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How to Travel Comfortably on a Budget in 2022

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

India is a country that is full of magic no matter what time of the year you get here! There is something in every corner that can amaze you even if the place you visit will be off-season. Everyone wants to travel in a luxurious manner but sometimes, we've got a limited budget.

You need to remember that everyone's definition of budget vacation will differ. A luxury trip might mean different things to different people, too. However, these pointers ought to be applicable whatever your spending limit and anticipated degree of luxury may be.

A person enjoying a luxurious bath while reading a book
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Here are a few things you can do when you travel to India to help you comfortably enjoy your time here while on a budget:

1. Stay at an Airbnb or Homestay

An Airbnb house with modern furniture and glass doors
Image by Business Traveller

Staying in Airbnbs, homestays, or guesthouses run by locals in India is a great way to obtain the sense of a luxury vacation when you're on a budget. These are comparatively cheaper than hotels but you'll get to experience a similar stay.

Plus, these places give a far more real experience, and you'll probably have your own bathroom that isn't shared with the owner and their family! Your host will also be able to teach you about the local way of life.

2. Plan a trip during the off-season

It might be expensive to plan a luxury trip during public holidays and vacations. On the other side, traveling to places when they are off-season can save you a lot of cash. Choose a period of the year when there are fewer tourists if you want to have a luxurious holiday.

It's important to keep in mind that many tourists come to visit around the time of Indian holidays or festivities. So, try to get to these places at other times if possible. You’ll be able to take a more peaceful vacation and save money for a few frills.

3. Eat out less frequently

A plate of homecooked pasta besides some green vegetables and apples
Image by Alex Green

It is possible to have a full meal for even 300 INR if you make your own meals. However, if you don't plan it carefully, it could severely cut into your budget. Instead of eating out every night, it is worthwhile to prepare meals for yourself whenever you can in order to cut costs and take care of your health too.

Additionally, you should stay away from tourist spots where items are overpriced owing to high demand; instead, stick to consuming street food meals near markets, which are typically less expensive overall.

4. Bargain! Bargain! Bargain!

In India, practically every set price that is provided to a visitor is significantly higher than the going rate, which is arguably the most overdone travel advice. You can choose the wiser approach and begin negotiating at half price and proceed from that.

Indians adore a good negotiator more than anything else! Real jewelry and gemstones should only be purchased if you don't worry too much about their value since they are not certified.

5. Hire, don’t buy

To get around town, hiring a car, a cycle, or a scooter can be more cost-effective than purchasing them. To have an enjoyable, and comfortable budget trip, make sure to return them to the sellers at the end of the trip in good condition.

If you want to save even more money, you can also rent an apartment, a house, or a bed and breakfast rather than make a hotel reservation. When traveling with others, a villa may provide all the pleasures while staying within your means.

6. Go to offbeat destinations

Scenery of fields full of water and a bluish grey cloudy sky with mountains in the background
Image by Tour My India

Look for new or offbeat destinations because the more well-known tourist destinations are often the most expensive to visit. The living expenses will be cheaper, there won't be as many people there, and Airbnbs/homestays will be less expensive.

In certain cases, you can have a more genuine experience in a place that receives fewer tourists since the locals are friendlier there.

7. Consult online travel experts

A travel agency arranges everything for you, including hotel reservations and sightseeing stops, so you can relax and enjoy your holiday in luxury without worrying about accidents. In the end, everything is handled within a predetermined budget.

Although many people believe that booking a trip online is a scam, a travel agency actually benefits customers in more ways than one. You'll be shocked to find out how much money you can save with their help.

Additionally, you can also try using some of the mobile apps for budgeting & handling money. Using mobile apps can be a great way to keep track of all your expenses & help you better manage your money.

On a related note, you should definitely remember us the next time you plan a trip!


Irrespective of where you go, a magnificent travel adventure is really about the moments you remember. This is regardless of whether you like exploring new locations every day or prefer to take a peaceful getaway and take in the local beauty.

Make the best of not just the worldly delights a place has to offer, but also the soul of the place. You should always learn more about it from locals whether you travel solo, with your partner, or with your mates.

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