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Majnu Ka Tila: Delhi's Mini Tibet
Photo of Majnu Ka Tila Entrance by Tibetan Journal

Majnu Ka Tila, commonly called MKT by the cool kids, is also known by names such as New Aruna Nagar Colony, Chungtown, and Samyeling. Situated on the banks of the Yamuna River in the North Delhi District, the place is called Mini Tibet of Delhi because of the culture that the people living here follow.
Photo of Majnu Ka Tila Gurudwara by India Times

The name Majnu Ka Tila was taken from the Gurudwara which goes by the same name. The Majnu Ka Tila Gurudwara was built in 1783 by the Sikh Military Leader Baghel Singh Dhaliwal to recall the stay of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The area was given this quirky name by Guru Nanak Dev Ji, who was very pleased by the services of Majnu, thus immortalising the place in the name of Majnu. A local Iranian Sufi singer, Abdulla, was nicknamed Manju and he was seeking enlightenment from Guru Nanak Dev Ji during the 1500s. Majnu used to help the villagers with crossing the Yamuna River for free and this pleased Guru Nanak Devi Ji.

When Aruna Nagar was still developing during the 1950s, Tibetans came to Delhi from Tibet in March of 1959 and took refuge as the Dalai Lama went into exile to Dharamshala. It was in the year 1960, that these people were allotted land by the government, hence making them permanent residents of the place.

Photo by Lipakshi Seedhar

Upon entering the lanes of this Tibetan Colony, you can hear the faint sounds of the Dalai Lama’s preaching and the sweet sounds of the tinkling prayer bells that surround the area. Majnu Ka Tila has a lot to offer, be it food or shopping, or hotels, etc. You name it and you probably might find something more than that.

Photo by Lipakshi Seedhar

Thanks to social media, the place has attracted more Delhiites in recent years and since then, MKT has been offering something new each time. Now, it’s a hub for college students, tourists, etc to explore the very different face of Delhi.

So, what all can you do at Majnu Ka Tila?

The lanes of Majnu Ka Tila have tiny kiosks where you will find mostly everything at very affordable rates. You can buy Hippie jewelry like beaded bracelets, different types of studs, various styles of neck pieces for men and women, both starting from as cheap as ₹20. Some kiosks also offer Korean music CDs and you may also hear Korean music playing at some kiosks.

Walking up to the next stall, you may find a variety of silver jewellery. Some are basic earrings, while some huge rings with colourful stones or skulls, different types of anklets, bracelets of all types, and everything under the sun.

There are kiosks for clothes, be it for men, women or children. You can buy clothes like basic co-ord sets, different types of kurtis and kurtas, sundresses, jumpers, scarves, etc, available in a variety of colours and patterns. During the winters, you will see a wide variety of sweaters, jackets, and shawls, which are as soft as the softest teddy that you have and as warm as a winter cup of hot chocolate on a winter evening. The abundance of colours in every piece of garment is top- notch as you will definitely find something for yourself and the affordable range of everything just adds to the charm of the place.

If you are a fan of Korean foods that are a hype on the internet these days but you can’t find them anywhere near you, then look no further as you’ll definitely find almost every Korean snack like the famous Kimchi or the extra spicy Korean noodles here and a lot of other international snacks like the Flaming Hot Cheetos.

The street- food at MKT is very different from the rest of the Delhi street foods. A visit here would be incomplete without having a bite of the authentic Tibetan Momos or the Laughings, which are served sometimes dry and sometimes with cold soup, as per your liking.
Photo by LBB

The stores on either side of the MKT lanes also offer a lot of different things of a slightly better quality. You may find clothes in different styles. There are shoe stores where you may find some good quality sneakers and boots at a fairly good price and good quality. Some stores have very beautiful brass statues, Thangka paintings, different flavours of teas, handmade soaps, attar in a plethora of different fragrances, and knick- knacks like keychains, dolls, crockery with beautiful patterns and what not.

Photo of Thangka by Lipakshi Seedhar

Last but not the least, Majnu Ka Tila offers an array of cafés to choose from. Each café offers different types of cuisine at very reasonable prices. A little bit of information about some must- try cafés is given below:

1. AMA Café
Photo by LBB

One of the first cafés that pulled the crowd to the lanes of Majnu Ka Tila, is without a

doubt the highlight of the place. With some tasty food, AMA Café offers books to the

diners. The ambience of the café is so welcoming and warm that one can sit for hours at

length sipping their drink without getting bored. There is a very pretty balcony on each

floor of the café, which has become one back drop for a lot of aesthetic Instagram posts.

Cuisine: Italian, English, Tibetan, Fast Food

Timings: 8am- 10pm

Cost for 2: ₹500

Address: House no. 6, 1st Floor, Majnu-ka-tilla, New Aruna Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110054

2. Nor Yak Café and Restaurant
Photo from Facebook

A Tibetan Breakfast café, Nor Yak Café and Restaurant offers you a variety of Tibetan

cuisines as well as fast food that one can try at very cheap rates. The café is pretty tiny

and cute and has a very cozy ambience.

