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Workation in Jaipur: 5 Best Destinations to Work from in 2022

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Workations are, undoubtedly, the new normal. It offers the uniqueness of vacation along with working in your own comfort. The days, over the past, have been so discouraging. With the lockdowns, virus scare, and another wave.

If you’ve been wondering, what are we heading towards, I too am! Everyone is confused and deeply stressed about what awaits them in the future. These are testing times, the only thing holding us up is Hope.

What makes this pandemic a sore memory is the fact that all our travel goals had to be given away. Whenever we resume, it won’t be as simple and joyous of an experience as it used to be.

Stuck at home for a year without exploring different cities and finding solace at natural retreats, has made people bored. We desperately want to do it, again.

Everything, as a result of the pandemic, including our daily routines has hung up. There is no idle time anymore. All of us can agree to the fact that working from home has erased the line between work life and personal life.

Sometimes, finishing up a minimal task can take you more than two days. There is, however, an increased level of comfort. But the implications are worse. There are the most common disadvantages to working from home.

Firstly, you lose concentration. Secondly, and most importantly, I feel: you cannot hang out with colleagues anymore. The amicable interaction at a chai shop or a small café is irreplaceable.

Workations: A post-pandemic normal; Credits: Unsplash

Alternatively, as a millennial culture of sorts, workations offer a better experience if you’re working remotely. It brings together work with the thing that you’re missing the most: travel. It can really work wonders when it comes to changing the perspective.

Your creative mind gets unleashed as you work in the best natural environment away from bustling cities.

The devotion towards concentrating on your work tasks increases leaps and bounds. Your interest increases. You feel content and happy with where you’re at, a changed background.

About Jaipur

The Majestic Amber Fort of Jaipur; credits: Meriç Dağlı on Unsplash

Jaipur is the Pink city of India and the capital of Rajasthan. Though it isn’t pink completely, the town has a distinct vibe to it. The home to the royalty of Rajasthan, the city is much more than a historic splendour. Jaipur also forms the "Golden Triangle" travel circuit.

The city is just a little over 5 hours from New Delhi. As you get there, you experience lively markets, majestic palaces, and great archaeological structures mixed with a fresh urban environment.

The city was founded by Raja Jai Singh II in 1727 and has a wide expanse of over 450 square kilometres.

Though a lot of people live in the city, it does not feel as overcrowded or populous as the major cities of India. The rich Marwari culture binds every person together here. The chaotic streets have their own charm.

The hullabaloo is an amalgamation of tourists and locals enjoying the liveliness of Jaipur. The markets and tourist spots are inundated by lakhs on a daily basis. This city is a perfect mix of a fast-paced young life and a mesmerizing and brave history.

One gets to see the perfect blend of the old world and the new world here. However, it should be mentioned explicitly, what attracts tourists is the heritage of this ancient capital. The city is home to marvellous Rajput palaces and fortresses. It is one of the most visited cities in India.

However, the town has been seeing a lesser number of visitors since the pandemic struck us. With the tourism sector ramshackle everywhere, an alternate experience in the form of workations is emerging everywhere.

Well, there isn’t much to ask for, basically, in a workation. The industry is not too strong here, we can still get homestays pretty easily.

5 Best Workations in Jaipur, Rajasthan

Here are some recommendations that we hope would be helpful in securing a comfortable and enjoyable stay as a workation in Jaipur:

1. Backpackers Villa

Backpackers Villa, Jaipur; credit: backpackervilla,jaipur on Instagram

Backpackers Villa, located in close proximity to Sindhi Camp, offers multiple options for workations depending upon the traveller’s need. The accommodation, in addition to basic amenities, offers evening entertainment and a shared kitchen.

The rooms are all attached to private bathrooms and equipped with air conditioning. The guests are offered free vegetarian breakfasts. Backpackers Villa is located near the popular tourist attractions of Jaipur.

The property is located around 2.7 kilometres from City Palace; 2.8 kilometres from Jantar Mantar; Hawa Mahal is at a distance of 3.4 kilometres from the property.

Reaching the Villa is also easy, it is a little over 11 kilometres from Jaipur International Airport and just 5.1 kilometres from Jaipur Railway Station.

2. Nanus Hostel

Credits: Nanus Hostel on Maps

Nanus Hostel is another budget-friendly accommodation in the historical city of Jaipur. They offer a wide range of options for accommodations for travellers starting from as low as ₹3.75K a month.

