• Harish Joshi

Workation in Jaipur: 5 Best Destinations to Work from in 2022

Updated: Nov 1

Workations are, undoubtedly, the new normal. It offers the uniqueness of vacation along with working in your own comfort. The days, over the past, have been so discouraging. With the lockdowns, virus scare, and another wave.

If you’ve been wondering, what are we heading towards, I too am! Everyone is confused and deeply stressed about what awaits them in the future. These are testing times, the only thing holding us up is Hope.

What makes this pandemic a sore memory is the fact that all our travel goals had to be given away. Whenever we resume, it won’t be as simple and joyous of an experience as it used to be.

Stuck at home for a year without exploring different cities and finding solace at natural retreats, has made people bored. We desperately want to do it, again.

Everything, as a result of the pandemic, including our daily routines has hung up. There is no idle time anymore. All of us can agree to the fact that working from home has erased the line between work life and personal life.

Sometimes, finishing up a minimal task can take you more than two days. There is, however, an increased level of comfort. But the implications are worse. There are the most common disadvantages to working from home.

Firstly, you lose concentration. Secondly, and most importantly, I feel: you cannot hang out with colleagues anymore. The amicable interaction at a chai shop or a small café is irreplaceable.