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Desi Reunion with Friends in SHAAN-E-AWADH Lucknow

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Conference call between Jigris

“Ah! This Covid has ruined all our plans. Right? We should definitely plan reunion guys”, Kirti said.

"Reunion please, are you sure, you’re not thinking about food this time? Because every time we plan something, food is the most exciting part for you", Muskaan replied.

"Jai! You tell her, there is no love sincere than the love of food. Food is everything", Kirti replied annoyingly.

“Yes, she is damn right. What do you think, Prateek?”, Jai enquired.

"Umm", (looking through the pages of his book) Prateek said, “I want to explore some historical sites, something with the deep ruins of past.”

"Ahahaha...You will always be a nerd", Divyansha exclaimed joyfully, “I think we should visit Lucknow. In winters, the essence of this place is so soothing and the flavor of different varieties of food, and, and how can one forget about Lucknow Mahotsav! the huge mela of the city”.