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Sangla Valley- A Peaceful Weekend Getaway

Updated: Jul 17, 2022
Breath- Taking Sangla Valley by TripAdvisor

Sometimes, all we want to do is just pack our bags and go to a peaceful place with beautiful scenery and peace. But then the reality hits and we are all sitting in the office chairs and thinking about the weekend and how we all just want to escape the hustle bustle of the city and just relax in the mountains.

Sangla Valley is one such place, surrounded by evergreen forests, mountain slopes and snow- clad peaks. You can visit the place and just relax with a beautiful view of the valley or sit near the banks of the Baspa River and look at the clean waters and enjoy yourself for hours. And if you are in for some adventures, Sangla Valley also offers some beautiful trekking trails which you can do within a day and soak in all the beauty that the valley has to offer.

Read on to find out more about Sangla Valley and plan a relaxing trip for the upcoming weekend:

1. Kamru Fort,_Himachal_Pradesh
The Ancient Kamru Fort by Wikipedia

An ancient wooden fort located in the Sangla Valley, Kamru Fort was the original seat of

the Bushehr dynasty. The Fort was built thousands of years ago by Lord Badrinath and is

situated at a height of 2600 meters. Kamru Fort is one of the oldest forts in Himachal

Pradesh. Set in a picturesque location, the Fort offers a beautiful view of the Sangla Valley,

streams, apple gardens and much more.

When entering the Fort, one can see a series of entry gates, while the main gate has a

stunning statue of Lord Buddha. One of the key highlights of the Fort is its wooden

balcony. At the top of the Fort one can see the idol of Kamakhya Devi, which is believed

to have been brought from Guwahati and is of great importance to the people of Sangla.

According to some of the folklore, there are 33 crore Gods and Goddesses present inside

the Fort premises.

2. Sangla Buddhist Monastery
Sangla Buddhist Monastery by NativePlanet

Sangla Buddhist Monastery, popularly known as Brelengi Gompa, came into existence in

1992 and was founded by the Mahabodhi Society to provide assistance to the Dalai

Lama for observing the Kalachakra ceremony.

A modern Buddhist Monastery, it has the 10-meter-high status of the highly revered

Buddha. The sight is a treat for the eyes. The top attractions of the Monastery are its

wooden walls. The roof of the Monastery has a very beautiful and delicate design which

will take your breath away.

3. Bering Nag Temple
The Architectural Wonder Bering Nag Temple by Flickr

Dedicated to Lord Jagas, a manifestation of Lord Shiva, the temple is a popular attraction

for tourists, especially during the months of August and September. Often known as an

architectural wonder, the Bering Nag Temple is considered as one of the most important

temples for Hindus.

The locals visit and worship in the temple for the wellbeing of the village and its

inhabitants. The temple is especially a must visit during the Fulaich fair, which is celebrated

between the months of August and September. The festival is celebrated to honor the

deceased and is done by offering them food items like wine and rice.

4. Sangla Kanda
Serene Sangla Kanda by Ixigo

A relatively unheard trek, Sangla Kanda is a 6-hour long trek. Often considered a close

competitor for Chitkul. Sangla Kanda is a small village with a handful of people and a

beautiful lake, known as Kanda Lake. Kanda Lake is a gorgeous lake, situated at a height

of 3,568 meters and is surrounded by snow- capped mountains whose reflection in the

algae encompassing water just adds to the beauty.

The snow- capped mountains surrounding the lake are believed to be Kailash- Lord Shiva’s

Home. According to the locals, no person who dares to climb the Kailash Mountains ever

returns, as it is not easy to find God.

At the base of the hill is a meagre river flowing and is called Black River, which merges

into the Baspa River upon reaching the Sanga Valley. The river has a slight black color

and is rumored to be cursed, hence the name, Black River.

The place is a great site for camping and even provides the basic camping needs like

food and washrooms. It is advisable to reach the top of the Sangla Kanda by afternoon

because as the day goes by, the place becomes cooler. Also, if you have planned a day

trip, then arriving early will give you the benefit of time to soak in the beauty of the place

and return during the daylight, as trekking at night can be difficult.

