wooden rack from cardboard, newspaper and plastic bottles. It was amazing! The feeling of accomplishment, of achieving something that is prized by your eyes. Also today, I contacted my colleagues to catch up with them. I had to study 1216 pages worth of reading material. Ooof! Too much work.

Also, I sent a mail to my boss, explaining my reasons for this break. I also assured him that I won't repeat this in the future! LOL! We both know that is not true :P

Dear Diary #14

Hiiii! Today is the final day of my sabbatical and I don’t think we would see each other this often. So I just want to say that you were a good friend to me for the last two weeks. I really enjoyed talking to you and opening up. I thought I would get bored as hell, alone for 14 days in my house. If you kinda think about it, it is like a miracle that even though I didn’t step out of the house I had so much to do. SO much to learn and numerous opportunities to grow as a person. I also think that I would continue with my Spanish classes and would try to cook more.

I think this is farewell, my friend.


Started writing a diary entry.


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Mar 31, 2020

2-weeks well spent!


Mar 30, 2020

Seems like an interesting set of 14 days. :)


Mar 30, 2020

Seems like an interesting set of 14 days. :)


Devansh Chawla
Devansh Chawla
Mar 29, 2020



Mar 29, 2020


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