House Arrest!?

Dear Diary #1

As you already know that the past couple of weeks have been completely overwhelming for me. I have been doing back to back shifts in my office, and I hardly have any time for myself. I know, I know that this is good for my future, but god! at what cost? XD

So today I didn’t go anywhere, I was at my home, on my couch, and just relaxed and took a step back. I did not think about work because God knows I’ve done my fair share. I think today was the first time I was living in the moment, enjoying all the little things. LOL, #DeepTalks :D

OMG! I completely forgot I watched Before Trilogy today. The movie was so good. Though it had no story it made perfect sense. I don’t know what was good, the acting or the dialogues!!! Sorry, got too excited :P

PS. I think I am not going to go tomorrow as well, today was fun :P

Stuck at home, working.