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How to Plan a Corporate Outing in 10 Simple Steps

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

The corporate world isn’t the most exciting place given the workloads and deadlines that are always looming over the head of employees.

With constant pressure to perform better, working hard to get the best results, and sometimes overworking due to an intense workload, the life of a corporate employee can be hard. With so much on their plate, these tight schedules may even hamper the bond of teammates.

However, team excursions are a proficient way to expedite bonding with team members and other colleagues, reduce work stress, and offer them the chance to get to know one another outside of the office.

It is also a great way to boost teamwork, improve employee engagement and serve as a refreshing break from the work environment.

These team-building events are proven to be effective in creating a better work environment, eventually an increase in productivity and hence the revenue of the companies.

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10 Simple Steps to a Perfect Corporate Outing

Here is a list of things to consider before planning a corporate event or outing:

01. Choose the right Planning Team

Involving the right people in the right task always gives the best results. These company outings and team-building events are crucial to keep up the spirits of employees and prevent burnout.

However, it isn’t an easy feat to accomplish when planning a team outing given the varied type of people and preferences. Gather a group of people and delegate tasks and responsibilities so that everything can be carried out smoothly and on time.

Also, having the right set of people who are meticulous and detailed oriented in their vision and execution is required to create hype around these company events.

02. Plan in Advance

The best way to ensure that your corporate outings are effective and of value to the employees is to make sure that all necessary planning and heeds are taken in advance.

It can take up to a month or more to meet all the prerequisite criteria of the people and the event. Always make sure that the planning team is well ahead in devising their plan and action in advance.

Create a timeline with a proper schedule and follow the calendar to get the best out of these team-building events.

03. Set Clear Goals

While planning a corporate outing, it is indispensable to have an objective you are looking to achieve. Given the nature of corporate retreats or outings, these corporate events always come at a price.

So, it is pertinent to make the best use of these events to promote team bonding through bonding activities and team-building activities.

Another important aspect is the employees you are targeting, the kind of team-building activities you are looking forward to, and the reason you are holding these team events for. Be precise and oriented with these points.

04. The Budget

It is detrimental to be very clear on the budget that is or will be allocated for the outing to make sure that all the other avenue of planning is done effectively.

Set a list of priorities and spending and plan accordingly. Ask your boss or the coordinator to give you a number for the budget.

It is always good to set a flexible budget on team building activities that will actually be of interest to the employees to derive the maximum benefit out of the trip.

05. The Date

Fix a date that will work for everyone in the office or team to boost participation from the employees.

Before you venture into an event that is specifically targeted to enhance team building for work, it is always advisable to fix a schedule around the free and convenient time of the participants.

This was both the inclusivity factor and participatory spirit will be amplified.

06. Secure the Venue

One of the most crucial aspects of making a corporate outing successful is the selection of location or destination. Choosing the right venue will intrigue and spark anticipation for the team event. This may also boost the morale and productivity of the potential partakers. Make sure to secure the necessary permit or bookings since these outings involve a large group of people.

07. Choose the right Team-building Activities

Planning an event that involves people who spend hours in front of their screens or long hours of meetings will require effort on the part of the organizers to charge them up for various strenuous activities.

It is always ideal to involve both indoor and outdoor team-building games and keep it abuzz with other good team-building activities to create a friendly environment which in turn promote bonding and good work relationship in the future.

08. Advertise the event internally

Always make it a point to highlight these outings to build an anticipatory air around the event. This will also create eagerness and excitement among employees.

Market the event within the teams to look forward to among colleagues which may also foster to create conversations and great work relationships in return.

09. Hire an Expert

Take the help of outside organisations or agencies that specialize in curating these offsite team-building activities.

This will help you cut costs and time. Hire a coordinator or facilitator who has a good working knowledge of the venue or site and let them plan the outline of your day-to-day activities, flight, and, hotel bookings.

This will ensure that all required access and permissions are secured and your retreats and outings function smoothly.

10. Have a Good Time

As stressful as the idea of gathering a large group of people or teams to come together for a team-building event, it is also important that everyone present regardless of role and position feels included as a part of the event.

So with all the requirements taken care of, have fun with the multiple activities, foods, and other engaging and enjoyable experiences.


Office and corporate travel are of great value and importance as these are consequential in creating a better workforce and promoting socialization and team bonding among colleagues.

Corporate outings serve as a great tool to enhance work relationships and also hike compatibility among colleagues and their bosses. It is a good time for individuals to showcase their special talents outside the cubicle and reinforce the motivation that comes with an appreciation of the individual.

Get in touch with The Tarzan Way to create your Corporate Travel Experience now!

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