This property is centrally located in Jaipur, just a little over 1.5 kilometres from Sindhi Camp and well connected with Jaipur International Airport and Jaipur Railway station. The stay is located in the midst of the city’s most historical monuments.

It fulfils all the basic requirements that one has from their stay at a workation. The Hostel also has a restaurant, though it might not be functional currently owing to the COVID restrictions.

It has a work-friendly environment and the staff has also been rated nicely by past visitors. Nanus Hostel has been rated 8.4 out of 10 for a work-related trip.

3. Hotel Vaishnavi

Entrance to Hotel Vaishnavi; Credits: Rahul Srivastava on Maps

Hotel Vaishnavi is located just 1 kilometre from the Local Bus Station and 2 kilometres away from Jaipur Railway Station. The rooms are well equipped with working desks, sofa and TV and well spacious. Private bathrooms are attached to the rooms.

The property is well maintained and cleanliness is well taken care of by a 24-hour dedicated staff. The hotel also has an in-house restaurant that provides delicious vegetarian meals on demand.

The pricing here is also pocket-friendly with dorm rooms starting a little over 5K a month. The air-conditioned rooms are also priced moderately for travellers.

The in-house Wi-Fi provides excellent quality internet connectivity, leaving nothing for you to worry about.

4. Moustache Hotel, Jaipur

Credits: Moustache on Maps

The Moustache Hotel is a fancy residential hotel, located centrally in Jaipur. The beautiful accommodation has features like free Wi-Fi access, privacy curtains, reading lights, charging ports, lockers, and hangers to make your stay home-like.

You can view the Majestic Nahargarh fort from the rooftop while enjoying your evening tea or coffee. For entertainment purposes, you can play with fellow guests in the games room.

Basically, it is a fun stay equipped with exceptional elements prioritizing the comfort of the travellers. The hostel is well connected to Jaipur Railway Station, a little over 1 kilometre and around 11 kilometres from the Jaipur International Airport.

The Moustache Hotel is a budget-friendly comfortable stay for your workation needs. Its dorm rooms are priced around 6K inclusive of breakfast. In addition to dorm rooms, you can also opt for other rooms too.

This property has been given an awesome score of 9.3/10 by business travellers for a work-related trip as it offers an optimal environment for maximized concentration.

5. Sturmfrei Hostel

Credits: Sturmfrei Hostel on Maps

Sturmfrei Hostel is one of the liveliest stays for young travellers in Jaipur. Located in close proximity to Sindhi Camp and 3.4 kilometres from City Palace, Sturmfrei Hostel provides a comfortable stay with a variety of accommodations to choose from.

The hostel environment is cosy and cheerful. The rooms are cleaned and with basic amenities. The stay is facilitated by the host Ankit who’s always ready at your call.

The place offers a comfortable and soothing ambience and a perfect work-friendly environment at affordable prices. The dorm rooms start at around 7.6K a month with daily free English/Irish breakfast included.

Sturmfrei Hostel has been rated 9.6/10 for a good working environment where you can focus better on your daily tasks and assignments.


1) What is a workation?

A workation is a working vacation, where you combine your work with a vacation in a beautiful location.

2) Why Jaipur is best for workation?

Jaipur is a beautiful city in India with a rich culture and history. It is also a convenient location for workations, as it has good infrastructure and is well connected to the rest of the world.

3) What are the best places to work in Jaipur?

Some of the best places to work in Jaipur include the following: - The Rambagh Palace - The Amber Fort - The City Palace - The Hawa Mahal

4) What are the best things to do in Jaipur?

Some of the best things to do in Jaipur include the following: - Visit the Amber Fort - Explore the City Palace - Wander around the Hawa Mahal - Take a camel ride - Go shopping in the markets

Final Words

To tune ourselves to the beat of this pandemic isn’t easy. We can, though, figure out our own ways of handling it. A breakthrough is all that will set the tone differently. A destination such as Jaipur can really be a good choice when trying for a detoxifying breather.

It can really make you more content and a chance to gather all your thoughts. We haven’t been exposed to travelling the way we were last year. For every traveller, one thing is paramount: the change in landscape.

There’s not much proper travelling going on right now. But we can still stay in a place that’s different from our homes, interact with an alternate environment and stop being just bored of our chained lives.

Just the thought of being in a different town, to me, gives way to a lot of excitement. I’m sure it is the same for you. Even if it’s not, why not try something new?

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