Cuisine: Chinese Tibetan, Fast Food

Timings: 9am- 9:30pm

Cost for 2: ₹700

Address: H. No. 31, Block 12, New Camp, New Aruna Nagar, Majnu Ka Tilla, Delhi,


3. MKT Hub
Photo from Facebook

A newly opened Café and Bar, this is a perfect place for a Saturday dinner with friends

as the place offers live performances on the weekends. The interior of the café is very

cute and has neon signs on the walls. MKT Hub offers Tibetan dishes which one can try

at very affordable prices.

Cuisine: Tibetan, Fast Food

Timings: 12pm- 11pm

Cost for 2: ₹800

Address: GF Ida house, D-41, block 12, New Aruna Colony, Majnu-ka-tilla, Timarpur,

Delhi 110054

4. Dolma House
Photo by Whats Hot

This is one of the oldest restaurants in Majnu Ka Tila and offers the best Tibetan foods.

The café gives a canteen vibe and is pretty small but the people who serve it here have

a big heart. It is a great place for beef lovers.

Cuisine: Chinese, Seafood, Fast Food

Timings: 8am- 10pm Cost for 2: ₹300

Address: H-No 1, Block No 10, New Aruna Nagar, Majnu Ka Tilla, Delhi, 110054

5. Yamuna Café
Photo by LBB

Located on the banks of the Yamuna River, this cutesy café offers an affordable breakfast

menu. You can enjoy the view of the Yamuna River while sipping on your coffee and

eating the best cheesecake that the place has to offer.

Cuisine: English, Tibetan, North Indian, Italian, Fast Food

Timings: 9:30am- 9:30pm

Cost for 2: ₹600

Address: D-34, East House, Majnu-ka-tilla, New Aruna Nagar, Delhi, 110054

6. Rigo Coffee House
Photo by Magic Pin

From Thukpa to Kimchi to pizza to Kapa Maki, the café offers you a plethora of cuisines

to try. This super chic café is a good place to check out if you want to try out a variety of

different cuisines at a very affordable price.

Cuisine: Multi- Cuisine

Timings: 12pm- 10:30pm

Cost for 2: ₹800

Address: 180, Nyingma House, Tibetan Old Camp, Majnu-ka-tilla, New Delhi, Delhi


7. Busan Korean Restaurant
Photo by LBB

As the name suggests, this restaurant is very famous for its Korean cuisine, be it Korean barbeque, Kimbap, Guksu, Jeon, So, Tang, Dak, Dwaeji, among others. The ambience

of the café is very beautiful and calm. This Korean café is very affordable and cute.

Cuisine: Korean

Timings: 11:30am- 9:40pm

Cost for 2: ₹800

Address: Ground Floor, House# 9B, Block # 10, Colony, Majnu Ka Tilla 110054, New

Aruna Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110054

8. Tee- Dee Restaurant
Photo by LBB

From breakfast to lunch to dinner, this multi- cuisine café has got you covered. The walls

of the café are painted with Buddha and mystical beasts all over its walls. One of the

best places to try the traditional Tibetan dishes and the food on the menu starts from as

low as ₹50.

Cuisine: Chinese, Tibetan, North- Indian

Timings: 9am- 10:30pm

Cost for 2: ₹600

Address: H-32, New Aruna Colony, Majnu-ka-tilla, New Aruna Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi


9. Kham Coffee House
Photo by India Chronicles

A cute café, Kham Coffee House, has a collection of books which help unleash the

bookworm in you while sipping some of the creamiest coffees. Visit the café to escape

the hustle- bustle of the city and devour a perfect food spread and enjoy the calmness. Cuisine: Tibetan, American, Fast Food

Timings: 7:30am- 10pm

Cost for 2: ₹500

Address: New Aruna Colony, Majnu-ka-tilla, Timarpur, Delhi, 110054

10. Koko Restaurant
Photo by Magic Pin

This multi- cuisine restaurant has a very different vibe to it. The red walls of the café and

seating arrangement give the café a very Asian feel. One can try cuisines ranging from Tibetan to Chinese to Italian. One should try the best tasted Thukpa and the other, a

variety of pork dishes at very pocket- friendly prices.

Cuisine: Multi- Cuisine

Timings: 12pm- 10pm

Cost for 2: ₹600

Address: P62H+X92, Outer Ring Rd, Tibetan Colony, New Aruna Colony, Majnuka-tilla,

New Aruna Nagar, Delhi, 110054

Though the Majnu Ka Tila is slightly cooler considering the tall trees inside the lanes protect the place from the sun, it is advisable to visit the place when the weather is relatively pleasant, like in the months of August to April, so that one can enjoy the place to the fullest.

The place does offer car parking, but as the space is very limited, one must opt for public transport like cabs and autos or take your two- wheelers to the place. One can also opt for the metro. The nearest metro station is Vidhan Sabha. Take an e- rickshaw from the station to reach Majnu Ka Tila

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