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Desi Reunion with Friends in SHAAN-E-AWADH Lucknow

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Conference call between Jigris

“Ah! This Covid has ruined all our plans. Right? We should definitely plan reunion guys”, Kirti said.

"Reunion please, are you sure, you’re not thinking about food this time? Because every time we plan something, food is the most exciting part for you", Muskaan replied.

"Jai! You tell her, there is no love sincere than the love of food. Food is everything", Kirti replied annoyingly.

“Yes, she is damn right. What do you think, Prateek?”, Jai enquired.

"Umm", (looking through the pages of his book) Prateek said, “I want to explore some historical sites, something with the deep ruins of past.”

"Ahahaha...You will always be a nerd", Divyansha exclaimed joyfully, “I think we should visit Lucknow. In winters, the essence of this place is so soothing and the flavor of different varieties of food, and, and how can one forget about Lucknow Mahotsav! the huge mela of the city”.

“Lucknow’s kebab dude and the biryani, lassi... just wow”, Kirti said excitingly.

After several discussions, they finally plan a trip to Lucknow.

Bara Imambara at Lucknow
Capital of Uttar Pradesh- Lucknow

In this fast-changing world, where, modernization is overshadowing the charm of the old cities. Lucknow continues to hold on to the silky thread of a bygone era which is, dyed in the golden hue of Awadh’s history. The capital of Uttar Pradesh is among the few cities that have a personality of its own. Here is a list of things that will tell you why Lucknow is so special?

1. Places with SHAHI Background

friends having fun together
Places to visit with friends in Lucknow

Bara Imambara

One of Lucknow's most beautiful monuments is Bada Imambara. This structure has immense cultural, religious, and historic significance and worth. It is mostly known for its fascinating Bhool Bhulaiya.

The Imambara is one of the most popular tourist sites in the heart of the old city, with its beautiful architecture, a baffling yet amazing echo system, and great interiors. If you are visiting Lucknow this should be on the top of your list.

TIMINGS: 6:00 A.M.- 5:00 P.M.

ENTRY TICKET: Rs 50 per person (Adult for Indian Citizens)

famous place Bada Imambara
Central hall of Bada Imambara

Rumi Darwaza

The Rumi Darwaza, Awadh ki Shaan-Navabo ki Pehchan. This place should definitely be included in your itinerary to Lucknow, the word Rumi Darwaza literally means Turkish gateway in English.

It is one of the famous architectural wonders of Lucknow. The 60ft tall doorway is situated in the center of Bada Imambara and Chota Imambara.

This Darwaza has become so crucial to Lucknow's pan-India and worldwide character that the door has been used as a symbol for both the city's and the metro corporation's logos! So, if you visit Lucknow make sure to stop by and have a look at the beautifully crafted architecture. The place is perfect for clicking pictures that will give an aesthetic view for the gram.

TIMINGS: 12:00 P.M.- 12:00 A.M.

ENTRY TICKET: Free of cost.

Rumi darwaza a place to visit at lucknow
Beautiful doorway in Lucknow- Rumi Darwaza

2. Lakhnavi Andaaz Wali Shopping

Shopping is the most therapeutic activity during a trip, and in a city like Lucknow - a paradise for street shopping, it becomes one of the important things to do in Lucknow. Chikan Kari embroidery and Attar-E-Khushboo are special souvenirs one can buy from Lucknow.

Chikan Embroidered Clothes

Even though there are big flashy malls in Lucknow, but the vibrant markets and well-crafted shops, remain in the limelight for travelers across the country. These colorful markets never leave a chance to become a Centre of attraction among tourists. Tehzeeb in the city is quite evident from the way shopkeepers talk to the customers.

The most loved product of Lucknow is the Traditional Chikan embroidery work.

Famous shops in Chowk, Aminabad, Hazratganj, Janpath, and Alambagh will definitely give you a memorable experience in the crowded yet joyful streets of Lucknow. These narrow streets and shops have very meaningful and deep stories related to the history and rich culture of Awadh.

