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How to reach Spiti Valley

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Spiti Valley is a major tourist attraction
A beautiful shot by @wild_magical_soul from Instagram

The cold desert valley of Spiti is a tourist hotspot, the breathtaking views appealing to one and all. The route to Spiti via Manali remains closed during winters, so here are several ways to get you going any time of the year.

Enjoy the picturesque surroundings on your way to Spiti -

Read more about the travel experience from Spiti valley in the blog written by Priyanka!!

By Road

Spiti Valley can be reached by road easily
@salty_wilderness_voyager exploring Spiti Valley

You can reach Spiti Valley via two routes :

Via Manali -

Delhi - Solang Valley or Manali - Rohtang Pass - Gramphu - Kunzum Pass - Kaza/Tabo (Spiti Valley)

The distance between Manali and Spiti Valley is about 196 km. You can reach Kaza by hiring a private vehicle or sharing a taxi from Manali through Rohtang Pass and Kunzum Pass. You will require a minimum of two days to Spiti Valley, costing you around INR 3000-3500 per day. The best time to visit Spiti via this route is from June to October. You cannot take this road during winter as it is closed due to heavy snowfall.

Via Kinnaur -

Delhi - Shimla - Narkanda - Reckong Peo or Kalpa or Sangla - Nako - Dhankar - Tabo (Spiti)

Spiti Valley is around 235 km from Shimla. You can take the Hindustan-Tibet Highway to reach Spiti Valley from Shimla via Kinnaur. To cover this three-day-long trip, you will have to start from Shimla-Kinnaur Valley. Hire a cab for INR 2500-3000 per day or drive yourself as you enjoy the scenic view of the route. Even though this route is open throughout the year, it gets covered with snow during winters.

By Air

Spiti Valley can be reached by taking a flight to Kulllu-Manali airport
Kullu-Manali Airport beautifully captured by @saurabhkmr

There is no direct flight to Spiti Valley. The nearest airport is Bhuntar Airport (Kullu Airport), which is 245 km from Spiti. You can reach Spiti by taking a flight to Kullu Airport from Delhi or Chandigarh. You can then hire a cab or take a local bus to cover the rest of the distance. The nearest international airport is Chandigarh Airport (522 km away).

By Train

Spiti Valley can be reached by taking a train to Shimla railway station
A shot of Shimla Railway Station by @nature_boy4

To reach Spiti Valley, you can take a train to Chandigarh first and then hire a cab. Chandigarh Railway Station has good connectivity and is the best option to take.

You can also take a train to Joginder Nagar Railway Station, around 360km from Spiti Valley. First, you will have to take the toy train from Pathankot to Joginder Nagar. Even though it is the nearest railway station to Spiti, it does not have good connectivity.

The Kalka-Shimla toy train is another option you can go for to reach Spiti Valley.

By Bus

Reaching Spiti Valley in a bus is a pocket-friendly option
Traveling to Spiti Valley @himbus.hp on Instagram

You can reach Spiti Valley by taking the local bus services. Buses ply from Chandigarh to Reckong Peo and from there to Kaza daily. Two HRTC buses run from Shimla to Kaza and back, one in the morning and the other in the evening. The bus ticket costs around INR 400 and takes 24 hours to reach Kaza from Shimla.

Direct buses are also available from Chandigarh, Kullu and Shimla.

Two HTC buses run regularly from Manali to Kaza, costing around INR 250 per person.

Only one bus plies from Shimla to Sangla, which will get full by Shimla itself

6.50 am - Shimla

10.00 am - Narkanda

5.00 pm - Sangla (last stop)

From Sangla Valley, the 5.10 pm bus will take you from Rakcham to Chitkul at 6.00 pm, the last stop.

From Chitkul, three buses go to Sangla (6.30 am, 1.30 pm and 4.00 pm). The 1.30 pm bus will take you to Reckong Peo.

Reckong Peo to Kalpa, you will get buses at every one-hour interval.

From Reckong Peo to Kaza, only one bus plies at 7.00 am (Peo - Nako - Tabo Sumdo - Schilling - Kaza).

From Reckong Peo to Tabo, you can take the 9.00 am bus.

Peo - Nako - Tabo

Tabo is the last stop.

From Reckong Peo to Sumdo, take the noon bus.

Peo - Nako - Sumdo

Sumdo is the last stop.

The next day it will reach Tabo around 11.30 am, from where you can leave for then Schilling.

You can take a taxi from Schilling to Dhankar, which will cost you around INR 700.

To reach Kaza from Dhankar in the morning, you may get a shared taxi to Kaza or come down to Schilling to catch a bus.

From Kaza, you can rent a bike for your further journey.

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