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The historic city of Pune has innumerable faces to it. It has a grand and courageous past. It holds its long preserved Marathi culture, strong! It is India’s first tech-city and education hub for Maharashtra. Most importantly is the food served by this city, believe me, it is amazing!

Pune offers so much variety because of the diversification of every culture in India.

In my opinion, Pune truly will fit as the food capital! Not only does it have its own specialties but it also serves food items that will soothe the taste buds of every Indian. For people who love Italian, Mexican, Chinese, and every cuisine from India, Pune has it all!

Don’t even get me started on the street food that this city offers. From Chole Bhature to Idli-dosa and from Pizza to Momos and living Chaat off the list is absolutely no option!

Now that I have told you the mouth-watering description of the story, scroll down to check what you should have when you visit the city. These are not only the must-haves but these are also Pune’s best-haves. SCROLL AWAY!



shrewsbury biscuits from kayani

Shrewsberry biscuits from Kayani bakery

This is Pune’s ultimate creation. If you are a person with a huge sweet tooth then you have to visit this place called “KAYANI BAKERY”. This bakery serves these buttery soft cookies that will melt in your mouth and leaves this mild sweet taste with a little bit of vanilla and the sand-like texture of it makes people from the entire country crazy about these cookies. Plum Cake is also a must-have from here.

WHERE: Camp, East Street, Pune.

Tip -- Please pack loads of it before you leave!


garden vadapav

Vada Pav from J.J. Garden

Even if Vada Pav is a Maharashtrian dish and is relished by every person. I personally love the blend of potato with spicy green chili and when it is dipped in gram flour and fried…. It is just the best and you definitely cannot miss it. It can satisfy your hunger in a way that nothing else can. Pune offers it a little differently than other places. You get 2-3 types of chutneys to have it with. It almost tempts you to eat one more! There are a lot of places that serve it around the city. But the best one is “GARDEN VADAPAV”.

WHERE: Bootee Street, Camp, Pune.

Tip--Do not forget to ask for more churra (fried crumbs) besides Vada Pav this is the best!


misal pav

Misal Pav from Katakirr

If you are a person who likes spicy food then believe me you will love Misal Pav more than anything. Misal Pav is a spicy curry made with Mat bean (matki) and authentic Maharashtrian spices and is topped with farsaan. This dish is not invented in Pune but is best served in Pune. There is a rivalry in places that serve Misal Pav bragging about the taste and preparation. “KATAKIRR” is the place you will want to visit for tasting this. It offers you 3 gravies called “rassa”; mild, normal, and spicy. Spicy will do the magic when you have it with cold masala buttermilk and a jalebi!

WHERE: Pimple Saudagar branch, Pune.

Tip--Do not have mild and normal rassa, Misal is meant to be spicy!


mutton keema

Keema from Cafe Goodluck

Preparation of Chicken or Mutton; minced and flavored with spices and is served hot with Pav. Heaven isn’t it? When you are at “CAFÉ GOODLUCK”, this is what you should have without any doubt. This place is the oldest café in Pune. It serves Irani Chai and Bun Maska too. Café Goodluck is a brunch place that is a must-visit. True Punekar will definitely suggest this place. It is sort of a pride thing for Pune and the café lives up to it! The road where it is located is named after the café. So you can imagine the hype now?!

WHERE: Goodluck Chowk, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune.

Tip--Either rush their early morning is for the breakfast or you will end up waiting in long lines for the seat


mastani glasses

Mastani from Sujata

A cold, sweet, thick, flavored milk preparation filled with dry fruits and topped with ice cream is to die for. Mastani is the answer to all your problems. It is a little high on money but is worth it. “SUJATA” is the place where this milk is served. The entire city has almost 50 outlets of SUJATA MASTANI. It is served in mango, plain, strawberry, chocolate, and many other flavors. Of which the majority of people love MANGO MASTANI. It is just out of this world.

WHERE: There are many outlets around the city you can opt for whichever is nearer.

