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Places to Visit on your Srinagar to Leh Roadtrip

Ladakh is no less than heaven for a traveler with its picturesque scenery spiritual monasteries and a history linked with the silk route. The Srinagar Leh highway is the most suitable metaphor for the road to heaven on earth. With great mountain ranges on either side and the cool and dry climate of the region, the Srinagar to Leh highway is the perfect place to execute your dream road trip.

Srinagar to Leh route

There are two routes mainly taken while traveling from Srinagar to Leh on road:

  1. Srinagar – Sonmarg – Zozi La – Drass – Kargil – Mulbek – Lamayaru – Saspol – Leh

  2. Srinagar – Sonmarg – Zozi La – Drass – Kargil - Batalik - Dah – Leh

However, since this is a road trip you can choose your own route with a few detours too.

Srinagar to Leh distance

The Srinagar to Leh roadtrip will make you cover a distance of approximately 434 Km. the srinagar to Leh road is full of adventures and you may have to drive across some difficult conditions but it is worth the thrill. The Srinagar to Leh road condition is quite stable and good.

Here is a list of places to visit on this exciting roadtrip :

  1. Lamayuru monastery

  2. Magnetic hills

  3. Sonmarg

  4. Nubra valley

  5. Kargil

  6. Diskit monastery

  7. Pangong Lake

  8. Mulbekh

Lamayuru monastery

Anoop Negi @ Flickr

Located on the Srinagar- Leh highway about 127km from Leh, the Lamayuru monastery is a must-visit place for sightseeing. It is one of the largest monasteries in the region and is known for its ‘lunar’ landscape more popularly known as the Lamayuru moonscape. The Lamayuru moonscape provides fascinating visuals of mesmerizing geological formations.

The monastery is affiliated with the Drikung Kagyu school of Buddhism. Lamayuru means ‘sauwastika’; a symbol of eternity. History states that the Indian scholar Naropa founded the monastery in the 11th century by drying up a lake. The Lamayuru monastery can easily be covered within a day while visiting Leh.

Distance from Leh- 114.4 km

Magnetic hills

On the Srinagar- Leh highway you might come along many amazing wonders of nature. One such wonder is the magnetic hill marked by a yellow boar which reads “Magnetic Hill: The Phenomenon that Defies Gravity”. It indicates you park your vehicle in a white box. Once parked, the vehicle will automatically move at a speed of about 20km/hr without turning the engine on and appear to go uphill.

Located about 14,000 ft above sea level the magnetic hills are a wonder of nature and a must-visit place for anyone traveling along the route. The hills are also located between a magnificent landscape making it a picturesque location.

Distance from Leh - 26.7 km


Sonmarg is the ultimate heaven for lovers of nature. Located at an altitude of about 2800 meters Sonmarg is a hill station in the majestic Himalayan Ranges. The meaning 0of the word Sonmarg is “The Medoe of Gold” and is known for its scenic beauty and breathtaking views. The flower-laden valley of Sonmarg and the Thajiwas Glacier are major tourist attractions in the hill station. It also serves as a camping space for travelers doing the “Amarnath Yatra”. Other than the amazing scenery Sonmarg also offers a bunch of activities such as trekking and camping. Pay a visit to the hill station of Sonmarg on your journey through this highway and return with a bunch of memories.

Distance from Leh- 339.4 km km

Nubra valley

Located in the northernmost part of Jammu and Kashmir, the Nubra valley is heaven to the eyes. Its scenic beauty and mesmerizing landscapes are what make Nubra special. The Nubra valley is situated about 150 km from Leh and is popularly known as the orchard of Ladakh. Nubra isn't just an epitome of scenic beauty but also encloses a history of the ancient Buddhist tradition, making it a significant tourist attraction. Nubra provides a variety of exciting adventures, beautiful monuments, and amazing food to satisfy a traveler's heart. It is the gem of Ladakh's crown. The mesmerizing visuals, the thrilling adventures, and the deep-rooted tradition make the valley a perfect travel destination.

Distance from Leh-159.5 km


Telegraph India

The city of Kargil, popularly known as the gateway to Ladakh is situated near the line of control. The city for popular for its involvement in the Indo-Pak conflict of 1999 before which it was seen as a major trade center of the past in the silk route. Kargil is the second largest city of Ladakh and is placed at an elevation of 8000ft. Kargil is located in the Zanskar ranges of the Himalayas and hence it is surrounded by beautiful scenery. The landscape of the district is filled with rugged mountains and the climate is cold and dry. Apart from being historically important, the district also consists of many monasteries, buddha statues, and mosques. The district also provides a bunch of activities for a traveler.

Distance from Leh- 216.4 km

Diskit monastery

@grooveriderz on Freepik

The origins of the Diskit monetary trace back to the 14th century making it the oldest monastery in Ladakh. It is situated on a hill 3144 meters above the flood plains of the Shyok river The monastery is home to the famous Maitreya Buddha statue, a significance of world peace and love embedded just below it. The statue is decorated with traditional patterns and vivid colors making it appealing to the eye.

The monastery is a hub of ancient literature. It also holds statues of fierce deities and has a massive drum placed inside a hall. You can find many shrines and transcripts as well as generation-old paintings in this monastery. The monastery is situated on top of a hill in Nubra valley and is easily approachable by road.

Distance from Leh- 115.4 km

Pangong Lake

Pangong Lake

The Pangong lake is the world's highest saltwater lake at an altitude of 4350 meters. One-third of this lake is in India while the other two-thirds of it lies in China. The lake is abbot 160kms long and is divided between the two countries. The name of the lake is derived from the Tibetan word Pangong Tso meaning high grassland lake. The lake is known to change colors from blue to green from time to time. The color of the lake is in contrast to its arid surroundings making the whole view picturesque. The beauty of this lake is mesmerizing and it must be visited during your road trip on the Srinagar-Leh highway.

Distance from Leh- 222.9 km


Mulbekh Monastery

Located 45 kilometers from the city of Kargil, the Mulbekh monastery is situated at an altitude of about 11,500 ft. the monastery is famous for a 30 ft statue of Maitreya Buddha carved on a large limestone slab. The statue shows a glimpse of ancient Buddhism and one can find inscriptions nearby the giant structure. The monastery consists of two gompas - Serdung Gompa of Drukpa sect & Rgaldan-se Gompa of Gelugpa sect. The monastery is said to be 800 years old and is home to various beautiful paintings and sculptures of the buddha. The monastery is on top of a crag about 200m above the road and faces the national highway giving the traveler a mesmerizing view of the ancient trade route.

Distance from Leh- 216.4 km

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