Tip: If you visit these markets be aware of your belongings and be ready to bargain at the lowest price possible.

clothes and things to buy in lucknow
Markets of lucknow

Attar (Perfume)

Fragrance or Khushboo depicts the personality of a human being. Other than chikankari work, one specialty of Awadh is attar (the perfume). It is the best-suited souvenir from Lucknow. The shahi design and the cut-glass shape of perfume bottles are considered unique features. Lucknow is recognized for its high-quality perfumes. This attar or perfume is made with the use of different aromatic herbs, spices, sandal oil, musk, flower essence, that leaves a long-lasting fragrance. The word 'attar' is derived from the Persian word 'atr,' which implies scent. During the time of Nawabs, this scent or attar was used in dishes also, in order to enhance the flavor and aroma of food.

attar perfume bottle famous in Lucknow
Perfume bottles

3. Adab Aur Zayke Ka Khana

Lucknow city “Jahan Ki Tehzeeb -E- Talim Aur Dawate-Ishq Mashoor Hai”. It is unlikely that there is another city in the country that can surpass the beauty of Awadh’s evening and the taste of its exotic food.

Some places are famous for pilgrimage and just like that, Lucknow city is a place where food lovers come for food pilgrimage.


The famous place for non-vegetarians is Dastarkhwan. Hundreds of royal courts and kitchens have been described in India's culinary history, but no one has been able to match the perfection of the Dastarkhwan of the nawabs of Lucknow, where Awadhi cuisine originated. The Awadh Nawabs were supporters of the arts, poetry, music, and fine arts. This appreciation for finer things extended to their cuisine, resulting in the birth of Awadhi cuisine, which is adored by foodies all over the country.

non-vegetarian food
Non-vegetarian food in Lucknow @Dastarkhwan

1090 food lane

1090 lane is the favorite evening spot for all the Nawabs of Lucknow, especially if you are with your group the happiness gets doubled.

For our vegetarian lovers, Lucknow has a long street food lane. From desi bhel puri to everyone’s favorite momos you will get a variety of dishes that will force you to say, “Pet bhar Gaya par man nahi bhara

The most famous street food here is soya chaap, at ‘Delhi wale soya chaap zone” the exotic flavor of green chutney and the taste of smokey chaap, that is hard to forget. That’s the beauty of Lucknow ka zayka, it won’t be easy to forget the taste till the next day.

famous streets of lucknow
Streets of Lucknow

4. Nightlife in Lucknow

The nightlife of Lucknow is, as exotic as the food of this city. One can encounter the beauty of this city at night only. The stillness and the beaming lights make the city look more elegant.

Though there are so many nightclubs, bars, and sky bars, being in the lap of nature is the best therapy for the soul. One can feel the calmness by just gazing at the sky and exploring the nightlife here.

Riverfront in Gomti Nagar

The most beautiful view at night can be encountered at River Front, with nature and the fountain lights. The scene is just peaceful and alluring to the eyes. If you are a person who also likes the late-night vibes, you should definitely take a drive around Gomti Nagar, to experience the serenity of the view.

night sky
Nightlife in Lucknow

There are a lot more places to explore in the city and enjoy yourself with your friends. But the one which is really special and holds the heart of Awadh is listed above.

Chai Bun Makkhan and Mitha Paan

The two delights you should try on your way to the riverfront is CHAI BUN MAKKHAN AND MITHA PAAN OF AWADH, these two are a specialty of Awadh and also my personal favorite.

You can figure out your personal favorite eateries by visiting Lucknow with your gang.

This was a short itinerary with your friends, where, you all can have fun in total desi way in the streets of Lucknow. There are so many other posh places and cafes to hang out but this blog was all about the desi reunion in desi style with a pocket-friendly journey.

Hope you had fun in this itinerary to Lucknow.

Go and book a trip to the world-famous places of Lucknow to reunite with your Gang in desi style.

Signing off!

Your travel guide.

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