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How to Reach Ladakh? (By Road, Air, Bus & Train)

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Ladakh gives you the best memorable vacation ever! It is as pleasing as always during any time of the year.

It is famous among motorbikers for the rock-carved mountain roads that give you a chill down your spine. The longing valleys and the eternally hypnotizing beauty of Ladakh will entice you for life!

You can choose the best suitable mode of transportation. But depending upon the time to visit, the transportation availability varies. You can also read this blog to know about the Best Time to visit Ladakh.

So it is preferred that you book in advance to avoid any inconvenience during traveling. Find below some best available travel options to Ladakh.

  1. By Road

  2. By Air

  3. By Bus

  4. By Train

By Road

The best way to enjoy scenic beauty during your trip is by traveling by road. It lets you stop wherever you want to great some awe-striking photographs.

From May to October, most roads are open and in prime conditions, so you can drive hassle-free. There are two route options available, Delhi-Manali-Leh or Delhi-Srinagar-Leh.


The best way to explore is to not only drive but take a halt and go discover the places en route. There are many amazing sites on this route.

You can begin by visiting Rock Garden in Chandigarh. It is made up of waste materials and trash which is remarkable. Next, you can visit the local village, Jispa, while going to Leh from Manali.

It still showcases the primitive lifestyle and mud houses. Close to nature, you can get refreshed here and have a campfire.

Reach to Ladakh by road via Manali and explore the city on way.
Go adventurous and drive across the high altitudes of Ladakh, picture by Arpit Bansal, credits: Unsplash

As you travel further, you will witness truly epic landscapes. And, we believe you are taking this road journey to enjoy the scenic view.

So halt wherever you want to, find your comfortable hotels or tents, and dance with the clouds around you. It is a 1000 km long route from Delhi. The route is best traveled from April to July as the weather is favorable.

During winters, it becomes nonfunctional on most days due to heavy snowfall. It takes 24 hours to complete the journey and thus needs 2-3 days to cover the route. So plan your trip accordingly.


If you feel motion sickness or are looking for a more convenient option to travel to mountains and not miss out on landscapes, then this will be the best option. The altitude raise is gradual so you can comfortably adjust to the higher altitudes. It is approximately a 1230 km route and thus needs frequent halts and more time to cover.

This route is famous among bikers for its jaw-dropping views. It is loved by adventurous people and you will be hypnotized by the beauty around you. The road is functional on most days, however, you should avoid traveling in the rainy season. The best time to go is from June to October.

You can enjoy the famous Patnitop. It is said to be the first point in Kashmir where snowfall starts. It is even famous even amongst the tourists and devotees who visit Jammu. As you go further to Srinagar, the roads are a bit congested as they are open to both public and army supply trucks. But after Titanic Point, they become smooth for traveling. You can click pictures here which are with the efforts!

Go Ladakh via Srinagar to cherish the beauty of Kashmir.
Enjoy and relax in the beautiful valleys of Srinagar on your way to Ladakh, shot by Yaser Nabi Mir, credits: Unsplash

On your way to Kargil from Srinagar, you can visit Sonmarg, Gumri War Memorial, and Kargil War Memorial and cherish the charisma of nature. But beware of your clothing as shorts are not allowed in Kargil War Memorial.

You can spend some time in peace at Mulbekh Monastery, Lamayuru Monastery, Fotu La Top, and Alchi Monastery. You also get to witness the serene confluence of the Indus and Zanskar Rivers and anti-defying Magnetic Hills.

By Air

Flights are always the most convenient option for traveling. If you want to save your energy for the exploration of Ladakh, do not think twice. Go and book a flight right now!

  • It is around 618 km the journey and can be completed in 1 hour and 15 minutes. So you can save your traveling time and savor the aesthetics in Ladakh during your entire vacation.

  • There are 11 flights daily from Delhi to Ladakh, out of which one is a connecting flight. It costs Rs. 3000 to 3500 (approximately) per person. You can book a flight via any website like Air India, SpiceJet, Vistara, or IndiGo.

  • The nearest airport to Ladakh is Kushok Bakula Rimpochee in Leh. You can book a taxi from Leh to reach Ladakh which is an 8 km journey, and the taxi will be available easily.

  • Enjoy the top view of snow-capped mountain peaks as you fly along with the clouds.

By Bus

Do you want to avoid the hectic task of preparing your car? Do you hate driving for longer hours but really want to go to Ladakh? But the fare of the flight disappoints you? Then, the bus is just the right option for you!

  • You can catch a bus from ISBT Delhi at 2.30 p.m. (approx). It is 1100 km long and needs 40 hours to complete.

  • It costs around Rs. 1400. This route is one of the longest and highest bus routes in the world.

  • It goes via Chandigarh, Kullu, and Manali and finally reaches the splendid view of Leh.

  • Since the bus passes through some of the highest mountain passes and to ensure safety, there is an overnight halt at Keylong. The bus then the next day proceeds towards Leh.

  • Tickets can be bought from the ticket counter at ISBT Delhi and extended to Leh at Keylong.

To reach to Ladakh from Delhi, take on a bus and save money.
Enjoy a bus ride to Ladakh, shot by Sahaj Patel, credits: Unsplash

By Train

Traveling by railway is one of the most common transportation modes in India. It offers convenient journeys of longer durations at a cheaper cost.

Currently, there is no direct train from Delhi to Ladakh. But do not worry you can still experience train journeys in the mountains.

  • The nearest railway station to Ladakh is Jammu Tawi Station. It is 700 km from Ladakh.

  • After reaching the Jammu railway station, you can hire a cab or board a local bus to reach Ladakh.

  • Its costs range from Rs. 200 to 2000 depending on the tier you prefer on the train. It will be a 570 km journey, with 40 trains running on a daily basis from Delhi to Jammu Tawi.

  • You can catch a train from any major station like New Delhi, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Pune, etc. The best part is that you get to enjoy both the train ride and the fabulous valleys of Leh by this route.

The blog describes about the best way to reach to Ladakh by train
Savor the beautiful nature on this train journey to Ladakh, clicked by Josh Nezon, credits: Unsplash

Final Words

Be it traveling through the rock-carved mountainous roads or flying directly to Leh, Ladakh stands out as a tourist destination.

It is an amazing blend of snow-covered valleys and heritage sites, perfect for family visits, and the adventurous options to give you an adrenaline rush.

With the availability of so many convenient transportation modes, traveling becomes less hectic and more enjoyable. Do not think twice and get ready straight away to reach the heavenly beauty of Ladakh!

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