5. Rakchham
Picturesque Rakchham by Holidify

Rakchham, pronounced as Rakshaym by the locals, is quite a remote village 14km from

Sangla Valley. The place is blessed with beautiful gardens, snow- capped mountains and

lush green trees. The place has only 800- 1000 people and offers an uninterrupted peace

and solitude in the town.

Being a quiet and solitary place, Rakcham is not visited by many travelers. However,

those who choose to stop over here get to witness the picturesque beauty, the mountain

peaks, the fresh atmosphere and the way of life of the people of Rakcham. The people

here are very warm and friendly and always welcome everyone with a smile.

One can come here or just trek to the town. The place also offers some thrilling sports, like

river crossing, nature walks, etc.

6. Tibetan Wood Carving Centre
Tibetan Wood Carving Centre by Savaari Blog

One of the most famous attractions of Sangla is the Tibetan Wood Carving Centre. The place, as the name suggests, has a large number of delicately carved wooden articles to

see as well as buy. Most of the carvings are done in the Tibetan style.

The place offers a host of hand- made wooden articles which one can buy. From small

trinkets to large statues, the place has it all. One can find kitchenware items for

decorative pieces and souvenirs carved in Tibetan style. So, practice your bargaining skills

as the things here are a little overpriced.

7. Baspa River
Beautiful Baspa River by Wikipedia

The beautiful Baspa River in Sangla Valley is one of the most picturesque rivers in the mountain ranges. The river provides a breath-taking view of the Sangla Valley, apple

orchids, snow- clad mountains, streams and much more.

The Baspa River originates near the Indo- Tibetan boundary and is the main tributary of

the Satluj River in its upper course. The river is considered a fishermen’s paradise as it has

a huge variety of fishes in it. The Baspa River also attracts a lot of tourists as it is a great

attraction for campers as well as travellers.

8. Rupin Pass
Rupin Pass by Little Detours

One of India’s most popular treks, Rupin Pass, connects Uttarakhand to Sangla Valley in

Himachal Pradesh. The trek starts from Dhaula camp in Uttarakhand and ends up in the

Sangla Valley. The Rupin Pass Trek is situated on a traditional cowboy and hiking trail.

During ancient times, people used this trail for commuting and trading and also for

grazing sheep and goats. The route offers a breath- taking view and the journey is full of

surprises and thrills. The place looks even more serene and offers a spectacular trek in

virgin snow and is a scenic campsite and surprisingly wide clearings in forests.

Grab a bite:

1. Sonu Tibetian Café
Sonu Tibetian Cafe by Restaurant Guru

A small café located in Sangla, Sonu Tibetian Café, is a decent café which offers mostly

Tibetan cuisine. The café has a good rating and offers breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Address: C7G7+WFQ, Oposite co-op bank, Sangla, Himachal Pradesh 172106

Timing: 7am- 9pm

2. Saryu’s Café and Restaurant
Saryu’s Café and Restaurant by HelpmeCovid

A mid- range family restaurant, Saryu’s Café and Restaurant offers a variety of Indian and

Chinese cuisines for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With a clean environment to eat your

food, one can definitely check out the café.

Address: Saryu's Café & Restaurant, Sangla, Himachal Pradesh 172106

Timing: 9am- 10m

3. Boudhist Café
Boudhist Cafe by

A small café run by a lady and her son, Boudhist Café, offers a variety of Tibetan and

Indian cuisines. The food tastes like home and the diners always appreciate the homely

food that the owner cooks herself.

Address: C7G7+V8Q, Sangla, Himachal Pradesh 172106

Timings: NA

4. Mount Kailash Restaurant
Mount Kailash Restaurant by TripAdvisor

A restaurant with beautiful indoors, Mount Kailash Restaurant offers a variety of cuisines

be it American, Indian, Tibetan, Chinese, Italian, etc., at a fairly decent price. The

restaurant also offers outside seating which looks beautiful during the night-time.

Address: Kamru, Sangla, Himachal Pradesh 172106

Timing: 10am- 9pm

So, the next time you want to have a relaxing and peaceful weekend, definitely think about the beauty of Sangla Valley.

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