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7 things you never knew that could make your honeymoon romantic in SHIMLA.

best romantic vacations for couples

The tale after marriage:

The honeymoon is not just a usual trip but it is one of the initial stages of stepping into married life with some leisure in the arms of nature.

Most couples consider their honeymoon to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It's their first trip as a married couple, and the timing couldn't be better – Because the Indian weddings are full of extensive rituals and rasm-riwaaj, which renders everyone tired, especially the bride and the bridegroom and this is why, it is the right moment, to escape for the romantic vacation.

The journey after the marriage is quite fascinating and challenging for both the individuals and honeymoon in a place like Shimla, which is, surrounded by the spectacular mountains of Himachal, and filled with beautiful serenity helps in rejuvenating the new bonds in their life. Shimla becomes a recreational retreat for couples.

What if you didn’t even get the chance to step out from your home and go on a romantic journ