Why it’s not the right time to travel(& why it is)

The world is recovering from a pandemic that we never saw coming and we are adamant to recover and move forward and not look back to the pain and suffering the second wave of Coronavirus had on the nation. The cases of the virus have dropped drastically and most of the restrictions have been lifted in many states so that people can get back to their affairs but the “new normal” is very difficult to become a reality.

Traveling is something that had been affected the most during the lockdown and now that everyone is free to move, even people who did not like traveling are moving towards the mountains or beaches since traveling is the only cure from this state of despair. Here are a few thoughts on why you should not travel right now and why you should.

The Monsoon season is upon us

Most of the travelers find respite in either hilly areas or beaches and both of them are prone to dangerous natural activities during the monsoon season. The landslides in the mountains destroy roads and bridges like the one that recently happened in Kinnaur and the tides are so high on the beaches that a person can not even get close to them.

Indian mountain road, best time to visit mountains
Monsoon is gripping mountains roads but they look amazing!