Tip--Sitafal Mastani is not chosen by all but true lovers never have mango!


plate of pithala bhakari

Pithala Bhakari from Sinhgad Fort

To have this simple yet totally satisfying dish you need to trek. Even if this dish is available in every restaurant and dhaba it will not taste even a little like the one at “SINHGAD FORT”. This fort is a legacy left to Maharashtra by Shivaji Maharaj. Some people live on the fort, have their huts built. They serve hot Pithala and Bhakari for a very reasonable price. When you visit Sinhgad and you are around the huts you will smell the aroma. Even if you are not hungry you will have it. Freshly prepared and served with spicy onion chutney. This is the basic Marathi meal. Also do not miss out on the piping hot onion fritters (Kanda bhajjis). Matka Dahi is curd set in tiny mud pots and this when had with sugar or cumin powder and salt tastes awesome.

WHERE: Sinhgad fort locals.

Tip--Visit the place in mid monsoon season to watch its beauty, you will give me a 5/5 on this for sure!


kheer cups

Gourmet Kheers from La Kheer Deli

A sibling duo staying in Pune came up with this idea of a twist in kheer. And how awesome does it tastes!!! They have 3-4 outlets and a truck as well. They serve brownie, dry fruit, Nutella, and other lip-smacking flavors. I personally love brownie and Nutella. This drool-worthy kheer comes in a small cup which is totally unfair to satisfy the craving. Kheer at “LA KHEER DELI” is a must-have experience.

WHERE: Truck at Aundh and Main outlet at J.M. Road, Pune.

Tip--Don’t have the traditional flavors try the unique once to get the real experience.


half cut burger

Chicken Jumbo Burger from Burger-East street

Now, who doesn’t love a Chicken Burger? Satisfying, tasty, beautiful, and tasty! I mean no other food can comfort you the way chicken does. Imagine a chicken steak with a whole lot of flavors and like 3 different sauces and sautéed onions covered in between a bun and oh yes there is lots of cheese too! Pair this burger with coke and there is nothing else in this world you are waiting for. This is from a place which was previously known as “BURGER KING” but now it is recognized as “BURGER-EAST STREET”. Not the American one but this is Pune’s very own creation. You will have to probably wait in the queue because the place is small but the rush is probably 5 times.

WHERE: Camp, East Street, Pune.

Tip--Keep a note of your bill number as it will be called out once your order is ready, you wouldn’t want to miss it!


breakfast from vohuman

Cheese omelet-Bread butter-Chai from Vohuman Cafe

You might wonder what hype a cheese omelet can cause. To find this out you will need to visit a place called “VOHUMAN CAFÉ”. A perfect and preferred breakfast place for the entire Pune and a loved place by the visitors, Vohuman serves its food the best. Be it the tastiest Cheese Omelet, Egg Bhurji, Toast-Butter-Jam, Kadakk Chai, or even a simple Bun Maska, you must try this place. Your trip would not be complete if you don’t. The place has this vintage vibe that grows on you, once you visit.

WHERE: Dhole-Patil Road, Pune.

Tip--Better reach early for your breakfast to avoid the rush and the wait!


food from tiranga bhuvan

Biryani-Eggcurry-Chicken-Mutton from Tiranga

Maharashtra is famous for its spicy and alluring non-vegetarian food. The flavors here are different and do their work quite well. This huge Thali consists of Bhakari, Ghee, and Tambda (red) Rassa, Pandhara (white) Rassa, Chicken/Mutton, Onion, and Lemon. To have this Thali you have two of the most amazing places named, “HOTEL JAGDAMBA” and “TIRANGA”. These places serve mouth-watering Chicken Sukha and Chicken Handi.

WHERE: Hotel Jagdamba- Shivapur, Pune and Tiranga-Kothrud, Pune.

Tip--Both these places are busy as hell so make sure you reach here keeping the fact in mind that you have to wait for at least an hour. Also do not have vegetarian food here if you can have non-vegetarian food.

So, these are my favorites from Pune that every local and outsider should visit for at least one time! If you are a visitor make sure you visit all these places and I say this because these places define the taste of this city.

Food defines a lot. Let that dish represent any place, it makes sure to define some traits of that place. It takes the help of spices, the process, the ingredients, and only then it has its uniqueness.

This list defines Pune’s original flavors; it maintains its richness that attracts people from every nook and corner of the world.

Hoping that you have every dish on this list with the core of your heart!

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