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Love Anthems of Ranbir in Indian Streets

The "heartthrob" of all Ladies is loved mostly in the perennial man-child roles like Prem, Sid, and Bunny. The albums of all his movies are the biggest chartbusters and all-time favorites for couples to earmark their love. The Romantic backdrops of Ranbir's Hit tracks would surely make you fall in love again.

Humming the beats meander through these places in India to plan your trip to bestow the beauties with your beauty.

Blooming love of spring, Kesariya:

Varanasi, one of India’s spiritual cities, is shown as the city of love capturing the energy of Banaras in Kesariya. The song pictures its best shots at famous ghats like the Darbhanga ghat of Varanasi during sunset and the Brij Rama Palace as a backdrop. A boat ride with a good nature view on the sacred rivers of Ganga and Ganga aarti is also captured with love birds humming is beyond words. The streets of Varanasi are colored in saffron hues as the song theme to get the love conquers all feel while watching.

Ramnagar Fort with Mughal architecture, a famous Gyanvapi mosque, and Buddhist Monastery is among Banaras’s tourist attractions for you to write your love story.

Other movies: Tum Tak from Raanjhanaa, Manikarnika, Gangs of Wasseypur.