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Recreate the 4 Most Romantic Scenes of Rockstar in Kashmir

Bike ride of rockstar

Have you ever looked out the window of your car and imagined yourself in a music video? A romantic song plays on the radio, you feel the breeze in your hair and that special one on your mind. And there’s always that one Bollywood romantic scene that automatically pops up in your head. Personally, my imagination always takes me to Heer and Jordan, riding a bike amid the snowy mountains of Kashmir. It’s one of the most romantic scenes in Bollywood, and let’s be honest, we ALL want to recreate that scene at least once in reality.

Well, say no more. We have compiled a list of all the romantic scenes from Rockstar movie that you can recreate on your trip to Kashmir with your partner. Let’s hop right into it.

1. Desi Daru scene at Hari Parbat

Rockstar desi daru scenę
Heer and Jordan at Hauz Khas Complex, Delhi

Originally shot at the Hauz Khas Complex, New Delhi, this scene portraits the budding friendship between Heer and Jordan as they learn new things about each other over drinks. Reminisce your olden days with your partner with a bottle of desi daru at the Hari Parbat fort of Kashmir, which is built very similar to the Hauz Khas complex, and will give you rustic and old-fashioned homely vibes.

2. The famous bike ride of Katiya Karun

Bike ride of katiya Karun
Motorbiking in Betaab Valley, Phelegam

One of the most picturesque locations in Kashmir is the Betaab Valley of Phelegam, where the catchy song Katiya Karun was shot. This song along with the mesmerizing and chilly landscape has a spellbinding effect on people as they watch best friends Heer and Jordan slowly become inseparable.

Wake up at sunrise, hire a motorbike, and set off to explore the snowcapped mountains of Betaab Valley.

3. Remake the remake of Ye Chaand Sa Roshan Chehra

Ye Chand sa roshan chehra shooting in kashmir
Ye Chand Sa Roshan Chehra remake at Dal Lake, Srinagar

The only thing better than recreating one classic romantic scene is recreating two classic romantic scenes. And luckily, your trip to Kashmir provides the perfect opportunity. The widely loved song Ye Chaand Sa Roshan Chehra, originally belonging to the movie ‘Kashmir ki Kali’, and recreated in Rockstar, was shot at the magnificent Dal Lake, Kashmir.

Dress up in the beautiful Kashmiri Salwar-Kameez called Pheran that you can easily rent at the Dal Lake area and sing your heart for your partner. It doesn’t get any filmy-er than this.

4. Kissing scene of Karlstejn castle

rockstar kissing scene
Heer and Jordan at karlstejn Castle, Prague

This is arguably the most intense scene of Rockstar that portrays a turning point in Heer and Jordan’s relationship. Now your relationship may not be treading on such thin ice but I bet you still want to experience what it really is like to make up and break up with someone simultaneously, while Prague’s field of daisies surrounds you with no other soul for miles.

But don’t worry, you won’t have to travel all the way to Prague to recreate this scene as we have found our local Karlstejn castle view in the Seemab Valley of Kupwara, Kashmir. The lush greenery of Seemab Valley will surround you as far as the eye can see, and your fantasy of making out, away, in the field beyond all concepts of wrongdoing and rightdoing, will come to life.

These carefully chosen heavenly scenes from Bollywood’s favorite love story are sure to spice up your romance during your trip to Kashmir.

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