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7 things you never knew that could make your honeymoon romantic in SHIMLA.

best romantic vacations for couples

The tale after marriage:

The honeymoon is not just a usual trip but it is one of the initial stages of stepping into married life with some leisure in the arms of nature.

Most couples consider their honeymoon to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It's their first trip as a married couple, and the timing couldn't be better – Because the Indian weddings are full of extensive rituals and rasm-riwaaj, which renders everyone tired, especially the bride and the bridegroom and this is why, it is the right moment, to escape for the romantic vacation.

The journey after the marriage is quite fascinating and challenging for both the individuals and honeymoon in a place like Shimla, which is, surrounded by the spectacular mountains of Himachal, and filled with beautiful serenity helps in rejuvenating the new bonds in their life. Shimla becomes a recreational retreat for couples.

What if you didn’t even get the chance to step out from your home and go on a romantic journey, with your partner?

It’s hard to admit, but yes, this pandemic has ruined a lot of amazing plans.

Yet you can still plan your honeymoon in the most exciting and safest way possible.

Here is a list of 7 special things to do on your honeymoon:

1. Fly high in the sky with gliding.

One of the adventurous and most romantic activities in Shimla that a couple must attempt is paragliding. It is a perfect escape for the love birds, away from the crowd, and to spend quality time while flying in the sky. Paragliding here offers you to glide above the clear blue skies.

Shimla, often known as the "Queen of Hills," is blessed with some of the most breathtaking natural landscapes, making it an ideal spot for a skydive. The greatest site to go paragliding in Shimla is Kangra Valley, which is 233 kilometers away and takes 6 hours to arrive.

Cost: Starting from INR 800

paragliding in shimla
Couples paragliding together

2. Romantic date night with candle-lit dinner.

Every couple expects their honeymoon to be special and romantic. For a newlywed Indian couple, the definition of romance is solely based upon the romantic movies and stories they have heard a long, over the recent years.

For most couples, their honeymoon is the perfect opportunity to live their wildest fantasies and a candle-lit dinner is one of them, I know you must be thinking of, it as an old-school idea but as they say “a couple who eats together, bonds forever.”

Being in isolation on a dinner date is the perfect and safest setting in the post-pandemic world.

Quila a luxurious dine-in located on Mall Road is an excellent idea for a romantic dinner date night with your spouse. The mouthwatering meals here are provided in a pleasant and rustic atmosphere. Shimla’s rustic elegance, along with the pleasant weather, oozes romance in the heart of couples.

romantic dinner in shimla
Candle-lit dinner with partner

3. Attend a workshop together.

Shimla’s rustic elegance, along with the pleasant weather, oozes romance in the hearts of couples.

Going on dates, booking a luxurious suite is romantic but quite generic also. Plan something different so that, you both can explore your hobbies together and get to know each other better.

You can try to learn the cultural traditions of the city or go on a painting workshop together. Many restaurants arrange cooking workshops for couples as well.

things to do with your partner on honeymoon
Couples cooking together

4. Relax with a couple’s spa.

Pampering yourself with your partner is the most soothing activity couples do on a honeymoon. After performing all the strenuous ceremonies at the wedding, what’s a better way to start off your honeymoon. Get pampered and get your muscles relaxed by taking a couple’s spa session.

It's the ideal way to get rid of exhaustion and get your honeymoon vacation started on the right foot. There are no better romantic honeymoon ideas than spa therapies and massages for couples looking for complete relaxation and peace.

Couples having fun in shimla
Newly-weds spa

5. Scandal point: A Sunset Date

The spectacular sunrise and sunset views are perfect for evening dates and to get cozy in the chilly winds with your partner. You can enjoy a sip of wine while playing the most romantic songs in the background.

Scandal point is an ideal location for these kinds of dates. It provides breathtaking views of the snowcapped peaks and beautiful valleys. Lie down and enjoy the view while gazing into the eyes of your partner.

Get captured in the Sunkissed pictures and have a cherishing moment together.

Sunset point- honeymoon in Shimla
Sunset date with your partner

6. Take a long walk and reconnect with nature

Long walks in the woods are the most romantic feeling one can have, with your hand entwined in your partner's. As a result, Shimla's short treks are ideal for a romantic ride with your partner.

One of the best things to do in Shimla for couples is to go on a nature walk in the gorgeous weather. In and around Shimla, there are a number of interesting short excursions into the pine forests. The Glen, Summer Hill, and Prospect Hill are just a few of the beautiful trails available.

walk- a quick getaway for people
Romantic Walk amidst nature

7. Secret Homestays

People always dream to own land in the lap of mountains where they can build their own sweet home. But unfortunately, you can’t, that’s why the secret homestay in cozy weather is like a dream come true.

This homestay in Shimla is peaceful and welcoming, and it's far enough away from the revelers. The cottage creates a calm and pleasant ambiance. Within the town, the cottage is surrounded by deodars and wildlife. From atop a valley, the view of the Tara Devi shrine and Chail forests is breathtaking.

Location: Aira Holme, Shimla

Newly weds enjoying in  Shimla
Couples spending quality time

Be it your honeymoon or a romantic trip with your spouse. Shimla is the perfect destination that offers the best of everything. The capital city of Himachal Pradesh- romantic paradise is filled with lush greenery, exciting weather, beautiful sights, adventurous activities, and cozy accommodations make it an exquisite destination for couples.

So, don't waste much time, pick your dates, pack as much as you can, arrange your Shimla honeymoon trip, and depart with your sweetheart right off!

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