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Why it’s not the right time to travel(& why it is)

The world is recovering from a pandemic that we never saw coming and we are adamant to recover and move forward and not look back to the pain and suffering the second wave of Coronavirus had on the nation. The cases of the virus have dropped drastically and most of the restrictions have been lifted in many states so that people can get back to their affairs but the “new normal” is very difficult to become a reality.

Traveling is something that had been affected the most during the lockdown and now that everyone is free to move, even people who did not like traveling are moving towards the mountains or beaches since traveling is the only cure from this state of despair. Here are a few thoughts on why you should not travel right now and why you should.

The Monsoon season is upon us

Most of the travelers find respite in either hilly areas or beaches and both of them are prone to dangerous natural activities during the monsoon season. The landslides in the mountains destroy roads and bridges like the one that recently happened in Kinnaur and the tides are so high on the beaches that a person can not even get close to them.

Indian mountain road, best time to visit mountains
Monsoon is gripping mountains roads but they look amazing!

Since the travel restrictions have just opened up for traveling, people are thronging these places without prior information and knowledge about the places and even required documents due to which traffic build-up has become another problem as well.

Although it might not be the best time to visit mountains or the best time to travel to beaches, it might be the right time to travel right now too. Since the cases of the Coronavirus have just started going down and people have been vaccinated, it might be right to go out on a getaway since we all have been cooped up for so long in our homes.

best time to visit treks in Manali, India
Monsoon treks can never be better

To make sure you have a safe travel journey during monsoons, do the following things:

  1. Research about the weather forecast of the place you’re visiting on the dates you’re going to travel. 90% of the time the forecast is right and you should make changes accordingly.

  2. Read recent news related to weather incidents or natural calamities in the place you’re visiting. Look out for landslides, cloud bursts, road blockage, high tides, river level rising, and thunderstorms.

  3. A few states in India have proper guidelines if you wish to enter that state for traveling. Do read the guidelines beforehand and keep your documents ready accordingly.

  4. Keep your Monsoon gear ready, raincoats or poncho, an umbrella, rain cover for bags, tire kit if you’re driving, a headlamp, waterproof phone case, mosquito repellent, and some extra socks.

You can find more tips and tricks on our blog page here and if you're looking to travel and want to create your own experience head over here.

Too many people are traveling

A major problem while traveling right now is that everyone is looking to travel and all the major tourist spots have witnessed a lot of crowds. Due to this influx of too many travelers, the markets and tourist attractions are getting crowded and no social distancing norms are being followed which might become a big safety issue. As a result, people are opting to stay in hotels or indoors and not wander outside to these famous attractions.

Manal, best time to visit Manali, things to do in Manali
People thronging the streets of Manali with no Social Distancing

Due to so many people traveling and crowding major tourist attractions, another major problem is finding availability in hotel rooms and the cost of accommodation going up. Since a lot of people are traveling, it also becomes hard to have a flexible schedule and plan.

Major tourist spots can be crowded with people but that’s why they are major tourist spots because tourists are going there. This might be the right time to skip these major places and head over to some amazing hidden gems near major tourist spots. Instead of Manali, visit Jibhi, instead of Shimla visit Theog, instead of Mussoorie visit Landour, instead of Nainital visit Naukuchiatal.

Check out our blog on hidden gems in India here.

Naukuchiatal travel, best time to visit North India
A view from Naukuchiatal that beats all the major tourist spots

It might not be the best time to visit Manali or the best time to visit Goa but if you do want to visit the major tourist spots, you can change the way you travel, try out the following things to make sure to get a safe and amazing travel experience:

  1. Try Staycation: Staycations are basically vacations where you get a wholesome experience of the place you’re staying in and enjoying all the activities and amenities of the stay while staying safe from crowds of people.

  2. Relieve your stress on a Workcation: As the name suggests it’s a combination of Work + Vacation where you take your workspace where you travel. Stay in your hotel with an amazing ambiance in your favorite location and work during the working hours and exploring when you get off work.

  3. Take the offbeat route: You can always wander on to unique and unexplored places near your destination. There are always villages and natural whereabouts where you can stay near the major tourist attractions.

  4. Start your adventure on a trekking trail: Treks are often underrated and people don’t really travel to treks since most of the travelers are looking for a peaceful getaway. You can pick up a 2-3 days hike or go on a week-long adventure on some amazing treks in India

To personalize a safe experience visit our travel support page at

The Coronavirus is still looming at large

The reason why we all want to travel is Coronavirus and the reason why we are hesitant to travel is also the Coronavirus(pretty ironic), we all are frustrated because of staying at home but are still afraid of catching the novel virus that has caused so much trouble to the humankind. The virus is definitely not gone and nor has the risk of catching it but that will never be gone. We have to accept that this disease is here to stay and we have to do everything in our power to make sure it does not spread.

As mentioned before, since a lot of people are looking to travel and experts suggest that the third wave is right around the corner, a big factor of safety does come into play. People have stopped wearing masks and Covid norms are all but gone which might be very problematic.

Mask, sanitizer, travel gear to take
Essentials that should be taken on every travel venture

Check out our travel and Coronavirus safety guidelines.

The coronavirus is the major issue to not travel right now and it really is a matter of concern but we need to find a way to live with the devil. As has been proven by experts, masks worn by all people reduce the chances of transmission in an open area by more than 80%, and continuously sanitizing and cleaning your hands can reduce it even further.

Life can never stop in any way, it did pause for a while to let the world be ready for the virus but it is still going on, same with traveling. We want you to travel more than you do but make sure to take the following precautions if you are looking to travel:

  1. Mask is very important, a mask can be the difference between life and death when it comes to catching the Coronavirus. The best way to travel anywhere is to keep a mask over your mouth and nose and completely cover your mouth to avoid any communication of the virus.

  2. Keep your hands clean, the main source of catching the virus is when you touch a surface or come in contact with a person and then touch your mouth or nose with your hand which is why it’s very vital that you constantly wash your hands with an alcohol-based soap or hand sanitizer.

  3. Maintain social distancing wherever you travel, even if you want to visit a spot that you really love but you see a huge crowd of people in front of you, I would suggest taking a U-turn and try again later. If you are maintaining social distance you will not be catching the virus as there will be no host to spread the virus to you.

  4. Research about the place you’re going to visit whether the cases there are fewer or not, how many active cases are there, how many people have been vaccinated, and what all are the red zones in that area that you can avoid while you’re traveling.

  5. Lastly, get vaccinated. It’s the first thing that you should do before going anywhere. Vaccination might not completely help against catching coronavirus but it will definitely help in reducing the severity of the infection even if you catch it.

Traveling is something we can not live without, we did have to wait for it to start back again but traveling can not be removed from our life, it is a very major part of who we are and what we will become. Just remember if you wish to travel then travel responsibly and make sure that you’re taking every precaution against coronavirus and practicing sustainable travel. Happy Traveling!

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